Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY QUOTE SCARF: as seen on Pinterest and also by We Are Owls

Hi my wonderful little halcyons, today I'm DIYing it out for you guys by showing how to make this quote scarf. It's cute and adds originality to a basic closet staple. P.S. It makes a really good gift for all those book worms out there; just pick a quote from a favorite book and you're good to go!

Okay what'll you need:
1. A scarf (well duh. I got mine for like $5.)
2. Fabric markers (I used the Stained by Sharpie kind. Around $7 for four.)
3. Some sort of surface to work on as well as something to put under the scarf so the marker doesn't bleed through.
4. An iron

Let's go to work!
So first you should pick a quote to write on the scarf and scarves are quite large or small depending on what you buy so keep that in mind. I chose one from The Book Thief because this is a gift for someone (PROCRASTINATOR ALERT!) It's "He was the one who painted himself black and defeated the world. She was the book thief without the words. Trust me, though, the words were on their way and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like rain."
Alright so get out your fabric markers, and test them with a few words just in case. I did like the Stained by Sharpie ones if you need some. Put the scarf on the surface and start writing! It may take a few tries for it to be truly dark. After you're done, wait for it to dry and then iron on low to set the ink. And voila, done!
Have fun looking chic and warm this winter! Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's Talk: Beachy Hair and How to Kinda Get it!

Hello my beautifuls! So as a lazy teenager,I know firsthand that quick, effortless looking, and cute are three words I like to hear about ways to do my hair. I don't even know anyone who actually goes to the effort of straightening/curling their hair on a daily basis, probably because I'm a nerd but anyway.
So let's talk beachy hair. It's glamorously messy and bed-heady and everyone rocks it from celebs to well, students. It looks effortless and a tad of unkempt, but still under control. Okay so how do we get it?
There are a few factors first..
1. Your natural hair. If it's already curly, kudos to you! I'm so madly jealous. I, on the other hand, have semi-straight hair with occasional kinks and waves. Crazy right? The only Asian who doesn't have super curly hair or pin straight hair.
2. Frizz
Agh the dreaded F word. It can really mess up a good hair day. But if your hair is super frizzy and you can tame it with some serum, you're good to go my friend!
3. Holdability?
How well your hair can hold waves or products is pretty big, at least for us straight hair people. Within a few hours, my hair straightens back out, and it just doesn't look as good.

Okay so let's get the hair going!
This is what I do, you don't have to do it this way!
So usually I have a couple ways of getting beachy hair.
1. Wake up with Pre-washed hair. Spray in Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray (Smells so yummy!) and scrunch. After, get a little of FX's Surf Head paste and scrunch that through too. Bam! Done. This is what I do when I run super super late.
2. Wave your hair with a curling wand loosely and then spray the same sea salt spray and then scrunch and go!
3. The night before after washing your hair (NOTE: NO DIRTY HAIR. It doesn't turn out well. At least not for me.) dry it to semi-dry, and then split hair in half. Twist away from your face and then twist it into a little bun. The next morning, take the ponytail holders out and shake out the waves!
4. The finger curl method. So start with washed dry hair(I usually put in some of John Frieda's Curl Enhancing mousse) and take two fingers and wrap about an one inch section of hair around it and then secure with a bobby pin. Repeat around your head until all hair is up. The next morning, take the bobby pins out and voila! I usually sleep on my hair like this but the curls end up being crazy! If you like it like that, go for it! I usually take them out and then fishtail my hair. After a few hours I take the braid out and it looks so pretty!

Okay so those were some ideas of mine, I hope you liked them! Tell me if they worked! Until next time!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Galaxy Vans

Hey hey, what's cooking good-looking? Haha anyway, today I'm going to show/tell you how I made galaxy Vans.
Quick note, does it bother anyone that most people don't use actual Vans? I used my actual ones, carpe diem. (No YOLO's here.)

BEFORE: So my vans are just normal ones, black with blue lining. And now it's time for the magic.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 1. Blue, purple, and pink acrylic paint
2. Tape, preferably duck or masking.
3. A paintbrush
4. Silver/white paint for the stars (optional)
5. Glitter glue (also optional)
Let's get down to business!

So first I taped the white plastic-y parts of my Vans, and any other areas I didn't want the paint to get on. I would recommend this so your shoes don't look super paint splattered after.
Then the painting started. I painted with blue first and covered every part with blue since it's like my "main" color for the shoes. Then I sponged until I found the optimal effect/texture I liked. And then I added pink and purple but just in concentrated areas like clouds almost., and sponged and faded accordingly. One bit of advice: don't layer on a bunch at once! It'll be hard to remove the paint once it's dried on, and acrylic dries pretty fast on Vans. Unless you like that kinda thick all-over color. I don't know, that's just what I try to avoid.
Okay so the painting is done, and I set them over an air conditioning vent in my house but you can leave them anywhere to dry. Afterwards when they were dry, I restrung the shoelaces and then I got the glitter glue and just painted it on (not in thick layers) just here and there. And then I waited again. Bam! Now white/silver paint time. You can use either or neither depending on what you like. I painted some spots just dots and others, thin "addition" signs and then I waited for it to dry. And there you have, diy galaxy vans! I'll upload the finished picture later, I'm out and about right now.

Thanks loves! Have fun!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Hollaaaaaa, we didn't die! Anyway, this is my ideal wish list for Christmas which is Monday! Yay! If you guys have already gotten gifts, be sure to tell me what you got and what holiday you celebrate! Okay on with the list already.

1. Lollapalooza tickets
Okay I'm seriously a big music festival go-er. I love the rush of lots of people and Chicago is my home away from home, so this would just be ideal. I also heard that Lady Gaga and/or Coldplay are going this year which is the greatest thing I've heard all year. I missed my Florence year which bums me out but that's okay. Seeing Gaga or Coldplay would DEFINITELY make up for it.

2. Michael Kors Chromatograph Watch
All of the watches in this collection are super gorgeous and I've seen it raved about for ages on YouTube, Influenster, blogs, etc. I really have a soft spot for rose gold and I love love love the rose gold one so much. Getting one of these would be the best thing in the whole entire world, after Lollapalooza. Big watch comes second to big music festival. Sorry Michael.

3. Starbucks cards
Cafes generally are pretty attractive places to hang out in my opinion, and Starbucks just tops all. I go there to meet up with friends, have a study group, or just grab a cuppa of White Chocolate Mocha. Call me addicted but Starbucks is the happiest place on Earth to me. Sorry Disney, you've been defeated in my opinion.

4. Frozen yogurt
This is heavenly. I could inhale this and basically I do whenever I'm in the vicinity of a Red Mango or Jamba Juice. Actually I really like to run one, I feel like that would be very entrepreneur-y and interesting. I don't know, I really have a thing for coffee and fro-yo. Those are the only two things in my food pyramid besides copious amounts of salad.

5. A Baby Grand
Okay, all you piano people out there probably already have them, but I have a really nice upright Perzina which is great but doesn't compare to a baby grand. The quality between them are just not comparable and I just want to buy all the baby grands I see whenever I go to the music store.

Okay, so that's my short little list of things I would really like. Some of them are dumb, some of them I actually want. Happy Holidays and tell me what you want!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oxblood and Oxfords: This Season's Trends

Hi! So I don't usually do fashion blogs but I decided "Eh, what the heck." Especially since the supposed apocalypse is supposed to happen tomorrow. If that does happen and it ends being like The Host, and I'm left, I want to be left with someone hot like Ryan Reynolds. Or Bradley Cooper. Just putting it out there. Anyway I just wanted to talk about this winter's trends and my yay/nay on them. 

1. Oxblood
Okay so first off the name is weird, which I automatically like, but after a few minutes of googling, it doesn't seem to be the actual color of ox blood like from the cow-like animals. So I think dark colors like burgundy, gray, and dark purple are always "in" for the fall/winter season, but this is the ideal color for now at least. It's a wine-y, burgundy-maroon fusion and seems to match well with, well, everything. I've seen it as the hot new shade for riding boots/booties, scarves, blouses, jeans, EVERYTHING. I actually really like it though, especially as a scarf maybe with a slouchy, oversized cream sweater and leggings. Anyway, onto the next trend..

2. Oxfords
So I really really love these. These are a must-have for any woman with class, and I am a total sucker for these. Something about the clean-cut feeling and girly classiness of them just draws me in. I really like the ones from Delia's and just about any other non-chunky pair. The patterned ones with the slight colorblock are really nice, and I've seen a lot of people with them. And the heels are always a plus too. 

3. Booties
I didn't know for a long time what booties really were, but now I think I have a pretty good general idea to go off of. They're the short boots, usually go up to your ankles and sometimes have a little roll-over thingy on them. Anyway, they are really cute and go with generally everything from what I've seen. I should really consider getting a pair; I have been eyeing a pair from Zappos that are black with a paisley pattern on the folded over side. They really need a common name for that. 

4. Crewnecks
COMFORT IS IDEAL IN MY CLOSET. SO IS LOOKING CUTE. And crewnecks are the closest solution I have for this. They're warm, go well with jeans, and can elevate you from bum status to casually cute effortlessly. Needless to say, they are my winter staple. Actually my all-year staple. And the ones from Forever and American Apparel are on point. 

5. Cardigans
You can never have enough of these, they're like the basic but best layering piece in the whole entire world. Stick a button-down and one of these babies together and bam! You're ready to head out and look chic at the same time. Bam! Cue my cheesy confession time: I actually really like Old Navy and Gap for cardigans even though Old Navy is full of preteen girls and Gap is on the verge of closing in my town. I don't know, cardigans can be found everywhere just like if you're a nurse looking for a job. Just saying. 

6. Chambray
Okay this is the last one because I want to go watch Elf.These denim-y button down shirts are PERFECT. I don't know what else to say about them because they are so great. Grrrrrr-eat. Like that one cereal with the tiger, corn flakes or something like that? 

Okay so I hope you've enjoyed reading this. If not, cool. If so, yay! Yeah I just realized I have nothing I don't like on this list. Sorry! Anyway, I hope the world doesn't end, if it doesn't it's not the end of the world (HAHA! Punny, see what I did there?) and travel safe and have a good holiday season. Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah/Happy Kwanza. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mistletoe, Gifts, and Snow: Christmas Time is Here!

So Christmas is officially in full swing and people are already sending invitations for holiday parties and stores are blasting Mariah Carey or the Biebs. Yay. I don't really care for the over-cheerfulness, but the two weeks of normal amounts of sleep is greatly appreciated. And I really like the peppermint and gingerbread frappes at Starbucks too. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a good Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa or whatever holiday you celebrate! Be safe and have fun!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Dubstep: We're wubbing it out today!

Hey hey! So I wub dubstep (haha, okay bad dubstep pun), and today I'm going to dub it out with my favorites. So first of all let me say that I'm more of an electro-dubstep person instead of hard core, constant drops. And for all you dubstep haters, well you stink. Okay, plugged in my earbuds and I'm ready to start.

1. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites-Skrillex
Words don't describe how often I listen to this song, and I'm pretty sure I've listened to it so much that the replay button on my iPhone is broken. It's lovely.

2. Promises- Nero
This is like a fusion of dubstep and awesome singing, with a voice like Lana Del Ray. It sounds like heaven, perfect combo of dubstep and singing about promises.

3. Centipede- Knife Party
I just got into Knife Party this summer and this song's repetitive but it's so catchy, kinda like Call Me Maybe but so much better. But you all know the type of songs I'm talking about.

4. Days to Come- Fiora
The cover for Seven Lions was just so cool, and she sounds like Ellie Goulding and Florence together. And the song is amazing!

5. Halcyon- Ellie Goulding
This album is the bomb dot com! I know, I know, she's not dubstep but she's in like her own unique category compared to today's cliche, pop-flirty cheerleader singers so I felt she deserved mention.

Okay anyway that's basically all I've been listening to lately, so yay now you all know! Gotta run, a piano competition calls me to go to sleep relatively early! Adios and have a good day! (: stay wonderful!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Black Friday Buzz

Alrighty... Gobble gobble! Happy Thanksgiving y'all. I had to prepare you for the cringing of my dumb sound effects. So Turkey Day was fun, it was full of me following my irritated parents around while they cooked and getting yelled at for messing stuff up; Black Friday made up for it though!
Yeah so I'm not sure if the Midwest just has nothing better to look forward to but people kill, trample, and shank other people right after they've given thanks like five hours ago. Like out here, you go hard or you go home; people have gotten in fistfights over a skirt today and lines were out of the stores! So as you can tell by te first-hand deets I have, I went today! I just picked up a few things, and you know what I realized? Bath and body works HAS NO SALE going on today. Maybe it's the lovely aroma wafting out but everyone's in there and there's no thirty percent off or anything! But yeah either way I got enticed into their "sale."
So hauling it out:

1. Winter Cranberry Hand Sanitizer ($1.50)
I only get the small version because I don't really use hand sanitizer frequently, I just wash my hands. But this smells lovely, like tart cranberries but sweeter.

2. Scentaportable Sledding Panda ($4.50)
This is so cute! It's a panda with a nice red scarf on a sled and I just couldn't help myself to getting one. It'll be nice for my locker at school.

3. Fresh Linen Refill Pack things ($3.00)
Okay, how overpriced are these? They're basically those air wick refill things but flattened. Ugh I hate being cheated out of these things! But anyway, this is the only smell I found to be not too strong for my liking so I got it for my panda.

4.American Eagle Striped Sweater ($29.97?)
Yay for sweater weather!

Okay well I'm pretty sleepy, so I'm going to go snooze now. I'm thankful for ally views and all of you! Thanks a bunch! Ciao, nighty night!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Problems with Couples....

Hey guys! So let's get right to it: couples in public places may be cute but usually they annoy the poop out of people around them.

My high school may be pretty bad, but I'm sure this problem applies to people all over the world.
So I'm happy for those people who seem to have found "the one" in high school and I know, I know, everyone has crazy amounts of hormones since we're all in that awkward phase of puberty. But seriously? There's no need to stop in the middle of the already crowded hallway to drink each other's spit while ruining people's appetites and making them late for class. We get it, you love each other. Great. Don't stand in front of my locker and be gross. You can do it in front of your locker, but not mine. It's great for those couples but urgh, you guys seriously annoy other people.
So I'm just saying, it's great for you but consideration for other people is nice. Thanks. Ciao!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hell is about to break loose...

Hola my lovelies! Now before you think I'm all dark and Satanic, I'm just talking about the dreaded FINALS WEEK. Oh and ironically enough, I'm reading Dante's Inferno right now. Haha, punny.

This week is single-handedly more stressful than planning a wedding as a bridezilla. For this week, students pull their hair out, chug energy drinks, and stuff their brains to the point of implosion. A slight exaggeration, but indeed it is the truth especially for us honors kids. See, the thing is that I have a silly goal of attending Dartmouth, and although it most likely won't be achieved I like to pretend it will and study my brains out.

So now I will proceed to go study, and I hope all of you are having a better week than me, and that you have a wonderful joyful week instead. Peace out & rock on!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 3!

Hey ladies/men, I don't judge, it's time for round 3!

1. Bad refs. Get off my field, just go. They miss every foul even when the crowd is yelling "FOUL", and suddenly every handball, pull, and shove by the other team is not seen. Oh! And one ref in particular smells so indescribably bad. It's like an animal died in the shirt and he never washes it.

2. Drinking the night before a game.
Okay, seriously? I don't care if you like to party or whatever, but don't whine to everyone about how you're hungover. This girl on our team was so hungover, she almost told our coach.

3. "Good game" at the end. Really? You all freaking sucked.

4. TURF. Playing on turf when it's hot is like being stuck to melting cheese. Not to mention, turf gets everywhere. You pour it out of your cleats and socks, you spit it out, you pull it out of your shirt. I have a serious hatred for turf.

5. Cleats that just fall apart. The other day, mine just fell apart and they're about a year old. I had to duct tape them together with trainer's tape.

So that's all I can think of for now, I'm pretty bummed that the season's over, but indoor's starting soon! Yay!

My Latest Addiction: Popilates!

So Pilates is a pretty well-known workout guideline that a lot of people use all over the world, but I get bored by it pretty easily.

I found this Youtuber who does POPILATES. She does fun videos to hot songs right now and workouts to go along with them. One of her most famous is the "Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge" and it's a serious workout for your legs! I've tried a few today, I'll give you a rundown.

PSY GANGHAM STYLE: Cardio- this one is a keeper! It's serious cardio, you'll be sweating and working to keep up with her. I love this song too, even though I understand no Korean at all.

CALL ME MAYBE: Mighty Squat Challenge- Man, my thighs were burning after one minute. This is so nice for us thunder thigh-y soccer players.

ABS ALL NIGHT: Abs- You'll have those rocking abs after this. You will feel the burn.

So those are the three I tried today and I think this will be a really fun short workout everyday. Tell me what you all think! I am in no way sponsored by her. Her channel is blogilates.

With you, I'll always share. You can stand under my UMBRELLA-ELLA-ELLA-ELLA. Oldies are cool.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Work sucks, in Physics and real life

Hey guys! So basically I really don't like work (I work at Kumon, the reading and math center) and I just wanna shoot myself after being in there for so long. Also I don't like Physics and we're talking about work as well. But in a different scientific way.

So pros and cons of Kumon work!
P: Little kids are cute and they'll follow you like ducklings. And their outfits are generally pretty adorable.
C: They ALWAYS sniffle. No matter what season it is, it could be 120 degrees out and they still reach for tissues. However right now in the fools old corn state, it's starting to get cold. Curse winter.
P: I only work three hours, twice a week! Yeah it rocks. I heard retail and food service works six. EW.
C: It's probably below zero in the room, which makes the sniffling worse and gives me a headache. It's to the point where you could wear seven sweaters and still be cold. I wore a thick sweater today and it was cold. Brrrrr.
P: MINIMUM WAGE ROCKS! Hahah no, it sucks. The kids' faces when they get an hundred is priceless. I want to photograph all of them and scrapbook it because it is so precious.
C: I have to ride the bus and then walk some to get there. You thought your bus was bad? No. These people are creepy and reek of pot. And I cross a pretty big intersection that has NO crosswalks/walk signals. I'm really terrified of getting over.

Oh, P.S. Physics stinks. Especially hen your book weighs ten pounds at least.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinterest and Beanies!

Hey hey! So soccer season is ending and I have a lovely soccer tan, not to mention a huge bruise on the inside of my leg. We play hard, because all we do is win. Yeah, I just combined songs.

So I've been on Pinterest way too much lately and pin every cute quote, dream outfit, and pretty pair of Louboutins and earrings I see. Does anyone have a way for me to become unhooked? Pinterest is like my dream world except I don't live there.

We called off again last night, this time I'm telling you we are never ever ever getting back together. You go talk to your friends talk to my friends talk to me.

Yeah, TSwift is catchy. So what? And so tomorrow is Hat Day at school, and I've found the perfect beanie. But how do I wear it? I'm thinking slouchy sweater and skinnies. But I don't really know. I really want some cute laced-up girly boots for winter and some new Vans. I want to make them galaxy Vans, I feel like that would be so cool.

Alright I don't really know what I was trying to say here. Bye!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Builds of Athletes: Thunder Thighs and Chicken Legs

Hey guys, long time no see! I'm still alive, but soccer is in full swing with one week left. And yes, tomorrow I have two games and I should be sleeping so this will be semi-short.

Soccer Ladies- These girls are the girls, pretty, smart, and spend twenty minutes jumping into skinnies every morning.
Pros: Rocking abs. You think you have a six pack? No. You don't.
Cons: Have you seen these legs? I might be a two in the waist but a six in the thighs. These thighs... Don't complain about thunder thighs. And calves. Man. And most of us are a little on the flat chested side, but hey, when I chest the ball there's no risk for breast cancer. Joking.

Soccer Boys. These guys, I swear. They're all soft-core druggies, either super skinny and tall or shorter and fat.
Pros: They run fast. And they're somewhat strong.
Cons: Snap. Those bones are like chicken bones. Anyone could push past them, guaranteed that they run faster.

Volleyball- Now this is a sport I wish I had done as a kid.
Pros: Majority of them are tall and skinny and equally proportioned legs, something I would love to have.
Cons: They're mostly all hoes and have drama problems. Oh wait, that sounds like the softball team. Hmmm, I wonder if they train part-season for softball.

Dancers- I'm so jealous of dancers. They're so graceful.
Pros: Uh hello? Have you heard the ideal is a dancer's legs? They have the perfect balance between muscle and leaness, something I would kill for.
Cons: They're all really short, even compared to the soccer team and the tallest girl on our team is like 5'11". And they remind me a little of a mob, you date one, you date the whole team.

Football- Hahaha dressed up soccer players.
Pros: Our quarterback is so gorgeous, it's crazy. And we've talked! Eep! Okay, sorry for fangirling. Ummm, he looks sooo beautiful?
Cons: We suck. No matter how long they practice, they almost always lose. Last year, we lost our homecoming. Homecoming is supposed to be easy! Ughh. And most of the guys are stupid players.

Tennis- Four words. Asians with shin splints.

Basketball-Hmmm. I dreamed of being a basketball player, but gave up. I can shoot a pretty wicked lay-up, if I do say so myself.
Pros: Mr. Gorgeous plays basketball too. And this one guy I used to like... Anyways, they're really good. And the coach used to be my old gym teacher's daughter who is also my favorite math teacher. Yay. And the girls are really good too, and they're nice and fairly considerate.
Cons: they're pretty notorious for their drinking. The motto is don't get caught. Not don't do it, but don't get caught.

Cross-country/Track- I can't believe I stuck with both for three years.
Pros: Large lungs. Oh yeah, that'a hot. Haha but runners have nice physique.
Cons: Shin splints are a pain in the ass. And puking up DQ is really gross, or just puking in general. The boys have a tendency to do this.

Okay well I need my sleep or else I'll play like poop tomorrow. Night y'all!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Giving Yourself Shin Splints?

Hey y'all, I know it's been a while but soccer and school consume all of my time. Sorry! And lately a nasty cold has been going around and playing in the rain today didn't help it. But yeah today I played a double header and for the first time in history, we beat Carmel which is big. Carmel practically breeds Ethiopian lungs and legs, and the muscles of the USA, and the brains of Asia into one soccer team. So long story short, beating them was amazing.
Anyway, I was wondering if you could give yourself shin splints because I got new shin guards and they don't seem to be the problem but my shins are burning and in pain. Thanks! Bye guys, promise to write soon.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sophomore Year

Hi everyone! So basically this year is super crazy and I don't think I'll be able to blog more as was once promised. I'm sorry. Soccer is killing my free time, and I usually stay up pretty late to finish my homework. But anyway I don't really have anything else to say. Thank you for all the views and see you all soon hopefully!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School: Advice to the Freshmen

So my lovely school has decided to start incredibly early this year; we're starting on Tuesday. Yes, this Tuesday, as in two days. I'm so jealous of all of you starting in September. Quite frankly, I would rather start later and end later, so for once I could have school on my birthday, and I could have a longer summer break. One of my friends and I were talking and he starts on October 30th. What is that? I was in disbelief. Anyway, back to the main topic of this article: I have made it to sophomore year! So I have a few words of wisdom for all the frosh.

1. High school is not as scary as it seems. Family and media may make it appear terrifying and teachers won't care about you at all, and the upperclassmen will shove you out of the way. Trust me, I go to public school in the poorest county of Indiana. It is not that bad. Teachers are just looking for a little respect and as long as you're a good kid, freshman year will be a breeze.

2. Know your place. I know, I know, you're so excited to be in high school! But don't start bragging out of line, especially involving any upperclassmen or anything. And don't let rumors spread about you, or anyone you're associated with. If that occurs, you can kiss your social life good bye. Gossip spreads like wildfire on dry grass on a humid day in high school. And don't push your way into the senior crowd or anything dumb like that, unless you're the one percent who is effortlessly accepted everywhere. But the majority of us aren't like that.

3. Don't expect your best friends to be with you all the time. Schedules change, classes are different. They can't always be with you, and it's a good way to meet lots of new people or talk to old people you don't know well. Friends can make all the difference in high school, they can push you to great things or they can tear you down and ruin your life. It's your choice.

4. Walk away from bad things. This one seems awfully obvious, but some people think pot and drinking will make them cool. Trust me, you'll look so stupid and the school will talk about you behind your back. This one kid I know was a great soccer player; he had an awesome life, good grades, top of the social ladder. But one day, he was high and drunk at the same time, and decided to go for a little ride in his car. He fell asleep, and caused a seven car pile-up. SEVEN. He got arrested and expelled that day. Don't make that mistake.

5. Partying constantly is not a good decision. Sure, being popular seems like the coolest thing ever in high school, homecoming/prom queen or whatever. Seriously, if your grades suck and you don't do anything besides hang out with your friends all the time, you're screwed once it's time for college applications. Suddenly, you'll be that loser who got a one on your AP tests, and college admissions doesn't care if you hosted that super awesome party, or if you have a cool ride. Some people will be the cool ones in a few years when they graduate from Harvard or Yale, and the popular people will be left in the dust. It's definitely a hard decision, to not always want to go hang out, or attend that game. But in the end, it's definitely worth it.

That's about all I've got, just go out there and enjoy your freshman year! Have a great time!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pin Curls & Being Dumped by a Hundred People

So first off, I know I know, I'm an awful blogger because I've been putting this off, but I'm back! And really sad too.
First: the pin curls. I saw some video on pin curling your hair overnight, and waking up to glam hair. So I've decided to try this out tonight and see what results have come out of this. I will report back tomorrow hopefully!
And moving on to other longer topic, camp was super fun; Geometry was not. But anyway, meeting lots of people is always the best part of the experience, at least for me. I miss you guys all so much! Leaving my friends is like stabbing my heart with a stiletto, or shattering it into a million pieces. And of course there are some that I'll miss more than others, but that's human nature. You all better come to Brown next summer. Or at least the people I liked. Which is about everyone. But at camp the experience is unforgettable. You meet people of the same caliber, the same intelligence. It's like we've been cut from the same cloth with our own specialities meshed in and we're all meeting for three weeks. It's a great way to learn about other towns and people, and everything. All in all, before I go cry about leaving again(.....), love you all and I will update! Promise!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So sorry I haven't posted in a few days, camp has been busy. And I officially hate Geometry. Not like doing five hours of it a day is bad enough, we also stay up to ungodly times to finish and study for a daily test over the chapter and do all the homework problems. And I hate proofs more than imaginable. Who cares about statements and reasons anyway? What matters is that the statement is true! Our teacher seems to love them too, because we do about five proofs as our notes for the day. And it's unimaginably confusing because we have to learn the concepts of the chapter on our own, and look over the proofs also. Our midterm is tomorrow so I had half a Full Throttle and a Mountain Dew, Diet Coke, and normal Coke. It's going to be a long night, and an early morning. At five, I need to be up to look nice and shower since I still have yesterday's make up on, tooo lazy to get wipes. And study some more.

But anyway, onto the good stuff: hot boys. I wish you would all gravitate toward my town, but that will never happen. I could wish on all the 11:11's, four leaf clovers, and eyelashes I want, nothing/no one will ever come by. So there are some okay guys at camp, ad I'm here to share the scoop.

So I'm officially one of the oldest kids in my program because they don't offer Geometry in the older program, and either way I want to see the boy situation here.
There's a really hot Asian guy in my class, he's got a hot bod according to my friend who saw his shirt rise, and he now has been deemed super gorgeous with a six pack.
Any sport makes people so toned, but this guy knocks them out of the field. He's a water polo player and has the best legs ever for a guy I mean. It's so not fair! He's like in shape beyond imagination. Before class, he goes to practice for an hour or so.
Nice guys are my favorite, and this one is no exception! He has literally the cutest smile I've ever encountered in y whole life. He's got the celebrity-loved dimples and straight teeth. Man I'm pretty jealous, no joke.
There's a few others, but not that I know to my knowledge so far. I'm going to check, I've still got a week and a half anyway.

Bye people! Have a wonderful night/day! (:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Soccer Season's Almost Here!

Yay for soccer! It's the best sport ever invented in the history of mankind; it involves teamwork, inner strength and skill, aggression but a politeness at the same time. I could go on and on about soccer. So my most viewed post is Soccer Girl Problems 2! And thanks to everyone who read it! Love you my fellow soccer people!

So as we all know, official soccer season is about to get underway and quite personally, I can't wait! I love the feeling of the grass on my once-white soccer socks after a long practice, and most of all, those attractive tan lines. (JK! Soccer players, I feel your pain.) And I heard recently, they cut women's soccer out of the London 2012 Olympics. Like WHAT? You take out the women's soccer, but not the men's? We can kick their butts any day and we can do it looking pretty. Beat that boys. But anyway, SOCCER SEASON! I am so pumped, but I know I shouldn't be because I'm so out of shape it's sad. I need to go running super soon. My running plans never work out though. I'll tell you how my running plans go.

Day 1: Oh 5:30, let's go! I'm so ready to show off these thunder thighs this fall along with my tan knees and pale shins. Alright I'm ready! (And here I'd probably run like my old cross-country self with a 7 minute mile pace. I was so proud of my mile back then.)

Day 2: 5:30, ughhhhh, sooo sore. Gimme ten more minutes. 5:45, got my gear on, let's get this going.

Day 3: 5:30, shut up. I want my sleep.

So yeah, I don't know how I survived three years of cross-country in middle school. Worse idea EVER. But I was too stupid to know how travel worked back then, so no travel soccer for me. Cross-country was so fun though. This guy that I used to like soooo much ran too, and in our sixth grade picture, we had to stand next to each other and at the time, I thought he was the dumbest kid ever. So our group picture is me staring at him with this disgusted look, and him smiling his little face off. Oh and there was about two feet in between us, which is a lot on crowded, wobbly bleachers.

So all in all, soccer season here I come! Back to freshman getting the balls, yay! Last year we had like an overpopulation of frosh so I only did it like twice. I may or may not have cheated my way out of doing it. And as usual, love you all. Ciao!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lady Gaga where are you?

So I'm a pretty avid Lady Gaga fan, and obviously a little monster. I love what she represents and her effect in the music industry. I know she's been touring lately(same hotel as Lana del Ray and Lindsey Lohan!) but I can't help but wonder when her next single will arrive. It's been over a year! I know she's busy, but squeeze us in too! Oh and on the subject, why are all the celebrities making awful life movies nowadays? I think it's just dumb. Katy Perry, really? I'm sorry, but she's just awful live and I don't expect this movie to be any better. Tell me how it is if you guys have seen it! ~one monster signing off. <3 ta-ta for now monsters!

The Stereotype Friends/Clique

So everyone's got their little circle of friends, and each friend falls under a category, good or bad, and I thought I would talk about my friends today.

1. The girl who eats like a man/fattie and stays skinny. I would say this girl would be me, and I'm not like naturally skinny, I used to be pretty chubby,but I work at getting toned and in shape through soccer which lets me eat as much as I want, whenever I want. Love to my soccer girls/guys. Once a soccer player, always a soccer player.

2. The friend who can turn everything dirty. So I have this friend and I've known her since second grade and she's so funny, and just unique. I know, I know, unique is so overused, but it describes her to a tee. Let's call her K shall we? So she has this knack of making everything perverted and to a whole other level, and it's so hilarious. She's great and I love her to death. She can crack the best "That's what she said" jokes, and shoot back a comeback in five seconds. And they're good too.

3. The friend that got away. So in middle school, there was a group and we were inseparable. Movie? We're all there. Mall? Group hangout. We crammed into a photobooth once, and it was crazy. There was this girl, H, and she and I were really close during the first part of freshman year, but then we started to drift apart. I found some things like soccer and studying to be more important, while she was a bit boy crazy, drifting from one to another. Later on, she tried a few things that I would never try. I don't know, I just have so little in common with her, all that's left are these memories. We always say we'll hang out soon, but both of us know it won't happen unless it's a group obligation.

4. The friend that's closer than a sibling. I've only known J for four years, but it feels like I've known her for ages. She knows all of my secrets and thoughts and I know hers. We have plans to get married at the Plaza hotel, to two hot roommates we meet in college. We share so many goo times and one look can tell the other exactly what's happening. She's been there through my tears, laughs, and in between. I love her to Pluto and back.

5. The drama starter. We used to be so close! But after time, she'd churn out rumors and do things on purpose to make someone mad, or ruin their day. I remember she was going out with one of my close guy friends, and he bought me something dumb like cheez-its one day and she started yelling at me in the hallway, saying that I better stay away from him. She's constantly mad at someone, and there's always some conflict. I'm just glad we don't talk as often now.

6. The super athlete. I love this kid, he's pretty attractive, plays basketball and works out like a bunch, in wind ensemble with me, and is in all the same classes. But anyway, he trains super hard for basketball because he's like really tall and wants to be the best.

That's all I can think of now, but I have lots of friends and I love you all. Smooches to all of you! <3

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MTV's "Jersey Shore" Possibly Gone?

So Direct TV has apparently dropped MTV, which means no more guidos, grenades, or GTL! I'm sure Snooki is probably asking someone to hold her earrings, and ready to pounce on those Direct TV people. I personally don't care too much for the show, it's just another TV show that I watch if absolutely nothing else is on. I would rather watch any other trashy show. But I know all the Jersey people at probably a little sad, and hopefully the show will be saved by some other station. I know that quite a few shows were rejected. Pan Am was a show about the drama of a flight crew and their journeys around the world, and some other ones didn't make the cut. Some shows did avoid the chopping block, like 2 Broke Girls with two spunky girls which I really like. What do you think about Jersey Shore? What about Snooki's baby?

Monday, July 9, 2012

J.K. Rowling + New Book

So I am proudly, a part of the Harry Potter generation. I was probably one of the more obsessed ones, and I truly believed that I would attend Hogwarts (hopefully Gryffindor or Ravenclaw!) and that a little letter would be addressed to me, sent to the mailbox by owl post. I waited impatiently for the books to come out, and reread all the old ones until I knew every sentence; I even once tried to go to the midnight premiere of the Goblet of Fire to no avail. (Neither parent was vaguely interested in such things, and I was not yet thirteen at the time.) And of course, I have to thank the wonderful J.K.Rowling for these magical books that were embedded in my veins. I used to run around school pretending I was Herminone/Harry (I didn't like Ron for some reason.) and shoot spells with a random stick I most likely found in my back yard.

So now that the HP generation is all grown up, I'd say either high school or college age now, Mrs. Rowling is writing yet another book. I saw this tidbit of news through the newest edition of Entertainment Weekly, something that still comes to me thanks to the teenage boy who used to inhabit my room. I flipped through it to see nothing, but a mob attacking J.K.Rowling with pens and hardback Harry Potter books. Feeling more intrigued, I read on, and apparently she is writing one aimed at adult groups, perfect for the now grown-up kids who lived with Harry. Dubbed The Casual Vacancy, it is supposed to be a follow-up to the legendary series that we all know and love (If you don't, then be quiet Muggle. No one appreciates a hater). She appears to starting a clean slate, different publisher, different audience, different book. I can't wait to read this book! Mark your calenders for September 27th.

And now time for Harry Potter quotes! Just kidding, just one. "Lily? After all this time?" "Always." Gets me every time. And don't even start on Fred's death. I'm just a human hose at that point. But toodles!

Another haul: I just can't stop my habits!

Bonjour all, ca va? Or hola! So it is slightly a more reasonable time, 11 on the dot here. And today, I indeed did go shopping again but no clothes, just some beauty/hair things for camp in one week! Yay!

So let's get started!

1. Not Your Mother's: Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray. First off, smell this. It is the most lovely coconut smell ever and I hate coconuts with a passion! Especially those Almond Joys. But anyway, it makes your hair wonderfully wavy and nice. I wish I could compare it to Bumble and Bumble's spray, but alas I don't have $24 to spend on a little bottle. Oh and this amazing hair spray was like $5. Nifty, and fantastic on a bad hair day. It also works on wet or dry hair; obviously better on wet, but not sopping wet. You get the jist.

2. Vaseline! ($1 or so) So I just got a little mini ad it is so cute! I don't know what it is with miniature objects, especially hair/beauty/anything girly, I love and generally gravitate towards. So Vaseline is just great, it can work as nail polish remover when the polish is still wet, it moisturizes your lips, elbows, knees, etc. I just love Vaseline.

3. Q-tips! I love these! Quick fix for makeup or nails or poking in your ears when you've got pool water in them. I'm serious! I'm not sure what else to say.

4. Glade ($3-you never know how dorms are.) So I got some limited edition kind because the packaging was pink and floral and pretty. And it smells amazing! It's a sweet floral, not old granny kind. It's got like honeysuckle, lily of the valley, and something else I forget. It smells great. Case closed.

5. Stridex pads ($4) if you want to skip those 3 step things, just swipe one of these babies on your face, rub the solution in, and breakouts be gone! I personally love the smell of these, but it works wonderfully on my oily, acne-prone face.

6. Rainbow contact cases! ($4) It's super important to replace these! People have gone blind from not changing the solution and cases. And rainbow makes it all better.

7. Contact solution ($9) Bausch and Lomb are hands-down the best. I do like opti-free, but the pure vision or whatever works wonderfully. My contact never itches or hurts in this solution.

8. Notebook & Index cards- yeah I got this for the class I'm taking. Not too fancy.

9. I almost forgot! Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash is my holy grail morning product and I got some too!

So that's my haul, pretty short not too boring hopefully. Thanks guys! Bye, have a great day! Oh and I love Arnold Palmer so I got a gallon of it (: and some random pictures at the store. Penguin duct tape, hunger games (may the odds be ever in your favor) and Captain America!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guys, Channing Tatum(; & Packing

You guys are in for a goodie! It's currently almost 1 in the morning and my writing juices are flowing.

Soo I really don't understand guys, and it's really frustrating! I can't stand not knowing, am I a friend or am I something more? Let me know! My confusion makes me do dumb things and regret them after. So there's a story behind all this madness and a very complicated love hexagon thing . So there was this guy in my English class and we didn't talk too much, I'd Facebook him if I needed the assignment or needed help, something like that. Well soon the little talks turned into big long, right afterschool to 12 at night conversations. And unmistakably, I started to like him, which was dumb on my part. I saw no one else who could possibly like him ever; but yet there were a lot of girls who had this same feeling and I failed to realize this. So when The Hunger Games premiered, I invited said guy to go with me and some friends as a strictly fun, casual movie night. We had an okay time, I cried as usual during Rue's death (that scene gets me every time..) and he had to leave straight after so we didn't get to talk. Later, we went and saw Mirror, Mirror (Lily Collins, you are so pretty, I want to be you. And Armie Hammer, my love for you is undescriable. Finnick!) and we went to the mall after. I thought we had a good time, and our conversations extended further, later and later. All during this love chase that I thought I had going on, I hung out with one of my other guy friends. I love the kid to death, but his ex was not one I wanted to mingle with. She and I were best friends until she started to pick fights with me, because I was on her ex's side. But anyway, one faithful night, I was texting both guys, no biggie right? Wrong. Guy uno asked me who I liked before, and once I told him who I had liked before him. And then guy number two magically revealed that he liked me. Bam! I was caught up with all my crazy emotions and let them take rein. So I did the worst mistake of my whole life: I confronted the guy I liked. And he told me very politely that he didn't feel the same way.
So I cried for days and watched When Harry Met Sally on repeat and ate ice cream, and as time went on, both relationships fizzled down to friendship. And then boom, another curve ball. My best friend liked the guy who stomped all over me. How could I react to this? I wanted to cry even more, so I did. Now everything is okay, and all of them are good friends.
This rant was really long, sorry! But I just don't understand! I get myself into crazy situations without intending to. It's an act of nature. But on a brighter note, MAGIC MIKE! Channing Tatum is fineeeee. He actually was a stripper before so this was right up his alley. I haven't yet seen it, but I'm planning to! Have you guys seen it? Oh and two bonuses in it: Alex Pettyfer and Robert Downey Jr.

So I'm a super slow packer, and it's irritating. But that's all on that note.
Good night everyone! Comment (:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scary Experiences

So I'm sure everyone has been afraid at some point in their life, whether it be a lifelong, paralyzing fear, or a mini one. Today I experienced something that turned my world for a ride, and I'm currently super paranoid. Even the smallest sound makes me start to doubt the security of my room. But what led up to this crazy reaction?

Well today, my good friend and I walked from our job to a close by McDonald's to grab a bite to eat, and it was nice, except the people there were a little weird.. And the employees also called for a lock-down, which I found extremely intimidating, to which point we therefore left and started the short, fifteen minute walk back. We were talking casually, and suddenly this guy on a standard bike mumbled "Coming through." and we parted to let him through. Keep in mind that bikes are far faster than foot. And then he stopped at the stoplight, which we didn't see as odd, but then he started to leer at us and said "Don't be scared, I won't hurt you, come down to the stoplight." or something among those lines. That's when we started to worry, and we immediately crossed from where we were and were planning to call 911. I could hear several racial slurs directed towards myself (I'm an Asian-American, and proud) like "Get back on the boat!" and "Chink." that one word bothers me more than any other insult, but I was much too scared to think anything of it. So we were walking fairly quickly at this point, and then I turned around to look if he was behind us, and he gave us the dirtiest look, as he started to chase after us on his BIKE. (My friend and I were wearing ballet flats and sandals.) so we started to sprint, and I sprinted harder than ever before, and we were screaming for help the whole block down. Luckily for us, there was a cafe on the end of the block, which I ran inside and explained our situation to a lady and also across the street, there were people having lunch outside. Neither of us were hurt, just a little emotional scared.

I have never felt more fear in my whole entire life. The sinking pit in my stomach, the paranoia and anxiety is more than imaginable. I sprinted my legs out. I wanted nothing more than to escape this man. I believe it would have been quite the sight to see, but I'm so glad that many people were kind and understanding. I was near tears and I was just glad that nothing worse had happened. I just wanted to share my daily dose of fear. I'm pretty sure I can't even sleep today. I've never been more terrified. I don't even what to think about What if's right now. My heart is still pounding. Have you guys had any terrifying experiences? Let me know! Or tell me something random, that's cool too!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Haulage: Through the Internet/Blogger!

So I'm too insecure to talk to a video camera about things without worrying about how I am in general and how I'm coming off, and all sorts of stuff. So this is my haul and review of a few things I've gotten recently.

1. Body Central- I don't really like this store, a bit too flashy and clubby for my everyday style. But I found a really nice skirt there; it's a bodycon one, and it's pink, white, and black! I like it and I'm going to wear it when we dress up for home games. It was $12.90 by the way, not too bad.

2. Hollister- home of the dark, fragrant clothes with seagulls. Anyway, I was looking for colored jeans, and I saw this bright fire engine red pair there, and got it as an impulse buy. Also my friend was there, and when girls shop together, they get everything the other recommends. Or at least in my case. They're jeggings, and quite comfy. But $50 though, yikes.

3. American Eagle- so I love this store a lot, but sometime the price makes me want to hide. So I got a crop top that says "Wild heart" ($12?) and some white short shorts ($25). Short, sweet, and to the point.

4. Some salon- Sebastian 24 shaper hold hairspray (2 for $12) and the price is the only reason I got it. I love this hairspray, but the price of one normal can at like $12-15 is outrageous, at least for me (note: I'm a broke highsc hooler.) it works amazing, and I use it everyday, just to ensure no flyaways and things like that, especially since it's so humid here. And I work in a chemistry lab all day in a basement. It's a little harsh on my hair.

4. CVS- Covergirl Lashfusion water-resistant. So I was really clueless when I picked this out, and I got it for it's nice pretty purple packaging. It's really not water-resistant at all, and I could sweat all of it off during practice. Black streaks are not preferred. It's probably the stupidest six dollars I've spent. And I also got the Yes to Carrots tinted lim butter/balm, I forget in the shade rosy bloom. It's a nice mauve color in the tube, but really it just darkens the natural color of my lips which I like for summer. It was six dollars also though, which I find a little weird, but that's okay.

Okay so that's all from me! I hope you guys liked it and have a great fourth of July! Have a good time, and be safe! Thanks!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 2!

This is a continuation! See Part 1 somewhere on my blog.

So let's get into this!

1. When someone acts like they've never played before in a GAME. In a game, there's no joke pulling or something. Stop messing around and play! Go freaking hard or go home. We did not practice so much to see you fail out there. Chase the ball, kick, run, score. Not that complicated.

2. Food. Okay, generally all food floats for us soccer chickas. But really pizza before a game? *experience of a girl on my team; her defense? "It's a Subway pizza." You don't eat PIZZA before a game. Are you crazy? And it's not like she was the star or something, but I like a sub at some point. Ugh, so annoying!

3. Socks. And I love these things in the winter, but tuck them in? Roll them down? Leave them be? So many options! It's too irritating finding a way to be comfy and make them work.

4. Shorts. Girl, the dress code is finger tip length. Not just barely covering your butt. Don't roll them up, you do not look hot. Who are you trying to impress? The other girls? Invisible guys? Stop.

5. Breaking these babies in. Cleats are beautiful and glamourous and all that, but breaking them in is literal hell on my feet. It feels like childbirth on my feet, while I'm cramming them into too small flats with little flames burning the sides. Fun.

6. Screaming. Don't scream at me, just because I made one mistake. You're still playing too. Remember that one position? Oh maybe stopper? Shut up and stop elaborating. God. And you can never manage to be quiet during sprints, so we run like ten extra just for you.

So there's my soccer soap box for this time. You guys should follow me on twitter @antheaweng and @soccergrlprobs. And watch their YouTube video Sh*t Soccer Girls Say. Ciao bellas! And men in Italian! I'm so languagely challenged.

Summer Playlist!

So I don't really specify my songs according to season, but these are some pieces of ear candy I can't get out of my head.

1. One Thing & Stand Up- One Direction. Something about boy bands is so swoon-worthy, probably the fact that they go extinct for a while, and then I pounce on the first one I see. But these two songs follow me everywhere: putting on makeup, fixing my hair, cleaning, you get the point.

2. Everybody Talks- Neon Trees. This song immediately caught my attention, since I love Animal(I got for free on iTunes as one of those weekly freebies!) and not to mention the video is set in a DRIVE-IN THEATER. I don't know if anyone else likes them as much as I do, but I find them the perfect combination of romance and vintage antiqueness.

3. Titanium- David Guetta feat. Sia. Her voice is so pretty, and this song just feels so empowering and lovely. I wish I could sing like her.

4. Any Mika song (Lollipop, Blue Eyes, etc.) Why is this guy not number one yet? He's gorgeous, is fluent in French, rocks mint green jeans and suspenders, has a voice of gold, I could go on for ages. Listen to him once. You will forget Biebs completely.

5. The Fighter- Gym Class Heroes. The name is already inspirational and it's just catchy. I want people to say that about me.

6. Both of Us- TSwift and B.O.B. this song is so nice, and I generally don't gravitate to semi-rap songs, but I made an exception. And speaking of which, The Only Exception(Paramore)? Never gets old.

7. Payphone- Maroon 5. "I'm at a payphone, spent all of my change on you." it's just so relatable; I know I've felt this way before.

8. Beauty and a Beat- Biebs and Nicki; covered by Clinton Cave & Mitchel and friends. I love Australians in the first place and finding talented ones that are muy caliente never hurts (;

9. The Fear- Lily Allen. This song describes the typical A-list life to a tee, and I just love it. She's just all-around wonderful.

10. Moon River- covered by The Honey Trees. I've always loved this song, and I'm a sucker for Breakfast at Tiffany's. What's not to love? Audrey, that tint of robin's egg blue, this song. I could have melted away. And this girl, her voice is different, it's spectacular. She reminds me of these two on America's got Talent, Nick and Liv. But she's so wonderful.

Okay, so those are the songs, and currently my holy grail playlist. Oh! Anyone surprised about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Poor Suri. I'm sure they had their reasons, just like every Hollywood couple. I'm just so disappointed, I thought they would make it at least to ten years. And is anyone else pumped for Magic Mike? Even though I'm not 18, I will see it. Alex Pettyfer, Channing, Robert Downy Jr. Hotness overload. Night guys!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 1!

First off, this is not a copy of the twitter account @SoccerGrlProbs. They are lovely. This is just my view. Thanks everyone!

As much as I love my game, there's a few problems. But the thought of Beckham, Torres, or Ronaldo makes it all better.
First off, the infamous soccer tan line is probably the worst tan line of all sports. Dark knees, arms (got the farmer's tan going on), and faces. Need I say more about wearing short shorts or tank tops?

And I love the fact that my legs and abs are toned, but finding jeans that don't require a belt is impossible. The waist can fit me and a half, but everything else is fine. And it's wonderful not worrying about needing extra sport bras when I run, but sometimes I'm just frustrated with my flatness. Especially when my friends talk about the infamous Hooters test (what touches the wall first, your nose or chest?) or when I see a cute strapless dress. I'll be pulling it up all day.

Eating like a man is no problem in private, in the comfort of my own kitchen, but when I go to someone else's house, they sit in amazement. My best friend watched me devour two Subway subs once while she had her little six-inch sub. Six doesn't cut it for me. My mom was surprised to find our pantry deprived of all sugary, salty goodness after I had walked by. It's soccer season. What did you expect?

And the weekend games are my favorite. Just when I want to get a decent amount of sleep, I need to be on a bus at 7:30. In the morning. And no sleeping on the bus, we'll be slow when we play. Grrrrr.

Pre-wrap is also my best friend for everything: hair, injuries, blindfolds, decorating. When it's almost gone, I panic and send my mom to get three more extra rolls. And when it snaps on the field, I can't even describe my sadness when I see that once-together piece of red fabricy stuff. Not to mention, bangs flying in my already squinty, Asian eyes.

But it's all worth it for soccer. I love my game! Part 2 coming soon! Thanks for reading my rants. (;

Friday, June 1, 2012

Freshman Year

Everyone remembers being a freshman, or frosh as I like to call them. There still are Freshman Fridays or at my school, Freshman everyday, where upperclassmen would wait until the said frosh walked by and attacked them with pennies. Well luckily, mine flew by without getting barraged by spare change and I really am looking forward to sophomore year already. I wasn't too horribly harassed and I even know a lot of upperclassmen. So for all you little incoming frosh who are terrified out of your minds, avoid the hallway next to the pool (just kidding! but do your best to walk by them quickly...) and high school really isn't that bad.

High school is said to be the time of our lives, and I can believe that, it seems reasonable. Let's sum up this school year shall we? First off, cockroaches have a certain preference for my school which is extremely disgusting. They're everywhere. If only we could afford decent repellent.... But anyway, aside from the nasty pests, all is well. Locker size didn't change from middle school (Bummer! I need space- I'm a highschooler now!) and classes get extended (Seventy minutes of watching my health teacher ramble about his daughters....) Oh and swimming isn't fun. Except for those swimmers who seemingly have gills; magic gills that can allow them to be amazing and show everyone up. The chlorine smell doesn't vanish until a good week later, and your hair will be fried. Literally. Also the hallways are a lot like streets in China, people are all reckless drivers! And there will always be those couples who are all over each other. Yum. I want to make it to the end of this hallway without vomiting, thank you both very much.

But now for the good things (which far outweigh the bad)

First off, there are so many new people! Most of them are weird or ghetto or a combination of both, but there are some good people in the mix. Many old acquaintances became best friends this year, along with several new people. I met people in classes, clubs, soccer, and so much more! This whole paragraph is totally cliche but I love meeting people. I'm part of all sorts of "cliques" now; I'm in soccer, I know the majority of the swimmers, the cross-country guys are my bros (sorry for the colloquialism).
Classes may be longer, but there's only five, instead of eight! It's truely great. I can't express my love for less classes. And school events become much nicer, like sports events and dance competitions. High school is just a place of freedom and less rules, which is extremely nice. It's less of a popularity contest, and you get to see how people really change over the year. I have this girl who used to be one of my closest friends and she started to date this guy (who did some shady things...) and she's completely unstable now. She's condescending and petty, sorry to say. I really do miss her, but now I can't change things back, now can I? She took her own way, and I chose mine.

Okay so that's the end of my freshman year rant; it's officially summer 2012 baby! I went to my first party as a sophomore last night-Huzzah! Thank you everyone!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Debut into the Fabulous World of Blogging

One of my favorite quotes ever is "When one door of happiness closes, another one opens." Blogs are doors of happiness, doors that open to the vast world of millions of people. And people are awesome, even the haters. Anyway, I'm wishfulforbeckham, a dreamy teenager who likes writing (New York Times Magazine for the win!), neuroscience, soccer, music, and people. I suppose I should explain my username since it's strange in a way; I just want David Beckham's soccer skills. Bending it like Beckham is my goal one day, before I graduate high school. I'll probably update pretty often, whenever I get a spare moment. And that's really it basically.