Sunday, March 31, 2013

Closet Essentials: Swimsuits!

Hi my beach beauties! So it's probably spring break for most of you and I'm sorry this probably won't help then, but if you still need a swimsuit I've got your back. So these will be most accommodated to my body type which would be athletic: smaller chest and thicker legs, but with rocking abs. This are great because you need to look cute for that boy! Maybe, or you just want to look nice on the beach which is awesome too. Let's get started!

1. Billabong Jade Stringer Bikini (Top and bottoms are $29.95, total is $59.90 at Pacsun)
So this is just a really cute bikini and I really like the design. I like the triangle top because it gives better coverage in my opinion, and the bottoms are cute too. I do recommend getting a larger size in swimsuits in general (Don't worry, you're still a skinny mini!) because of the shrinkage and coverage. My biggest tip is TRY IT ON! Unless you're absolutely sure/ have no other options, which is not good. At least go into the store and see if it's available there. It might be awkward, but think of all the other awkward situations you're avoiding.

2. Beach Sexy Ruffle Push-Up Bandeau Bikini (Top $36.50, Bottoms $20.50, total $57.00 at Victoria's Secret)
I LOVE VICTORIA'S SECRET BIKINIS. They're seriously so cute and so worth the money. I will admit, it might look a little risque in the store, but they are so nice. I really like this pair, even though I probably would try to avoid the bandeau thing. Bad experience, especially since I got nothing going on up top. You can figure it out. My rule now is the bandeau needs a tie behind the neck as well as the middle clasp. This is floral and polka dots! How can you say no?

3. Balboa Island Swim Triangle Bikini (Top $24.50, bottoms $19.50, total $43.00 at Hollister)
Okay I admit, I'm not a huge fan of Hollister but last year, my roommate had the cutest bikini from Hollister so I decided to branch out this year. This one is really cute, it's blue with this lighter blue pattern on it and I think it will look great on the beach.

4. Atomic Hottie Bikini (Top $74.00, bottom $58.00, total $132.00 at Betsey Johnson)
I love Betsey Johnson soooooooooooo much, it's undeniable. This will look so cute in the sun and against a tan. The pattern is really nice and I really like it.

Okay that's all I've got this time! See you next time, XOXO.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let's Talk: FRO-YO

Hellllo my yummies to another edition of Let's Talk! It's been a long time since the last one... Oops. So fro-yo is a very yummy treat that is enjoyed by all usually. It's short for frozen yogurt and is usually used instead of ice cream. It's healthier and there are enzymes and other good things in there! There are many chains of fro-yo like RED MANGO, pinkberry, yogurtland, forever yogurt, etc. So I sort of love Red Mango with a great burning passion and every time I go, I get the largest cup and fill it up full of stuff. Yeah it might cost $10 but it's a yummy cost. It's also less calories compared to other goodies. For a 323 gram cup (large) at Red Mango in Lemonade, it's 320 calories. What is that??? Seriously it is so unbelievably great.
So in 2012, there were 820 frozen yogurt shops all over the US and they collectively made $195 million. Geeez. It means, on average, each shop made $200 grand profit. Goodness! Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream and can be topped for a low-calorie treat that will delight all! I strongly suggest Red Mango and don't try the original there. It tastes weird. But anything else is good, especially the boba! Popping balls of fruity goodness!!! And their rewards system is great!! I can't even express my love for it properly.
The only problem might be that you spend all of your money but hey, whatever. And the self-serve places? Soooooo amazing.
Okay I have to go, so I'll see you all later pipsqueaks! XOXO have a good day!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hi my smooooches. How are y'all? More importantly, how are your brackets? Mine's in the trash, and I was so mad when Harvard won. Seriously, what? There went my bracket, but I would love to go to college there! Haha, I like to think I'm funny. So more important things: I've made a Polyvore so you guys can see what I create and I deleted some of them on accident so let me see what I can do. Right now I think Studs is the only one up, because I deleted the Pandamonium on accident. Oops.
And now Dogeared. So today, if I had infinite stacks of money, I'll show you what I would get from Dogeared.
1. 3 Wishes Long Bars Necklace ($82.00)
I really love barely-there, dainty necklaces that just are wearable for everyday. This one is definitely one of those, with three bars: gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. I really like the meaning behind this necklace and I just love it.
2. Small Sideways Cross Necklace ($62.00)
This is part of their Faith collection and I really like this. I may not seem super religious to you guys, but church is pretty important to me. I really like this compared to the large one because I feel it looks awkward then. This comes in sterling silver and gold dipped and I feel like I like the gold a bit more, but still impartial to both!
3. Dream of Love Necklace ($50.00)
This is a gorgeous necklace with a little gold heart on a silver chain. Is it too late to ask for a cute love story now?
4. Life's a Beach Pearl Necklace ($48.00)
So pearls are my birthstone and this just makes me that more attracted to it. I reallly like all of their Pearls of collection but this takes the cake.
5. Sparkle Wishbone Necklace Gold Dipped ($58.00)
Okay so does it make any sense that the gold costs less than the silver? Anyway I love wishbones and this is so pretty!

Okay so that's my top five for Dogeared and I'll probably do this for Tiffany because I love Tiffany. It's an essential to girly life. But yes, I love dogeared and sorry it was all necklaces, I have a slight obsession. Okay stay beautiful XOXO

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi my gorgeous goddesses, how have you been? I went on a mini spring drugstore haul of beauty things and other random goodies. Let's get started!
So first I got a nail polish and it's been so widely raved about especially by Macbarbie07, who I love! It's Essie Mint Candy Apple, which first off sounds sooo yummy. I would eat it if it was a treat. Anyway, it's this pretty pastel mint which is my biggest spring color. I like lavender too but it's only a specific shade. It's gorgeous and I can tell I'll use it very often.
BABYLIPS! So this is the most amazing line of chapsticks ever! They smell ah-mazing and the packaging is cute. I now have three and they are so worth the three bucks (Twinkle, Coral Crush and this one!). I just got Pink Punch which is a fun bright pink in the tube, but applies a sheer lighter pink. It smells like punch but not like nasty Koolaid fruit punch, but Jamba Juice heaven. I can picture myself sipping Jamba. Ahhhhhh.
Surf sprays are my best friend. I've tried out several of them and yet I keep coming back to Not Your Mother's Beach Babe. It smells so good and it's made mostly with sea salt and water which is good. Yeah today I was looking at the FX surf spray and it's made mainly of water and some magnesium thing. Probably not very good for your hair, just saying. But this spray gives you piecy, wavy hair and works in a pinch. I usually loosely curl my hair and spritz, scrunch and go. It looks sooo surfer girl, Cali chill.
So my RANDOMS! I got some Easter candy! Nom nom. I got Hershey's eggs: one bag in milk chocolate and one in cookies and cream. I ended up giving up the cookies and cream bag to my baby brother, but I'll keep the other and gain weight, whatever. And these sour head whatever things are sooo sour! Twig bitches can go somewhere else. Thick soccer thighs is where it's at! Hahaha just kidding I don't discriminate, and neither should you.
Have a good day beautifuls, muah XOXO oh and THE FRANCO BROTHERS <3

iPhone Case Guide

Hollla my ottters, how have you been? I've been super cray busy so sorry about the lack of posts. So today we're talking about: IPHONE CASES! Lots of people have iPhones and I'm pretty sure you can make a pretty penny off of cases nowadays. I'll walk you through some that have a number of uses.

1. Lifeproof ($79.99)
So these cases are hard-core, meant to last through everything. Water, sand, accidental drops, you name it. They are a little pricey but hey, it lives up to it's name. It's also fairly thin which is something that most people like. My best friend has one and he says it's great. It comes with like a two-part case with a plug for the earphones. The only problem I see is taking the case off, which is a hassle I've heard.
2. Otterbox ($35-$55)
Okay so these are so outrageously well-known probably since they're built for klutzes and they work magically. It is not built for water or sand like the Lifeproof though and depending on the case you get, the case can be a bit bulky. I have the Defender actually (number one klutz right here) and it is worth the bulk. This case has saved my phone from smashing so many times and their customer service is so nice. I called for a replacement case on the warranty and they shipped it within a few days. I'll show you guys which one I have; it's plum and hot pink. Oh and these are three part cases.

3. Speck ($35-$50)
These are nice colored cases but they don't offer as much protection as the first two cases. They still work well for the more coordinated people in the house and are made with excellent quality. I believe these are two part cases but I could be mistaken.

4. Kate Spade ($40 + shipping)
I adore Kate Spade and honestly I would love to get one of these cases but I would have to pay for shipping first off and secondly it's only covering the back and that makes me antsy. But these have the cutest designs, I especially like the yellow hello, sunshine one!

5. Balloon Girl ($15 +)
So you all probably know that my good old picture on the blog is of Banksy's balloon girl, infamous and is now plastered on cases and posters. I really do the design and this case is a gorgeous turquoise. Same thing with the less protection, but eh.

YOLO at your own risk. Enough said.

That's it my loves, see you next time! Muah, XOXO oh and James and Dave Franco. Just because.