Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Haul

Hi my lovelies! Okay, I really love fall clothes because fall is just a nice season with comfortable temperatures and nice color changes. I didn't really get sweaters, but I did get a few things to wear. So first I hit up Pacsun and then today I hit up Dick's Sporting Goods. Let's go!

So I went to Pacsun a few days ago and then I saw a sale that was buy one, get three free which was crazy. I believe it's still going on too! There were a lot of swimsuits, but many shirts and dresses were on the racks. I paid $23.50 for three dresses and a shirt! WHAT even. If I had paid full price, I would have had to pay $119.80 or $73.92 if they were just normal sale items. I'm just fairly impressed that I saved that much, but anyways I'll show you guys what I got now.

1. Nollie Basic Short Sleeve Scoop T-Shirt (FREE, so much gratification in typing that)

This shirt is a nice basic graphic for lazy days. I can throw it on top of black jeans, like in the picture and be set to go with a messy bun and glasses. Sidenote: wearing my glasses to school this year has created my new label of unofficial hipster of my senior class. But I really like the discreet floral print, as you will see with the dresses. Oh and I got this in a size Small, but one of the dresses I got was a Medium and it fits like a Small.

2. LA Hearts Polka Dot Dress

I'm not quite sure what style this dress is but I want to say a shift dress. Anyways, it's got nice opalescent buttons and then small polka dots all over and a racerback. However, the only problem I have noticed is that I can't easily put this on or take it off, mainly because you can only slide it on over your head, but I think my arms are awkwardly muscular and it is a great struggle attempting to stick my arms through it. Other than that, it's a very cute dress and I can see myself layering sweaters over it. It's also flowy and light so I can pair tights under it.

3. LA Hearts Floral Dress (one was $21.99, the other was free)

So it turns out that I got two of the same dresses just in a different pattern. Originally I had put a different daisy dress on hold the day before I made the purchase, but the changing workers had put it back on the sales rack and I guess someone else got it. Darn. Anyways, these dresses are cute and they have a built-in slip underneath, with a side zipper and a bow back. One is in black with small, discreet little white flowers all over it and the other is cream with bigger red flowers all over it. However, I bought one in a Medium and one in a Small and they both feel a size smaller than they claim. I can still fit both, but I have more of a struggle with the Small one because I think it's meant for people with little waists and hips and I have neither so.

I also went to Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend since I traveled to one of a bigger mall about an hour away for a college interview. Oh man, it might just be me, but I love the smell of walking into a sports store like Finishline or Dick's or just a Nike store. Anyways, I'll get to showing you guys what I got there.

1. Nike Dri-Fit Running Printed Modern Tempo ($23.99 instead of $34)

I actually saw this pair in black when I was in Greece over spring break this year, but the euro conversion made them way more expensive than if I bought them in the US so I decided to buy them when I got back. I totally forgot until I saw these in Dick's and I had to get them. These are in XS, but I don't think they fit uncomfortably which is good. They have the built-in spandex and they are really nice for running or just lounging around.

2. Nike Dri-Fit Training Fly Knit 3.5" Shorts ($21.97 instead of $30)

I am such a sucker for neon colored/patterned shorts and when I saw these, I knew I was going to end up walking out of the store with them. These are made of a really breathable material and I know I can get a lot of runs in with these.

3. Yaktrax Cabin Socks ($12 BOGO deal)

I saw these by the checkout line and it just took one feel to know that these socks were meant to be with me. They literally feel like my feet are in the comfiest sweaters I could ever imagine. And I got a pair for my brother and I think we both are getting each other more pairs for Christmas. I picked men's socks mainly because the patterns were cuter than the women's, but I highly recommend these to anyone who likes comfy socks.

Okay thanks for looking! See you next time with hopefully a fall lookbook patched together!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dean's List Voxbox Review

 Hello my wonderfuls! Today I have a little haul/review on the Dean's List Voxbox. So basically if you don't know what a Voxbox is, it's a free box of goodies and happiness from Influenster. Influenster is a website where you can write reviews, take questionnaires, and spread information on social media sites. It determines your social media influence and can potentially match you to a Voxbox, based on your preferences. With that bit of disclaimer, I would like to say all of these products were sent to me.

1. Airheads Soft Chews

These candies are the consistency of Airheads, but the flavor is a little iffy. There are five flavors: blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry, lemon, and orange, but they all resemble cough syrup, especially cherry. The neon coloring is also a little off-putting, but somehow they're strangely addictive and I found myself chewing these chewy candies throughout the evening. I'm not quite sure that I'll be getting these again soon, but they're definitely perfect for those candy-lovers who have a preference for an exceptionally artificial taste.

2. Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lipbalm

The first thing I noticed about this lip balm was the packaging. The clean lines of the 3-D cube make it very appealing and then it smells heavenly. Mine is in Pomegranate blackberry and it smells like a berry smoothie. When I tried it, it made my lips very soft as the name suggests, to an almost crazy degree. My lips feel so nice (not in a weird way), but I totally recommend this product.

3. Sinful Colors in No Text Red

First off, this shade of red is my ideal shade of red. It's not too dark, but not too light and naive looking. I haven't painted all of my nails with this yet, but I've tested it out on just one finger. So far, it seems to go on smoothly and it's rather opaque, but can still be layered. I'll keep y'all posted.

4. Playtex Regular Balance Tampons

First off, when I opened the box and saw tampons, I was like "whattttttttttttttt". But I haven't tested these out just because you know the problems of girl life. But I have used these before and they're nice for athletic people or if you have to go swimming or something.

5. Kiss Natural Flirty Lashes

Okay, I was so happy to see these in the box when I opened it because I've heard people rave about Kiss lashes. However, I don't use fake lashes like ever just because I'm not a makeup aficionado, except for lip products. I will definitely have an update whenever I get around to wearing these, most likely for homecoming or prom this year.

6. Flexion Pens

These pens are supposed to "make you look perfect" and they have an eraserable tip to erase mistakes. However, usually I feel that eraser pens don't end up working as well as I hope. I've placed both pens in my pencil bag for school and I hope these work well.

7. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation in 110

I was excited to see this in the box too because I always look forward to trying new skin products. Even though I don't wear foundation now, I think I might due to this foundation. When I put it on, it was light and not sticky which is always a plus. However, the part that I like most about this foundation is that it instantly mattifies and remains that way. I placed some on my hand and it made my hand matte, but I also saw that it was waterproof after attempts to scrub it off.

In general, I am so thankful to get this voxbox from Influenster and I really appreciate being sent the Dean's List Voxbox. If you have any questions about Influenster, please leave them! I'll be happy to answer any. See you next time lovelies!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Forever 21 Haul

Hi lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't been on for a while; school is kicking my butt. But I did order some things from Forever 21 so at least I could look cute while hating school. Let's get into it!
I also apologize for no pictures! I thought I had posted them with the post but somehow they got deleted. All of these pictures are from the actual Forever 21 website, because I don't have my pictures anymore.
1. Domed Stud Earrings ($2.80)
This is just two pairs of domed stud earrings. I've been looking for a pair of earrings like this forever, but I can't bring myself to buy expensive ones because I lose earrings like it's my job. There's a gold pair and then a more gold pair (the picture shows silver ones, but mine are a gold)

2. Indigo Skinny Jeans (ONLY $7.80!?!!)
I apologize for the excessive punctuation except when have you seen jeans that are decent-ish quality for under $10? I had to hop on this deal and the last pair of jeans I bought from F21 have lasted literally forever, so I guess the quality's gone up.

3. Black Skinny Jeans ($10.80)
It's frustrating when you have straight leg jeans, but they're too baggy to tuck into boots and such, so I picked up a pair of just normal black skinnies. And I feel that black skinnies always make an outfit more chic, even for a jeans and t-shirt outfit.

4. Black and Pink Polka Dot Dress ($12.80)
This dress is so cute and effortless with the cap sleeves and pink polka dots. And yes, I just realized that the majority of clothes I got are black. This one is a fit and flare (I think?) and it's super flattering, especially if you want to show off a flat stomach or something.

5. Black Lace Dress ($19.80)
This dress is the whole reason I started this purchase, but oh my, I love it. It's a three-quarter length sheer sleeve with a slip underneath the dress part, but it's so form-fitting and slims you instantly. I can't wait to wear this dress places and add statement necklaces or neon shoes for a pop of color with this. And did I mention? It's uber comfy.

6. Floral Dress ($19.80)
This dress is from Love21, which I guess isn't the same as Forever 21. It's a little big, even though I got a small, but it did say something about ordering a size down. I'm not super skinny so I decided a small would still be a safe bet. This dress has bright pink flowers and green leaves and I'm going to wear it in a few days for our school's Hawaiian day with some strappy sandals. It's just so fun and it's got cute button detailing going down the front, with a slight drop-waist trend happening. It also has a ruffled hemline which makes it look Brandy Melville-esque. Good for you Forever 21.

7. Floral Dress with Polka Dots (FREE what)
I got this dress for free since there was a BOGO deal happening in Forever 21's clearance. Except the dress I got was $19.80 so I'm not sure that it was even a great deal. Anyways, this dress combines two of my favorite patterns into one cute slip dress with a super complicated, Brandy Melville worthy back. It's going to look so cute with a belt and a cardigan and some booties for the fall and I'm so excited!

Okay that's the end of my haul. If you were wondering, I'm 5'7'' and I wear a 27 in pants and a small in dresses/tops. All of the dresses in this haul were Small and the pants were both 27. I paid for all of this with my money (which took a lot of thought for a high schooler making barely more than minimum wage). I'll probably make a fall lookbook with these clothes once it gets a little cooler outside/when this cute pair of flats I ordered come in. Gracias muchachas and have a great day.