Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So sorry I haven't posted in a few days, camp has been busy. And I officially hate Geometry. Not like doing five hours of it a day is bad enough, we also stay up to ungodly times to finish and study for a daily test over the chapter and do all the homework problems. And I hate proofs more than imaginable. Who cares about statements and reasons anyway? What matters is that the statement is true! Our teacher seems to love them too, because we do about five proofs as our notes for the day. And it's unimaginably confusing because we have to learn the concepts of the chapter on our own, and look over the proofs also. Our midterm is tomorrow so I had half a Full Throttle and a Mountain Dew, Diet Coke, and normal Coke. It's going to be a long night, and an early morning. At five, I need to be up to look nice and shower since I still have yesterday's make up on, tooo lazy to get wipes. And study some more.

But anyway, onto the good stuff: hot boys. I wish you would all gravitate toward my town, but that will never happen. I could wish on all the 11:11's, four leaf clovers, and eyelashes I want, nothing/no one will ever come by. So there are some okay guys at camp, ad I'm here to share the scoop.

So I'm officially one of the oldest kids in my program because they don't offer Geometry in the older program, and either way I want to see the boy situation here.
There's a really hot Asian guy in my class, he's got a hot bod according to my friend who saw his shirt rise, and he now has been deemed super gorgeous with a six pack.
Any sport makes people so toned, but this guy knocks them out of the field. He's a water polo player and has the best legs ever for a guy I mean. It's so not fair! He's like in shape beyond imagination. Before class, he goes to practice for an hour or so.
Nice guys are my favorite, and this one is no exception! He has literally the cutest smile I've ever encountered in y whole life. He's got the celebrity-loved dimples and straight teeth. Man I'm pretty jealous, no joke.
There's a few others, but not that I know to my knowledge so far. I'm going to check, I've still got a week and a half anyway.

Bye people! Have a wonderful night/day! (:

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