Monday, June 2, 2014


Hello my buttercups (as in the flower, because it's spring or supposed to be)! So every spring, pastels are universally in before the wash of neon colors is brought in with summer. I also found that mixing patterns looks very nice and put together for the spring time as well. I don't know, something about these months makes me feel dressy but casual.
So in order to mix patterns, we have to pick some patterns first! Some good combinations are :
  • stripes and stripes (I'll explain)
  • polka dots and stripes
  • color with animal pattern
  • floral with any of these
okay so the first one is stripes with stripes
you can mix these by using different size stripes, so you won't look like a jailbird. Or you can even mix vertical with horizontal ones to look super chic.

This link should send you to a polyvore page, where I made some outfit ideas for inspiration. I made these using my polyvore in case you guys are interested!

now onto polka dots with stripes
like i like polka dots a lot and stripes a lot and if you put them together, it's like two major fashion patterns coming together to create one awesome, chic outfit.

and the yellow loafers just kind of make me happy because i'm currently OBSESSED with loafers, i don't know. one of my friends has these two pairs of loafers and they're literally perfect because she's perfect and I'm jealous. But yeah, i paired a sweater on top of the polka dot blouse to break up the uniformity and quite frankly, you might look like an optical illusion of sorts without the sweater.

color with animal pattern
now when i say animal pattern, know that 95% of the time I'm referring to leopard, but occasionally I might go for some snakeskin looking thing. I'll have a few outfits ranging from safe, minimal amounts of pattern to more full-fledged patterns.

okay I dont know what happened to the little Polyvore thing I made for this but yay I hope this helps!