Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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LAZY GIRL GUIDE: DIY HOLIDAY GIFTS (statement necklaces)

Hello! So if you're lazy like me, you will also put off holiday shopping until the last possible moment and then kick yourself when you're in a crowded mall the Tuesday before Christmas Eve. So I've decided to do a special set of lazy girl guides, specific for the holiday season. Luckily, I've got a few tricks to help you avoid the crowd and still have a pretty awesome gift for whoever.

I really like statement necklaces because you can wear a basic sweater, but when you pair it with a statement necklace, you elevate your look by ten thousand and now you look like you tried, especially when you didn't. I've actually been low-key collecting DIY statement necklace blogs all year long (because I'm an Internet hoarder like that...) and here are a few that I've found that are seemingly foolproof and will just require some free time, creativity, and some patience. I actually plan on trying a few of these out for some friends and family, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

1. Colorful Beaded Necklace from makingitlovely.com


I think this necklace will be the quickest out of all of the links I'm going to talk about. This necklace can be used to colorblock a neon outfit or just jazz up a classic black ensemble. And of course, you can take your own spin on it and add different colors and lengths to yours. This necklace is simple, yet eye-catching and will definitely bring a smile to any statement necklace aficionado.


  • 3 strands of the same color bead, just different sizes. 
  • make sure each strand is subsequently longer than the last
  • attach together to a jump ring
  • add a chain with a lobster clasp and you're done
2. chain, bead, ribbon necklace from beadandcord.com 

This one is a good way to use leftover beads, ribbons, and chains just lying around. It seems fairly simple and creates a very fashionable necklace. I figure that I don't need to do a breakdown of the necklace since the picture is included. 


Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hello! So I know, it's been a while, but I promise that I have a pretty good post planned for today. So as you all know, I am a self-proclaimed lazy person when it comes to looking/acting feminine and I would much rather wear leggings and a crewneck to most things. However, prom is different. I decided to write about prom because prom season is just about to start up again so here it is. I don't know about other schools, but prom is the only dance that my school has. We don't have homecoming (although we have assemblies and coronation for our homecoming court) or Sadie's/turnabout so prom is a pretty big deal. Ours is junior and senior prom too because the senior class usually doesn't have enough money to host prom by themselves so I got to go last year. Here's what I learned:

1. comfy shoes are important.

Unless you're willing to dance right through the inevitable pain of wearing high heels or take your heels off and dance barefoot, comfy shoes are important. I wore a short dress last year and of course, I wore like four inch high heels and after ten minutes, I was in pain. And someone stepped on my foot on the dance floor and left an ugly bruise on the side of my foot. Anyways, comfy shoes are important.

2. if you have a long dress, beware.

The floor at whatever location is probably disgusting or not very clean so your dress will collect dirt. We have our prom in a basketball stadium (classy right?) and it's gross. And my friend wore a really nice long dress that she sewed (crazy skills!) and someone's heel tore a hole in it. Beware of the heels. Not only can heels tear your dress, they can also hold your dress down unknowingly. I know a lot of my friends had to carry their dress/lift them a little so that they wouldn't be trampled.

3. No date? No problem.

Okay, unless your school is super weird, nobody cares if you really have a date. In my little friend circle, most people had dates that they were either forced to ask/asked out of niceness and many of them ended up complaining about their date afterwards. Also it's really fun to go sans a date because there's so much freedom in doing what you want. The whole prom date scenario caused too much unnecessary drama among my friends last school year and it definitely wasn't worth it. I personally went without a date with a group of different friends and it was super fun.

4. Nobody cares about your makeup or hair or really anything.

If you spend 3 hours on makeup and nails and hair, why? Prom is in a dark room where everybody's eyesight is limited to about ten feet and nobody will care about how you look when you're all on a dance floor. It seems like a waste of money and time to get all of the works done for a few sweaty hours of dancing. Just my take on it.

5. Don't wear valuables.

Girls, don't bring out the diamond jewelry for prom. 1. You risk the chance of losing your valuables easily when you're dancing and moving for three+ hours. 2. It's high school prom. In twenty years, you'll just look back on how much fun you had, rather than what accessories you had on.

6. Have fun. Don't stress over it.

Prom will be insignificant in the scope of your life, so just have a fun time and enjoy it.

Here's what I wore to my junior prom:

I got my dress from Windsor and it's in a really nice burgundy color. I just adjusted my measurements to their sizing chart and my dress fit almost perfectly. I didn't need to get alterations or anything and I thought it was at a very good price. I didn't wear any jewelry (evident laziness) and I had a black clutch with gold sequin high heels. I wouldn't break the bank on prom unless you really want to. I had a few friends drive more than an hour to boutiques for Jovani dresses, which are super expensive. If you want to do that, go for it! But just know that prom dresses are hard to sell and there isn't another purpose for a prom dress after prom, unless you're uber creative. Those are my tips and see you next time lazy girl guide!