Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guys, Channing Tatum(; & Packing

You guys are in for a goodie! It's currently almost 1 in the morning and my writing juices are flowing.

Soo I really don't understand guys, and it's really frustrating! I can't stand not knowing, am I a friend or am I something more? Let me know! My confusion makes me do dumb things and regret them after. So there's a story behind all this madness and a very complicated love hexagon thing . So there was this guy in my English class and we didn't talk too much, I'd Facebook him if I needed the assignment or needed help, something like that. Well soon the little talks turned into big long, right afterschool to 12 at night conversations. And unmistakably, I started to like him, which was dumb on my part. I saw no one else who could possibly like him ever; but yet there were a lot of girls who had this same feeling and I failed to realize this. So when The Hunger Games premiered, I invited said guy to go with me and some friends as a strictly fun, casual movie night. We had an okay time, I cried as usual during Rue's death (that scene gets me every time..) and he had to leave straight after so we didn't get to talk. Later, we went and saw Mirror, Mirror (Lily Collins, you are so pretty, I want to be you. And Armie Hammer, my love for you is undescriable. Finnick!) and we went to the mall after. I thought we had a good time, and our conversations extended further, later and later. All during this love chase that I thought I had going on, I hung out with one of my other guy friends. I love the kid to death, but his ex was not one I wanted to mingle with. She and I were best friends until she started to pick fights with me, because I was on her ex's side. But anyway, one faithful night, I was texting both guys, no biggie right? Wrong. Guy uno asked me who I liked before, and once I told him who I had liked before him. And then guy number two magically revealed that he liked me. Bam! I was caught up with all my crazy emotions and let them take rein. So I did the worst mistake of my whole life: I confronted the guy I liked. And he told me very politely that he didn't feel the same way.
So I cried for days and watched When Harry Met Sally on repeat and ate ice cream, and as time went on, both relationships fizzled down to friendship. And then boom, another curve ball. My best friend liked the guy who stomped all over me. How could I react to this? I wanted to cry even more, so I did. Now everything is okay, and all of them are good friends.
This rant was really long, sorry! But I just don't understand! I get myself into crazy situations without intending to. It's an act of nature. But on a brighter note, MAGIC MIKE! Channing Tatum is fineeeee. He actually was a stripper before so this was right up his alley. I haven't yet seen it, but I'm planning to! Have you guys seen it? Oh and two bonuses in it: Alex Pettyfer and Robert Downey Jr.

So I'm a super slow packer, and it's irritating. But that's all on that note.
Good night everyone! Comment (:

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