Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Haulage: Through the Internet/Blogger!

So I'm too insecure to talk to a video camera about things without worrying about how I am in general and how I'm coming off, and all sorts of stuff. So this is my haul and review of a few things I've gotten recently.

1. Body Central- I don't really like this store, a bit too flashy and clubby for my everyday style. But I found a really nice skirt there; it's a bodycon one, and it's pink, white, and black! I like it and I'm going to wear it when we dress up for home games. It was $12.90 by the way, not too bad.

2. Hollister- home of the dark, fragrant clothes with seagulls. Anyway, I was looking for colored jeans, and I saw this bright fire engine red pair there, and got it as an impulse buy. Also my friend was there, and when girls shop together, they get everything the other recommends. Or at least in my case. They're jeggings, and quite comfy. But $50 though, yikes.

3. American Eagle- so I love this store a lot, but sometime the price makes me want to hide. So I got a crop top that says "Wild heart" ($12?) and some white short shorts ($25). Short, sweet, and to the point.

4. Some salon- Sebastian 24 shaper hold hairspray (2 for $12) and the price is the only reason I got it. I love this hairspray, but the price of one normal can at like $12-15 is outrageous, at least for me (note: I'm a broke highsc hooler.) it works amazing, and I use it everyday, just to ensure no flyaways and things like that, especially since it's so humid here. And I work in a chemistry lab all day in a basement. It's a little harsh on my hair.

4. CVS- Covergirl Lashfusion water-resistant. So I was really clueless when I picked this out, and I got it for it's nice pretty purple packaging. It's really not water-resistant at all, and I could sweat all of it off during practice. Black streaks are not preferred. It's probably the stupidest six dollars I've spent. And I also got the Yes to Carrots tinted lim butter/balm, I forget in the shade rosy bloom. It's a nice mauve color in the tube, but really it just darkens the natural color of my lips which I like for summer. It was six dollars also though, which I find a little weird, but that's okay.

Okay so that's all from me! I hope you guys liked it and have a great fourth of July! Have a good time, and be safe! Thanks!

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