Friday, June 1, 2012

Freshman Year

Everyone remembers being a freshman, or frosh as I like to call them. There still are Freshman Fridays or at my school, Freshman everyday, where upperclassmen would wait until the said frosh walked by and attacked them with pennies. Well luckily, mine flew by without getting barraged by spare change and I really am looking forward to sophomore year already. I wasn't too horribly harassed and I even know a lot of upperclassmen. So for all you little incoming frosh who are terrified out of your minds, avoid the hallway next to the pool (just kidding! but do your best to walk by them quickly...) and high school really isn't that bad.

High school is said to be the time of our lives, and I can believe that, it seems reasonable. Let's sum up this school year shall we? First off, cockroaches have a certain preference for my school which is extremely disgusting. They're everywhere. If only we could afford decent repellent.... But anyway, aside from the nasty pests, all is well. Locker size didn't change from middle school (Bummer! I need space- I'm a highschooler now!) and classes get extended (Seventy minutes of watching my health teacher ramble about his daughters....) Oh and swimming isn't fun. Except for those swimmers who seemingly have gills; magic gills that can allow them to be amazing and show everyone up. The chlorine smell doesn't vanish until a good week later, and your hair will be fried. Literally. Also the hallways are a lot like streets in China, people are all reckless drivers! And there will always be those couples who are all over each other. Yum. I want to make it to the end of this hallway without vomiting, thank you both very much.

But now for the good things (which far outweigh the bad)

First off, there are so many new people! Most of them are weird or ghetto or a combination of both, but there are some good people in the mix. Many old acquaintances became best friends this year, along with several new people. I met people in classes, clubs, soccer, and so much more! This whole paragraph is totally cliche but I love meeting people. I'm part of all sorts of "cliques" now; I'm in soccer, I know the majority of the swimmers, the cross-country guys are my bros (sorry for the colloquialism).
Classes may be longer, but there's only five, instead of eight! It's truely great. I can't express my love for less classes. And school events become much nicer, like sports events and dance competitions. High school is just a place of freedom and less rules, which is extremely nice. It's less of a popularity contest, and you get to see how people really change over the year. I have this girl who used to be one of my closest friends and she started to date this guy (who did some shady things...) and she's completely unstable now. She's condescending and petty, sorry to say. I really do miss her, but now I can't change things back, now can I? She took her own way, and I chose mine.

Okay so that's the end of my freshman year rant; it's officially summer 2012 baby! I went to my first party as a sophomore last night-Huzzah! Thank you everyone!

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