Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MTV's "Jersey Shore" Possibly Gone?

So Direct TV has apparently dropped MTV, which means no more guidos, grenades, or GTL! I'm sure Snooki is probably asking someone to hold her earrings, and ready to pounce on those Direct TV people. I personally don't care too much for the show, it's just another TV show that I watch if absolutely nothing else is on. I would rather watch any other trashy show. But I know all the Jersey people at probably a little sad, and hopefully the show will be saved by some other station. I know that quite a few shows were rejected. Pan Am was a show about the drama of a flight crew and their journeys around the world, and some other ones didn't make the cut. Some shows did avoid the chopping block, like 2 Broke Girls with two spunky girls which I really like. What do you think about Jersey Shore? What about Snooki's baby?

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