Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello my lovely daisies! Super long time no see, mostly my fault. However I just wanted to catch you guys up with a few fall favorites.
1. Marina and Lana Remixes station on 8tracks 
If you like marina and/or Lana you will love this more than anything. 8tracks is a super awesome radio app too, no ads! 

2. Wild Daisy Couture
This girl hand-prints these tanktops and crewnecks all for $18! She's crazy talented and the clothes have great sayings. Like Freshtops but cheaper.

3. Combat boots
I'm officially in love with combat boots all kind. I still need to get a pair but they look so good with everything and they're so cute for the fall.

4. Benefit's They're Real Mascara
This is the best $20 I've ever spent. My eyelashes look like they could literally blow someone away and I have short, stubby Asian lashes. If you have long lashes, they will look gorgeous.

5. Urban Outfitters Lip Gloss Pen in Red 
Okay best lip product for $5. It's like a big crayon that stays on forever. It's crazy awesome and works well on my lips. And it makes your teeth look whiter because of the blue undertones.

6. Miss Moving On by Fifth Harmony
This song is crazy catchy and I sing it all the time.

7. Viva la Primadonna
Coldplay and Marina. Eargasm. 

Okay those are a few things I'm loving! Let me know how you are! Bye!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hi my lovelies! So I have come up with a really effective, super quick and effortless wavy beach hair method and I wanted to share.

1. Dirty hair
2. Hair tie
3. Bobby pins (optional)
4. Surf spray (optional)

Alright so this will work better on day old hair. However if you have oily hair or something, you can do this the night before school or something. So you can spray some surf spray in your hair and scrunch. Then TIGHTLY French braid your hair. If you want your bangs and higher layers to turn out wavy too, you can twist them away from your face and bobby pin them (or into a mini bun!) And now you play the waiting game. You can either go to sleep if you're doing this the night before something or just do something for a few hours. Undo the braid and your bangs and presto! You'll have perfect, easy waves. 

Thanks for reading, peace.