Monday, June 11, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 1!

First off, this is not a copy of the twitter account @SoccerGrlProbs. They are lovely. This is just my view. Thanks everyone!

As much as I love my game, there's a few problems. But the thought of Beckham, Torres, or Ronaldo makes it all better.
First off, the infamous soccer tan line is probably the worst tan line of all sports. Dark knees, arms (got the farmer's tan going on), and faces. Need I say more about wearing short shorts or tank tops?

And I love the fact that my legs and abs are toned, but finding jeans that don't require a belt is impossible. The waist can fit me and a half, but everything else is fine. And it's wonderful not worrying about needing extra sport bras when I run, but sometimes I'm just frustrated with my flatness. Especially when my friends talk about the infamous Hooters test (what touches the wall first, your nose or chest?) or when I see a cute strapless dress. I'll be pulling it up all day.

Eating like a man is no problem in private, in the comfort of my own kitchen, but when I go to someone else's house, they sit in amazement. My best friend watched me devour two Subway subs once while she had her little six-inch sub. Six doesn't cut it for me. My mom was surprised to find our pantry deprived of all sugary, salty goodness after I had walked by. It's soccer season. What did you expect?

And the weekend games are my favorite. Just when I want to get a decent amount of sleep, I need to be on a bus at 7:30. In the morning. And no sleeping on the bus, we'll be slow when we play. Grrrrr.

Pre-wrap is also my best friend for everything: hair, injuries, blindfolds, decorating. When it's almost gone, I panic and send my mom to get three more extra rolls. And when it snaps on the field, I can't even describe my sadness when I see that once-together piece of red fabricy stuff. Not to mention, bangs flying in my already squinty, Asian eyes.

But it's all worth it for soccer. I love my game! Part 2 coming soon! Thanks for reading my rants. (;

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