Monday, July 16, 2012

Soccer Season's Almost Here!

Yay for soccer! It's the best sport ever invented in the history of mankind; it involves teamwork, inner strength and skill, aggression but a politeness at the same time. I could go on and on about soccer. So my most viewed post is Soccer Girl Problems 2! And thanks to everyone who read it! Love you my fellow soccer people!

So as we all know, official soccer season is about to get underway and quite personally, I can't wait! I love the feeling of the grass on my once-white soccer socks after a long practice, and most of all, those attractive tan lines. (JK! Soccer players, I feel your pain.) And I heard recently, they cut women's soccer out of the London 2012 Olympics. Like WHAT? You take out the women's soccer, but not the men's? We can kick their butts any day and we can do it looking pretty. Beat that boys. But anyway, SOCCER SEASON! I am so pumped, but I know I shouldn't be because I'm so out of shape it's sad. I need to go running super soon. My running plans never work out though. I'll tell you how my running plans go.

Day 1: Oh 5:30, let's go! I'm so ready to show off these thunder thighs this fall along with my tan knees and pale shins. Alright I'm ready! (And here I'd probably run like my old cross-country self with a 7 minute mile pace. I was so proud of my mile back then.)

Day 2: 5:30, ughhhhh, sooo sore. Gimme ten more minutes. 5:45, got my gear on, let's get this going.

Day 3: 5:30, shut up. I want my sleep.

So yeah, I don't know how I survived three years of cross-country in middle school. Worse idea EVER. But I was too stupid to know how travel worked back then, so no travel soccer for me. Cross-country was so fun though. This guy that I used to like soooo much ran too, and in our sixth grade picture, we had to stand next to each other and at the time, I thought he was the dumbest kid ever. So our group picture is me staring at him with this disgusted look, and him smiling his little face off. Oh and there was about two feet in between us, which is a lot on crowded, wobbly bleachers.

So all in all, soccer season here I come! Back to freshman getting the balls, yay! Last year we had like an overpopulation of frosh so I only did it like twice. I may or may not have cheated my way out of doing it. And as usual, love you all. Ciao!

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