Monday, July 9, 2012

J.K. Rowling + New Book

So I am proudly, a part of the Harry Potter generation. I was probably one of the more obsessed ones, and I truly believed that I would attend Hogwarts (hopefully Gryffindor or Ravenclaw!) and that a little letter would be addressed to me, sent to the mailbox by owl post. I waited impatiently for the books to come out, and reread all the old ones until I knew every sentence; I even once tried to go to the midnight premiere of the Goblet of Fire to no avail. (Neither parent was vaguely interested in such things, and I was not yet thirteen at the time.) And of course, I have to thank the wonderful J.K.Rowling for these magical books that were embedded in my veins. I used to run around school pretending I was Herminone/Harry (I didn't like Ron for some reason.) and shoot spells with a random stick I most likely found in my back yard.

So now that the HP generation is all grown up, I'd say either high school or college age now, Mrs. Rowling is writing yet another book. I saw this tidbit of news through the newest edition of Entertainment Weekly, something that still comes to me thanks to the teenage boy who used to inhabit my room. I flipped through it to see nothing, but a mob attacking J.K.Rowling with pens and hardback Harry Potter books. Feeling more intrigued, I read on, and apparently she is writing one aimed at adult groups, perfect for the now grown-up kids who lived with Harry. Dubbed The Casual Vacancy, it is supposed to be a follow-up to the legendary series that we all know and love (If you don't, then be quiet Muggle. No one appreciates a hater). She appears to starting a clean slate, different publisher, different audience, different book. I can't wait to read this book! Mark your calenders for September 27th.

And now time for Harry Potter quotes! Just kidding, just one. "Lily? After all this time?" "Always." Gets me every time. And don't even start on Fred's death. I'm just a human hose at that point. But toodles!

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