Monday, July 9, 2012

Another haul: I just can't stop my habits!

Bonjour all, ca va? Or hola! So it is slightly a more reasonable time, 11 on the dot here. And today, I indeed did go shopping again but no clothes, just some beauty/hair things for camp in one week! Yay!

So let's get started!

1. Not Your Mother's: Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray. First off, smell this. It is the most lovely coconut smell ever and I hate coconuts with a passion! Especially those Almond Joys. But anyway, it makes your hair wonderfully wavy and nice. I wish I could compare it to Bumble and Bumble's spray, but alas I don't have $24 to spend on a little bottle. Oh and this amazing hair spray was like $5. Nifty, and fantastic on a bad hair day. It also works on wet or dry hair; obviously better on wet, but not sopping wet. You get the jist.

2. Vaseline! ($1 or so) So I just got a little mini ad it is so cute! I don't know what it is with miniature objects, especially hair/beauty/anything girly, I love and generally gravitate towards. So Vaseline is just great, it can work as nail polish remover when the polish is still wet, it moisturizes your lips, elbows, knees, etc. I just love Vaseline.

3. Q-tips! I love these! Quick fix for makeup or nails or poking in your ears when you've got pool water in them. I'm serious! I'm not sure what else to say.

4. Glade ($3-you never know how dorms are.) So I got some limited edition kind because the packaging was pink and floral and pretty. And it smells amazing! It's a sweet floral, not old granny kind. It's got like honeysuckle, lily of the valley, and something else I forget. It smells great. Case closed.

5. Stridex pads ($4) if you want to skip those 3 step things, just swipe one of these babies on your face, rub the solution in, and breakouts be gone! I personally love the smell of these, but it works wonderfully on my oily, acne-prone face.

6. Rainbow contact cases! ($4) It's super important to replace these! People have gone blind from not changing the solution and cases. And rainbow makes it all better.

7. Contact solution ($9) Bausch and Lomb are hands-down the best. I do like opti-free, but the pure vision or whatever works wonderfully. My contact never itches or hurts in this solution.

8. Notebook & Index cards- yeah I got this for the class I'm taking. Not too fancy.

9. I almost forgot! Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash is my holy grail morning product and I got some too!

So that's my haul, pretty short not too boring hopefully. Thanks guys! Bye, have a great day! Oh and I love Arnold Palmer so I got a gallon of it (: and some random pictures at the store. Penguin duct tape, hunger games (may the odds be ever in your favor) and Captain America!

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