Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Galaxy Vans

Hey hey, what's cooking good-looking? Haha anyway, today I'm going to show/tell you how I made galaxy Vans.
Quick note, does it bother anyone that most people don't use actual Vans? I used my actual ones, carpe diem. (No YOLO's here.)

BEFORE: So my vans are just normal ones, black with blue lining. And now it's time for the magic.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 1. Blue, purple, and pink acrylic paint
2. Tape, preferably duck or masking.
3. A paintbrush
4. Silver/white paint for the stars (optional)
5. Glitter glue (also optional)
Let's get down to business!

So first I taped the white plastic-y parts of my Vans, and any other areas I didn't want the paint to get on. I would recommend this so your shoes don't look super paint splattered after.
Then the painting started. I painted with blue first and covered every part with blue since it's like my "main" color for the shoes. Then I sponged until I found the optimal effect/texture I liked. And then I added pink and purple but just in concentrated areas like clouds almost., and sponged and faded accordingly. One bit of advice: don't layer on a bunch at once! It'll be hard to remove the paint once it's dried on, and acrylic dries pretty fast on Vans. Unless you like that kinda thick all-over color. I don't know, that's just what I try to avoid.
Okay so the painting is done, and I set them over an air conditioning vent in my house but you can leave them anywhere to dry. Afterwards when they were dry, I restrung the shoelaces and then I got the glitter glue and just painted it on (not in thick layers) just here and there. And then I waited again. Bam! Now white/silver paint time. You can use either or neither depending on what you like. I painted some spots just dots and others, thin "addition" signs and then I waited for it to dry. And there you have, diy galaxy vans! I'll upload the finished picture later, I'm out and about right now.

Thanks loves! Have fun!


  1. So awesome! Definitely trying this soon!

  2. Amazing! I tried this out and it worked awesome.