Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Lovin' and Wanelo!

Hi my beautiful bright eyes! Okay so first things first, I get Kate Spade emails and from now on, I'll try to come up with creative color descriptions like "bazooka pink" or something. Anyway, so today I just wanted to talk about some summer objects that I've been eyeing recently and will probably get now so I can be prepared. Like a Girl Scout. Hahaha, sorry guys I'm jamming out to this playlist on songza (BETTER THAN PANDORA. WHAT.) that is seriously labeled "Pop Divas of the '00s" and it is the best for late night blogging.

So I got this app the other day, and items called Wanelo and it's basically like Pinterest but instead of repinning and liking, you can either save the object or buy it if you really like it. The things on there are so great and it's so crazy addictive. P.S. If you wanna follow, it's soccergirl1614. You know you want to, follow for a follow? Okay so that's Wanelo. Shout out to my first follower: veramb! Follow her!

Okay, so summer things I want badly, mostly all thanks to Wanelo.
1. Urban Outfitters Heart Aviators ($16.00)
So I had Maddens (The name's Madden. Steve Madden.) last summer and unfortunately they broke because they might have fallen off my face in the middle of a busy Chicago intersection. Oops. My mother wasn't too happy to hear that. But Urban has these really cute aviators, and I'll probably get these super soon.

2. Kearas Tribal Decal for Beats by Dre ($28.08)
Cute addition to the traditional Beats, adds some personal style and touch.

3. iPhone case by Spires ($35.00)
There are so many colors and designs! It reminds me of Gotye's music video for "Someone I used to know" which was one of my favorite songs this past summer.

4. Victoria's Secret PINK Water Bottle ($12.50)
Water is super important in the summer and it just gets cuter in this PINK water bottle. And when you're working out, you can think about your legs in yoga pants as motivation! You got this girl!

5. American Apparel Chicago Pullover ($42.00)
Okay so I love Chicago and this is a picture from some street, I can't really see the picture. The only thing that stops me about getting this is the price tag. A little steep for a pull over, but we'll see when I give in and get it.

6. American Eagle V-Neck ($15.95)
This was one of the white shirts I talked about in my closet essentials, and it's a guy shirt which makes me love it just that much more. It's breezy and nicely cut, I just love it.

7. No Sleeves Crop Top Starbucks Top ($23.00)
Now everyone can know my public obsession with Starbucks, huzzah! This would look so cute with a cuffed black blazer, with the pin stripe cuffs. Just my thinking.

8. Free People Globe Necklace ($58.00)
Free People is just one of those stores that pulls me in every time, and this necklace is no exception. I fall head-over-heels HARD for Free People accessories, like the flag scarf and now this necklace. Something about the worn-in, slightly vintage motif attracts me like a fat kid and candy.

9. Urban Outfitters Treasure Island Necklace ($30.00)
So this necklace is very Betsey-esque but yet has some distinct differences like the skulls (which have been seen on so many bracelets, but I can't force myself to fork out $10 for one.) It's really cute though especially with so much going on.

10. Red Anchor Messenger ($29.50)
I think this would be the perfect beach tote, pop in a towel, sunglasses, even a beach ball! And the anchors really give it that ocean-y, nautical feeling which I love. I have a scarf like it.

11. Kate Spade Sandals ($158.00 at Nordstrom)
So these are so cute and they come in a bunch of different styles which I really like, but the price is very dislikable which makes me sad. But if I had the money to, one day, spend $160 on sandals these are the ones that I would run to.

Okay so those are some things I plan to get before summer time, and I will have a swimsuit edition up soon after a few more posts. I might post a few OOTD blogs sometime so you guys can really see my style on me instead of reading about it all the time. Oh so I thought this would be fun, the GRAND TOTAL for the ten items(not counting those sandals...) is $290.03. Something tells me I might not be able to afford everything I want, but I'm sure I'll be caving in for the American Apparel Pullover super soon. I get paid next Monday anyway, so we'll see how thin the paycheck can spread. Bye my lovelies! XOXO

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Closet Essential: The LBD

Hi my lovelies! Sorry I've been AWOL for a couple of days, but let's talk about the most ESSENTIAL closet piece, in my opinion: The Little Black Dress. So it's classic, it can be styled and worn several ways for so many occasions: parties, date night, etc. So here are a few I like: 

1. ASOS Skater Dress With Slash Neck And Short Sleeves ($35.08) 
So this is a totally classic black dress, and it cinches at the waist, showing off the skinny-mini waist and then it flares out but not to a crazy amount. The neckline makes it perfect for statement necklaces, and any type of shoes would go with this dress. This is my basic definition of the LBD, and it's a staple piece. 
Image 4 of ASOS Skater Dress With Slash Neck And Short Sleeves

2. Vince Camuto Peplum Sheath Dress (Petite) (Sold at Nordstrom Rack, $59.97) 
This dress is so adorable, and it is peplum, and it's a total steal especially from Nordstrom Rack. Unforunately it's sold out right now, but I think it'll be back in stock soon especially for Valentine's Day which will look super hot. And I'm really sorry but I couldn't get a good picture of it for you guys, but if you search it up, it's great! 

3. Belted Satin Shirtdress ($27.80)
Shirtdresses are already super adorable, and the belt helps a lot. It's also high-low and super chic! And it's from Forever 21 which I kinda love a lot. 

4. Silence & Noise Laser Beam Dress ($59.00)
This is from URBAN OUTFITTERS! Yikes, it is so cute! And it has a pattern and it goes onto the back, and it's just so great! Okay so maybe I can't get a picture on this too, but just look it up it's definitely the best! 

Okay my lovelies, those are some LBDs to go check out and tell me what you think. Kisses, muah! XOXO

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's Talk: The Midwest

Hi my wonderful darlings! Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, school is hectic and makes me stay up to unreasonable hours to finish homework. And no, I don't procrastinate, I'm just in three advanced science classes this trimester so no judging. So today I wanted to talk about something that is just so near and dear to my heart. (In case you can't detect my dripping sarcasm, I strongly dislike the Midwest.)

So I'll let you guys know a little creeper fact: I live in the Midwest. Actually I live in the epitome of the Midwest, and sadly it's not Iowa, but in fact Indiana. Yeah, don't worry it's that one state in the middle of no where. Okay so first what bothers me is that the Midwest is inaccurately named; yes, I know when the French and British were here, they thought that Colorado was the West or something so we got dubbed the Midwest. But after so long, when we can accurately see that the Midwest is not in fact in the west, but instead in the east so we should really be the Mideast now, but people are stubborn and like false facts.

So some other things about the Midwest... yes literally nothing interesting is here. Chicago might just be the high peak of the whole Midwest, which hey I love Chi-town. Besides Chicago, it is literally all corn, soybeans, and marijuana. Detroit and Gary are both known for their obscene amounts of crime and murder, while my good old town is known for being the meth capital of the U.S. Great. And note, this town is not actually my hometown, I'm actually a good old Southern belle y'all. Alright sorry, no more y'alls. So nothing happens here, and I think My Big Fat Redneck Wedding or whatever might actually be from the Midwest. Sure some people are great in this region, but most people are farmers and hicks. I'm sorry, but I hate hicks with such an indescribable passion, especially when I see future ones at my school. Those kids, I swear. I'm kind of embarrassed to honestly say I went to school with them, because I know if I actually make something of myself, they'll all go around and claim they're best friends with me. I know this, because it has happened to every decent, intelligent person who has miraculously made it out of this awful, god-ridden place.

The intelligence level of people here just surprises me sometimes. I'm in higher level classes, but I know a good deal of the regs (regulars, but I like regs better) and they ask the most common sense, everybody knows the answer questions ALL THE TIME. It just infuriates me sometimes because I know that every one of them has the capability to do something with their lives besides wear fake Uggs and smoke weed. Every one has the ability to make a difference in the world, and I truly think good could come out of the people in the Midwest if they tried to not conform so much to the rude stereotype plastered to this region.

Okay so that's my tangent for today. Oh! Math pick-up line time. Hey if I was sine squared and you were cosine squared, together we could make 1 (; Good one right? No? Okay I'll just stop now... Okay have a good day beautiful people. And remember what the great old Gandhi said "Be the change you wish to see in the world!" Please think of this and stay fantastic!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Closet Essentials: BOYFRIEND JEANS

Hi my lovelies, I'm bacccck! Actually, I've never left... anyways, today is another edition of one of my favorites. BOYFRIEND JEANS. They're great, stylish, and the right amount of wear and tear. So let's talk about them!

Boyfriend jeans are great, and they're good with everything, casual days and nicer days as well. They're appropriately baggy and makes you look like you gotta a boo thang (; unless you actually have one which reminds me, Valentine's Day is coming. And you are all my valentines, because I love all of you unconditionally.

1. J Brand Aiden Boyfriend Jeans ($209.00)

These are the IDEAL boyfriend jeans. They're baggy, distressed, and when they're cuffed, they are PERFECTION. Well, my idea of perfection at least. They would look super cute on a casual day with a flowy shirt, like the ones from Pacsun or something like that.

2. American Eagle Boy Jean ($49.99)

Okay, so just to clarify, these jeans are NOT the boyfriend jeans from American Eagle. The boyfriend ones look a little strange to me, like they're baggy and flared and not very boyfriend-ish. So I looked at these jeans and don't be fooled by the name because they're seriously really cute. And American Eagle is one of those clothing stores that I will buy jeans at. Like Hollister is a little iffy for me, but that's just me. Anyways, these are the boy fit jeans at American Eagle, and they're slouchy and comfy and just great. And it's a little more reasonably priced than the J Brand ones (A LOT MORE REASONABLE).

3. ASOS Vintage Wash Slim Boyfriend Jeans ($61.57)
Okay, first of all, I love ASOS but why 57 cents? That has absolutely no logic to it. Just saying. Okay so ASOS is one of my favorite stores, and these jeans are really nice. ASOS has really well-made, nice quality things so I highly recommend ASOS to everyone. So these jeans are slim, in case you haven't noticed from the name of the pants; the slimness allows them to look a little more put together, but still effortlessly distressed and boyfriend-y. Oh, by the way, look at this girl's thigh gap. I know now, as a soccer player that a thigh gap is now impossible to reach so I just pout and wish I had picked tennis as a kid. But I would never give up soccer.


4. Levi's Boyfriend Jeans Tinted Sky (Sold at ASOS, $184.70)

Okay so I know, these are a little on the pricey side, but I just saw the wash of these jeans and I kinda fell in love and decided to post it. So here they are! And oh by the way, those boots! I'm melting from jealousy.

Image 1 of Levi's Boyfriend Jeans

Okay so those are my thoughts on my favorite clothing item ever, BOYFRIEND JEANS. And you know, I don't have a boyfriend because boys are icky, but I actually do have plans for Valentine's Day. I feel so special. Okay, anyway these are just options and opinions, but hey they're called boyfriend jeans for a reason, feel free to ask him. It only makes sense. Alrighty then, now I'm just rambling. Bye darlings! Stay beautiful! (:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Talk: Starbucks

Hi my sweet little Macchiatos! Okay so today I wanted to talk about something I know I am crazily addicted to, and I'm sure some of you out there are too. So let's talk!

What draws us to Starbucks? That green smiley siren (or mermaid, whatever.) is carried around daily by thousands of people. Actually the average for every store is a whopping 550 customers, leaving them with 4 MILLION frappes/mochas/espressos flying out of those blenders every day in just the U.S. alone. If you ask me, every one in the world could get Starbucks everyday, and then Starbucks could support the fiscal cliff issue by itself. But along with that venti plastic cup, a social status comes with the sentence "Oh, I had to get my Starbucks this morning." If you can afford a $5 cup of coffee everyday, cheers to you! Obviously most of us aren't rich enough to have coffee at $5 a pop every single day. In just one month, that's $150 out of your pocket and into Starbucks's. (P.S. In one year, $1800!) So if you have an extra 2 grand every year, treat yourself to some Starbucks everyday. You've deserved it.

But I wonder, even though it shows we have classy, expensive Starbucks and we have bragging rights about how yummy the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino is, don't we ever consciously think about how many calories that one super sugary, caffeine-filled cup has? Like every once in a while, I treat myself to a White Chocolate Mocha venti because I feel like I've earned it. That venti I'm chugging? 580 CALORIES! That should be the amount of calories in a meal and a snack. It would take six miles to burn all of that deliciousness off!

Despite the fattiness and the price, I still love Starbucks with all of my heart. Once you go green, you don't go back. Oh, I highly recommend the cake pops there, super delish! And late-night Starbucks runs in Chicago are seriously the most fun thing ever, and it would be ten times more cute as a date. Okay, I'm done daydreaming and now I'm signing off. Peace out my beauties!Oh yeah, the Starbucks iPhone app? PERFECTION. Free song every week! And no Starbucks blog post would be complete without Starbucks pictures...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Closet Essentials: The Favorite Pair of Jeans

Hi my lovelies! Okay so I am glad to say that when you now Google "DIY book quote scarf", my post is the number one hit. Thank you all so much for clicking! Yay! Okay so you guys know, I'm writing posts about some closet essentials, my opinions and some examples.

So let's talk jeans. I know, I know we would much rather wear sweats than jeans, but days when you really don't want to dress up or look like you just rolled out of bed, jeans are a go-to. You can go with the classic blue, but different colors can help your outfit pop! Black jeans look classy, while colored jeans are hot this season. However jeans are not one size fits all; it all depends on your curves, mostly your hips and thighs.Girl, embrace what you got, and flaunt it! So I'll tell you guys about how my legs are and these are the styles that I've found to elongate the look of my legs and still fit comfortably. Levi's also has their Curve ID quiz that I would recommend; I don't actually wear any of their Curve ID jeans but I do like the idea. Okay so obviously I'm a soccer player (from all those SGP posts! Holla to my soccer ladies!) and I have muscular legs, especially my thighs. There's no thigh gap happening here, no matter how hard I try. So I go for semi-skinny jeans and straight jeans usually. The super skinny jeans first of all make me feel like I'm dying and bring soooo much attention to my thighs which is not good. Semi-skinny jeans and straight jeans help not bring so much attention to my thunder thighs and make my legs look a little more vertical rather than horizontal. Also boyfriend jeans are a staple in my closet, and I'll probably make a post just about them later.

So let's get into some jeans ladies!
1. Lucky Brand Zoe Skinny/Straight Jeans ($70-90)
So I have a few pairs of these and they are like my HOLY GRAIL, hands down my favorite kind of jeans. I seriously love them so much. One thing though, they are a little bit bunched around my ankles, but I wear my jeans pretty low so that might just be me. But there are lots of shades of denim and they go well with everything! So that is the Zoe!
2. Miss Me ($90-120)
Okay, I'm not actually a big fan of Miss Mes actually. They're pretty overpriced in my opinion, and I don't like rhinestones on my butt. No. But they offer a large range of styles and they're pretty nice if you're into flashy jeans that cost a pretty penny. I actually have a pair but they're at the back of my closet, so all you haters out there thinking that "She wouldn't know, she doesn't have them." yes I do.
3. True Religion Stella Skinny ($150-200)
These cost a bit too, but I really like the style of these too. They're not extremely tight and balance out my legs a little, which hey is a plus for me. For all you skinny-minis out there, you might not care. These are jeans I would really invest in to last for a long time.

Okay so those are just some that I have opinions on, but typing all of my thoughts would be way too much effort. And I might just have a seventy-five bone test tomorrow that I haven't studied for yet... But anyway, those are some goodies, American Eagle, Pacsun, and Hollister all have pretty decent jeans too. I recommend going during the denim sale at Pacsun they have every so often. Bullhead jeans are approved by this soccer lady. Well, thank you so much my wonderful viewers, I really mean this. And have a good day, I love you all to the moon and back! Stay beautiful! (:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Closet Essentials: The White Tee

Hello my beautiful people! So I want to start talking about some key, basic pieces to almost every woman's closet and what my take on it is and some places to find that item and variations of it.
Today's feature: the white tee!
Okay this basically is the epitome of the saying "small, but mighty" because it is the absolute most wearable item. It can be dressed up or down, or even worn on a slouchy "bum" day. I actually am a freak and don't own just a plain white tee, and I didn't realize how weird that was until I went to camp one summer. My friend recommended an outfit with a white tee and I was sort of lost for words. So, now to save you all from possible embarrassment at camp, and look at a closet staple: let's go!
1. Gap Women's Pocket Tee ($20)
Okay so this is by far my favorite minimal style of the white tee shirt, with just a baggy pocket that just adds a touch of carefreeness and effortlessness to the whole outfit. You could tuck it in a skirt or into a favorite pair of jeans, depending on what you want.
2. American Eagle Men's Legend V Neck ($16, 2 for $12.50 each)
Okay so I kinda love guy shirts. They're baggy, but not large and American Eagle is so comfy and cozy. This shirt combines the best of both worlds! And the womens's shirt is more fitted, but it's also like $20 so it depends on what you're going for. For this, my ideal outfit would be this shirt with a fitted blazer, with the cuffs rolled up tucked in a pair of favorite jeans and black heels. It can be played many ways, it just depends on your style.
3. American Apparel Ladies Tee Shirt
So American Apparel is kind of well known for their heavenly soft shirts and I'm wearing one right now and so much love for American Apparel. These are really nice quality and so comfy and breathable.
4. Urban Outfitters BDG V Neck ($15-18)
So I love Urban with every fiber of my being, and I have two of these V necks, one in a burnt orange and the other in an ideal blue. They are so wonderful! And I only got them for $5 each during their annual sale. Makes me wonder why I didn't buy more.. Regrets in my life! But these are really lovely.

Okay so those are my thoughts on our FIRST essential closet item, the great white tee! Thanks for reading lovelies, see you later with round 2! (Hopefully!) Ciao bellas! xx

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas

Hi my wonderfuls! Hope you're all having a great start to 2013! So this is THAT year, the year when we complain that we can't drive, we can't get jobs, we have no life, and we turn sixteen! So these are just some gift ideas for people I would get them. And sorry guys, I don't really shop for guys so this is girl gift guide, say for like a sister, girlfriend, friend, etc. And it doesn't have to necessarily even have to be her sweet sixteen, these would work for a normal teenage birthday.

1. Techie friends (electronics lovers!)
Okay so this first one is for all those techie girls out there, slightly obsessed with their phones, laptops, etc.

These are a few of Kate Spade's iPhones cases, they're super cute, really sturdy, and made to last. She also has iPad cases and laptop cases, you know the drill. And the design is definitely unique, and it would be easy to find one to match everyone's certain style and likes. There also are really cute ones with phrases and hashtags, and they are so adorable. Okay, now on to the other part of the gift; I would most likely get one of the phone cases along with these beauties. 
These are the Monster Beats by Lady GaGa in case you are unfamiliar with these, and these can be a bit pricey, but really worth it. So for the gift, I would throw together the phone case, the earphones, and a card and I'd be all set for the tech-loving friend. 

2. Fashionista 

This one can be tough especially if you don't know their sizes or style so I have a few options that don't require clothing (unless you really know they want something!). 

Lauren Conrad is so well-known for her put together style and how she can effortlessly pull off everything! She's kind of my biggest fashion idol. But her book Style is a really interesting fashion book; it's chock full of tips, styling guides for different tastes, and just outfit ideas along with some other things. It's perfect for that girl who adores fashion and is always looking for a little outfit inspiration. 

Jewelry helps enhance the outfit and you can do no wrong here. Anything is good here; I have a few pictures of Betsey items and a Tiffany necklace. Other ideas could be a Pandora bracelet or a Dogearred one; they're really unique and very pretty. One last idea for the jewelry tester could be a couple months' subscription to Jewelmint, which is an online service that sends you a piece of jewelry every month for a certain price and if you like it, you can keep or return it and not pay that month. It would be nice for them to see a few pieces and decide on what they like. For fashion, it doesn't have to necessarily be clothes, it can be books, jewelry, scarves, gift cards to stores they like, etc.

3. Comfy Lover

Comfort is my favorite thing on this planet and I just enjoy gifts like this.

So good ideas would be onesies (since everyone apparently loves them right now), soft blankets, movies to watch, candy, a mug with hot chocolate mix, anything the person generally likes can be changed into a gift.

Well these are just some ideas, I'll put up more at a later time! Tell me what you think about these ideas and I hope this helps you! You can find something for everyone, these are just some suggestions! Have a good day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hormonal Acne 101

Hi my lovelies! Alrighty ladies, besides Mother Nature's gift of the month, your face also presents a gift:overly active skin which then can lead to hormonal acne.
Okay so what causes hormonal acne?
Usually, our faces have a normal amount of something called androgens that produce oil on our faces which is normal. Then during TOM (time of month) the androgens, which are hormones, go crazy causing acne flares that come along as well.
Some ways to treat hormonal acne:
1. The toothpaste trick. If you really need to leave but have a zit, dab some toothpaste on it and wait for ten minutes and wash off. PAT skin dry or it'll be easily irritated. The swelling and redness should go down, and this is a good quick fix.
2. Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Face Wash. So I used to use the toothpaste trick until my face had an allergic reaction to it and broke out so bad. So I picked this face wash up and it works miracles, I'm convinced. I use it in the morning and at night and perfecto! Gone in a few days.
3. Exercise. It produces sweat so the toxins are expelled from your body and it helps you keep the cramps at bay too. And you get in shape all at the same time!
4. Water. It will constantly flush all the bad stuff out of your system and help regulate the androgens better.

Okay well there are some tips for dealing with hormonal acne! Hope you enjoyed, bye!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lookalike: Steve Madden Troopa Boots

Hi my lovelies! Happy New Year and may this year be great for all of you. Okay now let's talk Steve Madden. Troopa boots are pretty infamous right now, known for their design and also for the price tag that goes along with them. Haven't seen them yet? Now you will have. Okay so they're pretty great, and I'm sure a lot of people have already given in and paid the $100 for them, but as a student that kind of money could pay for way more stuff than one pair of super cute boots. So how about some lookalikes for less?

1.FOREVER 21 ($34.80)
Okay, so these are the Forever 21 ones and pretty similar right? Maybe a few differences, but hey it would look weird if everyone was wearing the exact same pair of Troopas. These are only $34.80 so go for it!

2. PACSUN ($39.99)
Pacsun, you have pulled through again! So at first glance, I thought they were almost Troopas! And Pacsun quality is always nice, so these would be a good pair of lookalikes for only $39.99!

New Crochet Detail Bite Boots
3. PACSUN ($34.99)
So these aren't necessarily Troopas but they are cute if you like a spin on the classic combat boot. It's got a little heel and crochet detail but the same main guidelines as combat boots with the laces. Just another option for all the daring.
Image 1 of New Look Clark Lace Up Worker Boots
4. ASOS ($52.75)
These are the New Look Clark Lace Up Worker Boots, and the lookalike that I found on ASOS which I love by the way. But these are nice, and really good quality. ASOS is spot on. Just saying. But these are a little pricey compared to the others but I'm sure you'll get your money's worth out of these.

Product Image
5. SWEET BEAUTY ($47.99)
Beforehand, these are online so you might have to pay additional money for tax and shipping and all that, just to let you guys know. And again, these are for the ones okay with not-exactly Troopa style boots, because these have a little something something extra: the folded over pattern which is so cozy looking and very plaid. But these are just a variation that you could try out if you like it.

And okay, those are some lookalikes I found to fit different styles of people, but still go along with the Steve Madden Troopa craze. Tell me what you guys think and have a wonderful 2013!