Friday, June 29, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 2!

This is a continuation! See Part 1 somewhere on my blog.

So let's get into this!

1. When someone acts like they've never played before in a GAME. In a game, there's no joke pulling or something. Stop messing around and play! Go freaking hard or go home. We did not practice so much to see you fail out there. Chase the ball, kick, run, score. Not that complicated.

2. Food. Okay, generally all food floats for us soccer chickas. But really pizza before a game? *experience of a girl on my team; her defense? "It's a Subway pizza." You don't eat PIZZA before a game. Are you crazy? And it's not like she was the star or something, but I like a sub at some point. Ugh, so annoying!

3. Socks. And I love these things in the winter, but tuck them in? Roll them down? Leave them be? So many options! It's too irritating finding a way to be comfy and make them work.

4. Shorts. Girl, the dress code is finger tip length. Not just barely covering your butt. Don't roll them up, you do not look hot. Who are you trying to impress? The other girls? Invisible guys? Stop.

5. Breaking these babies in. Cleats are beautiful and glamourous and all that, but breaking them in is literal hell on my feet. It feels like childbirth on my feet, while I'm cramming them into too small flats with little flames burning the sides. Fun.

6. Screaming. Don't scream at me, just because I made one mistake. You're still playing too. Remember that one position? Oh maybe stopper? Shut up and stop elaborating. God. And you can never manage to be quiet during sprints, so we run like ten extra just for you.

So there's my soccer soap box for this time. You guys should follow me on twitter @antheaweng and @soccergrlprobs. And watch their YouTube video Sh*t Soccer Girls Say. Ciao bellas! And men in Italian! I'm so languagely challenged.

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