Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's Talk: Beachy Hair and How to Kinda Get it!

Hello my beautifuls! So as a lazy teenager,I know firsthand that quick, effortless looking, and cute are three words I like to hear about ways to do my hair. I don't even know anyone who actually goes to the effort of straightening/curling their hair on a daily basis, probably because I'm a nerd but anyway.
So let's talk beachy hair. It's glamorously messy and bed-heady and everyone rocks it from celebs to well, students. It looks effortless and a tad of unkempt, but still under control. Okay so how do we get it?
There are a few factors first..
1. Your natural hair. If it's already curly, kudos to you! I'm so madly jealous. I, on the other hand, have semi-straight hair with occasional kinks and waves. Crazy right? The only Asian who doesn't have super curly hair or pin straight hair.
2. Frizz
Agh the dreaded F word. It can really mess up a good hair day. But if your hair is super frizzy and you can tame it with some serum, you're good to go my friend!
3. Holdability?
How well your hair can hold waves or products is pretty big, at least for us straight hair people. Within a few hours, my hair straightens back out, and it just doesn't look as good.

Okay so let's get the hair going!
This is what I do, you don't have to do it this way!
So usually I have a couple ways of getting beachy hair.
1. Wake up with Pre-washed hair. Spray in Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray (Smells so yummy!) and scrunch. After, get a little of FX's Surf Head paste and scrunch that through too. Bam! Done. This is what I do when I run super super late.
2. Wave your hair with a curling wand loosely and then spray the same sea salt spray and then scrunch and go!
3. The night before after washing your hair (NOTE: NO DIRTY HAIR. It doesn't turn out well. At least not for me.) dry it to semi-dry, and then split hair in half. Twist away from your face and then twist it into a little bun. The next morning, take the ponytail holders out and shake out the waves!
4. The finger curl method. So start with washed dry hair(I usually put in some of John Frieda's Curl Enhancing mousse) and take two fingers and wrap about an one inch section of hair around it and then secure with a bobby pin. Repeat around your head until all hair is up. The next morning, take the bobby pins out and voila! I usually sleep on my hair like this but the curls end up being crazy! If you like it like that, go for it! I usually take them out and then fishtail my hair. After a few hours I take the braid out and it looks so pretty!

Okay so those were some ideas of mine, I hope you liked them! Tell me if they worked! Until next time!

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