Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hi my wonderfuls, hope you're all doing lovely! I'm so sorry I haven't posted recently, I've been super bogged down with homework and clubs and blah. So let's talk short shorts, because I know everyone has a pair or two (guys, you can admit it too!) and they're super hot for the summer! Ha ha, punny right? No? Okay I'll stop now. So short shorts are comfy and keep us cool, while looking hot! I will also have some that aren't cling-to-your-leg shorts for those who don't like that. Let's go!

1. Hollister Low Rise Short Shorts in Khaki ($25.00)
I do like my shorts to have a little bit more than just denim, and I really like khaki. Full on khaki pants can look a little iffy, but these will look nice with most outfits and the fit on these is so wonderful, you'll wonder why you didn't have these before. They would look nice with a little V-neck or a tank top or something like that. You'll look more dressy than just denim shorts if you catch my drift.

2. American Eagle Hi Rise Black Festival Shorties ($39.95)
Okay so American Eagle pants are overpriced, but hey if you've got a spare $40 these shorts are a total catch! They're black so they match with many things, and they've got a little distress and punk-y rips to complete the look. AND THEY'RE HIGH WAISTED! And if you couldn't tell they're for people who appreciate the "Coachella, music festival" summer look.

3. Forever 21 High Waisted Lace Shorts ($15.80)
First off isn't this the greatest steal ever? These shorts are soo cute with black lace and they're comfortable. I know Forever has a problem with quality but seriously for less than 20 bucks, this is awesome!

Okay so those are some shorts that are perfect for summer! Let me know what you think, talk to you soon XOXO

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Trichotillomania Story

Hi my lovelies! I have something to share today with you all that I haven't shared with any of my friends or really, any of my family. If you are out there suffering with this disease, I am right there with you and I know what it feels like.

So a little background on trichotillomania. It's a psychological condition usually linked with OCD, but personally I think it's more of an isolation disorder, where you pull out your hair. Maybe it's your eyelashes, your eyebrows, or your hair on your scalp. It affects 1 in 10 adolescents and it's not easy to shake it by yourself. It's not something that vanishes or is something that can be treated within days. It requires time and that person's willpower. So here's my story.

Back in the eighth grade, I was not having a good year. My brother was being born and my parents didn't tell me, I actually found out from a friend who heard it from her mom. It threw me for a loop and I was really, really frustrated. I was not very expressive and I didn't like talking about it and I just wanted a way to cope. My parents just sorta acknowledged that I never knew and yelled at me a lot for my ignorance and indifference during this time. I was just really mad and I thought about suicide and cutting; I just ended up clawing at my arms and leaving scratches.
So I started pulling my hair. It was like a release from the stress and anxiety; none of my friends understood and were all so happy. It kept me okay for a while until May of that year. We went on a class trip to King's Island and I am utterly terrified of amusement rides, so terrified that a neat little line of hair was missing the next morning after the trip. I went to the doctor and I had tests done; I had alopecia, an autoimmune disease towards my hair follicles, as well as trich. Oh and I pulled from my scalp, like right in the center. I guess I just keep moving my part further to cover it, and I have my bangs there as well. My parents laughed it off as nothing and as they were preoccupied with my brother, I pulled more and more. I would sit on my bathroom floor and just pull out handfuls at a time and then stare at it. I knew what I had done, but I couldn't stop. It continued on this way until today and I still have trich and I'm still suffering with it. I pull almost every day and especially before tests or if I've had a bad day. Pulling is just a constant, I don't notice it now. I said it was an isolation disorder because I only pull when I'm alone, and I've wanted to get out of my house more often. I think maybe when I can drive, I can be with others more instead a strict no going out thing and it might help.
The only time I haven't pulled every day , is summer camp. For three weeks every summer, I lived with someone, where I wouldn't be able to pull. That's why I pushed so hard to go to camp each summer, to get that temporary growth for myself. My roommate made me want to stop, to be normal and happy just like her and for three weeks I was.
It's going to be hard to stop, especially with no doctor or psychotherapist but others have done it and so can I. I'm not sure if people have noticed it yet, but I'm hoping I can work so no one ever will. If someone makes fun of you for it, just keep walking. Don't stoop down. It's important to tell your family and definitely, your friends. It doesn't have to be all of them, but just to have a shoulder to help you. I haven't actually told any of mine, but now I've told you guys, I have! March marked two years of trich for me, and I've had my ups and downs but I'll keep going. If you have something to say, particularly about this, please say it. I know what you're going through, I'm still dealing with trich today. I know about all the constant cleaning and vacuuming. I know.
Please if you have trich, tell me. It'll help you and me to know we have a shoulder. If you don't have support from your family or friends, you have me and the rest of the Internet. And if you feel extra bad one day, YouTube trichotillomania and you'll find great things. Thank you for reading, this is so important to me. XOXO

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hi my lovely lippies! Hahah kidding, you're not my lip products, but I do love both you and them A LOT! So today I went mini shopping and I've just gotten a few things.

1. Suncreen stick
So I went to this medical talk about shoulders and there was free food which automatically enticed me and ICED TEA. I think my Southern roots are actually appearing now as I get older. I miss Georgia life. Anyway, they were handing out mini hand sanitizers and these Chapstick things, so I got a few. Turns out they're sunscreen sticks but can work as Chapstick as well. It smells lovely and tangerine-y, goes on clear. My lips will be sun protected from here on out!
2. Chapstick Velvet Cupcake
So I had seen the Cake Batter Chapstick online somewhere and I stopped and saw it today where they place all the goodies when you're checking out. I like cake batter and all but red velvet cupcakes are my weakness. I just sorta impulsively grabbed it and it smells like HEAVEN. It's nice, not a lot of color, keeps lips smooth. However it broke like ten minutes ago and now I have to push it down and I got it like three hours ago.
what Walmart trip would be complete without these babies? I love wonka candy in general but I'm a huge sucker for Gobstoppers. Like if someone asked me to prom with gobstoppers I would probably kiss that person. Just saying. They're yummy and great and thought you should see them.
4. Mango Tango deodorant.
Who knew deodorant could smell so yummy? Yeah but I really like the Secret gel deodorant because it doesn't break out like the stick and it cools your pits after sweating. I actually don't sweat a lot, and this works awesome. The smell lasts all day and you can do just a casual arm lift to check. I actually use this along with a guy deodorant for soccer because I love how guy deodorant smells. Don't judge, I'm sure other soccer girls use Old Spice or Axe too.

Okay so that was my mini-haul about stuff. I hope you're all having an awesome day! Bye XOXO

Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY: Front Tie Crop Top!

Hi my awesomes! What's going on? Missed you guys! Okay today I have a summertime DIY and this will work BEST with an oversized shirt but will work with a normally fitted shirt as well. It's the cute front tie crop top shirt and it's super easy. Let's hop to it!

1. A shirt (oversized preferable, but normal is fine)
2. Scissors
3. A ruler

Okay so first you'll take your shirt and fold it sideways, hot dog style as my teacher used to say. It needs to have the sleeves on each side, like a long-wise reflection if you catch my drift.
Secondly, you need to measure out a length to cut, I used 3.5 inches from the vertical seam, but mine turned out a little towards one side.
After you've cut it, you'll be left with this little bit of fabric in the middle of your shirt and you'll cut this in half to create your ties!
After you've cut them in half, put the shirt and see if you need to make any adjustments to it.
Then I cut mine further, making it high-low because the sudden height difference bothered me. Fix up any cuts, stretch the fabric where you cut and YOU'RE DONE!
See? Wasn't that easy? It makes a really cute crop top perfect for summertime with some high-waisted cutoffs. Have fun with this! Oh and the shirt I used was from Forever 21 but I got it at Crossrhodes, which is a fashion thrift shop with outrageously good prices in Evanston, IL. If you need a good thrift shop in the Chicago region, I highly recommend Crossrhodes. That's all from me, good night! XOXO

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hi my spring breakers! Hope you're all having a great time/ had a good time! And if you didn't get a spring break, become a student again. Just kidding. Okay so I'm going to start a bit of a new line of blog posts to get you guys ready for SUMMER! This is more of an add-on to the closet essentials but just for summer. Alright let's get started! Sunglasses are really important in the summer, because they shield your eyes from the sun and they can look super cute at the same time. Why not knock out two birds with one stone? (Or however that phrase goes...)

1. Heartbreaker Sunglasses ($16 online only at Urban Outfitters)
These are great, they're aviators basically but they have a heart frame on the outside, but it's not that cheap plastic-y thick frame. You know what I'm saying. I really like these and I've been meaning to get them but laziness and no money strikes me.

2. Ray-Ban Rare Print 78 Original Wayfarer ($165 at Ray-Ban)
I don't think I have to really explain the appeal of Ray-Bans. They're well-made, it's free shipping on all orders, and they're just so cool. These are the rare print sunglasses and I really like them. Just the no money thing, you know.

Original Wayfarer Top Texture On Black  / G-15 XLT
3. Forever 21 Wayfarer Sunglasses F0330 ($5.80)
These have the cutest pattern on them and they would be perfect for summer.

Okay so those are some sunglasses I found that I liked. If you have any suggestions, tell me! XOXO