Friday, February 22, 2013

Closet Essential: HIGH-LOW

Hi my wonderfuls, sorry I've been AWOL the past few days, finals week is killing me! But we did get the day off today so I just might be the happiest physics student ever, now having an additional weekend to study. Perks of Midwest weather! Okay so one of my personal favorite trends is high-low, especially in skirts and dresses. I don't mind it in tops; in fact I have a high-low sweater but I prefer it in bottoms. It looks flowy and accentuates your legs, making them look longer and leaner like those Victoria's Secret models. Okay so let's get started!

1. Forever 21 High-low Chiffon Skirt ($14.50)
Okay so chiffon is one of my favorite fabrics (Does that sound weird? Oh well...) but it's breezy and it reminds me of summer instantly, no matter what. This skirt would be a great way to welcome in the warm weather and show off those legs girl! Oh and it's in mint, a must-have pastel for spring. Two trends in one, you go get them! P.S. Forever 21, I love you.

2. Forever 21 Pointed Collar Chiffon Shirt ($22.80)
So I know, one of Forever's more pricey shirts. But the chiffon, and the color clash between coral and hot pink, and the buttons! Ah, it is simply too lovely and I would gladly pay a little more just for this beauty. I need it! Oh and this model apparently has a 22.5 waist and a 32D bust. How is that even possible?

3. Warehouse Stud Collar Mesh High-low Hem Dress ( originally $93.25, marked down to $50.02!)
Um first check out the price reduction! Do you see that? Half off! And second, check it out! Studded Peter Pan collar and versatile!  


Okay so that's my take on high-low, sorry I've been gone! And I'll see you next time, hopefully with a DIY post! Muah, XOXO!

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