Monday, October 1, 2012

Work sucks, in Physics and real life

Hey guys! So basically I really don't like work (I work at Kumon, the reading and math center) and I just wanna shoot myself after being in there for so long. Also I don't like Physics and we're talking about work as well. But in a different scientific way.

So pros and cons of Kumon work!
P: Little kids are cute and they'll follow you like ducklings. And their outfits are generally pretty adorable.
C: They ALWAYS sniffle. No matter what season it is, it could be 120 degrees out and they still reach for tissues. However right now in the fools old corn state, it's starting to get cold. Curse winter.
P: I only work three hours, twice a week! Yeah it rocks. I heard retail and food service works six. EW.
C: It's probably below zero in the room, which makes the sniffling worse and gives me a headache. It's to the point where you could wear seven sweaters and still be cold. I wore a thick sweater today and it was cold. Brrrrr.
P: MINIMUM WAGE ROCKS! Hahah no, it sucks. The kids' faces when they get an hundred is priceless. I want to photograph all of them and scrapbook it because it is so precious.
C: I have to ride the bus and then walk some to get there. You thought your bus was bad? No. These people are creepy and reek of pot. And I cross a pretty big intersection that has NO crosswalks/walk signals. I'm really terrified of getting over.

Oh, P.S. Physics stinks. Especially hen your book weighs ten pounds at least.

Ciao for now!

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