Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scary Experiences

So I'm sure everyone has been afraid at some point in their life, whether it be a lifelong, paralyzing fear, or a mini one. Today I experienced something that turned my world for a ride, and I'm currently super paranoid. Even the smallest sound makes me start to doubt the security of my room. But what led up to this crazy reaction?

Well today, my good friend and I walked from our job to a close by McDonald's to grab a bite to eat, and it was nice, except the people there were a little weird.. And the employees also called for a lock-down, which I found extremely intimidating, to which point we therefore left and started the short, fifteen minute walk back. We were talking casually, and suddenly this guy on a standard bike mumbled "Coming through." and we parted to let him through. Keep in mind that bikes are far faster than foot. And then he stopped at the stoplight, which we didn't see as odd, but then he started to leer at us and said "Don't be scared, I won't hurt you, come down to the stoplight." or something among those lines. That's when we started to worry, and we immediately crossed from where we were and were planning to call 911. I could hear several racial slurs directed towards myself (I'm an Asian-American, and proud) like "Get back on the boat!" and "Chink." that one word bothers me more than any other insult, but I was much too scared to think anything of it. So we were walking fairly quickly at this point, and then I turned around to look if he was behind us, and he gave us the dirtiest look, as he started to chase after us on his BIKE. (My friend and I were wearing ballet flats and sandals.) so we started to sprint, and I sprinted harder than ever before, and we were screaming for help the whole block down. Luckily for us, there was a cafe on the end of the block, which I ran inside and explained our situation to a lady and also across the street, there were people having lunch outside. Neither of us were hurt, just a little emotional scared.

I have never felt more fear in my whole entire life. The sinking pit in my stomach, the paranoia and anxiety is more than imaginable. I sprinted my legs out. I wanted nothing more than to escape this man. I believe it would have been quite the sight to see, but I'm so glad that many people were kind and understanding. I was near tears and I was just glad that nothing worse had happened. I just wanted to share my daily dose of fear. I'm pretty sure I can't even sleep today. I've never been more terrified. I don't even what to think about What if's right now. My heart is still pounding. Have you guys had any terrifying experiences? Let me know! Or tell me something random, that's cool too!

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