Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Hollaaaaaa, we didn't die! Anyway, this is my ideal wish list for Christmas which is Monday! Yay! If you guys have already gotten gifts, be sure to tell me what you got and what holiday you celebrate! Okay on with the list already.

1. Lollapalooza tickets
Okay I'm seriously a big music festival go-er. I love the rush of lots of people and Chicago is my home away from home, so this would just be ideal. I also heard that Lady Gaga and/or Coldplay are going this year which is the greatest thing I've heard all year. I missed my Florence year which bums me out but that's okay. Seeing Gaga or Coldplay would DEFINITELY make up for it.

2. Michael Kors Chromatograph Watch
All of the watches in this collection are super gorgeous and I've seen it raved about for ages on YouTube, Influenster, blogs, etc. I really have a soft spot for rose gold and I love love love the rose gold one so much. Getting one of these would be the best thing in the whole entire world, after Lollapalooza. Big watch comes second to big music festival. Sorry Michael.

3. Starbucks cards
Cafes generally are pretty attractive places to hang out in my opinion, and Starbucks just tops all. I go there to meet up with friends, have a study group, or just grab a cuppa of White Chocolate Mocha. Call me addicted but Starbucks is the happiest place on Earth to me. Sorry Disney, you've been defeated in my opinion.

4. Frozen yogurt
This is heavenly. I could inhale this and basically I do whenever I'm in the vicinity of a Red Mango or Jamba Juice. Actually I really like to run one, I feel like that would be very entrepreneur-y and interesting. I don't know, I really have a thing for coffee and fro-yo. Those are the only two things in my food pyramid besides copious amounts of salad.

5. A Baby Grand
Okay, all you piano people out there probably already have them, but I have a really nice upright Perzina which is great but doesn't compare to a baby grand. The quality between them are just not comparable and I just want to buy all the baby grands I see whenever I go to the music store.

Okay, so that's my short little list of things I would really like. Some of them are dumb, some of them I actually want. Happy Holidays and tell me what you want!

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