Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello my wonderfuls! HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2014 be wonderful for you, no matter where you are. So since I live that loner life, I decided to make a blog about diy projects for keds or vans bc I need something to do. 

1. GLITTER but classy 
So I know that all girls generally like glitter but you don't wanna look tacky with it all over the place so this is for glitter lovers (I'm going to do this one, I'll post pictures if I remember). These would look perfect on dressy, but not too dressy days. This price is also much better than the Keds + Kate Spade shoes for $80+ (shipping!)
You'll need:
1. Keds/Vans/knockoffs 
2. Mod Podge (or some glue with half that volume of water mixed together) 
3. Glitter (thin or chunky)
4. Some ribbon of your choice, same length as the shoelaces
5. Rubber cement/Vaseline/masking tape
So for all of these, you'll need the shoes and the rubber cement/Vaseline/masking tape. 
1. Put rubber cement/Vaseline/masking tape to protect the rubber part.
2. Mix equal parts glitter and Mod Podge 
3. Take out the shoelaces 
4. Paint the glitter-Mod Podge mix on until you're satisfied
5. Wait until dry and coat with Mod Podge 
6. Lace ribbon in as shoe laces 
7. Vo├Čla! Have fun, stay classy.  

2. Chevron
These look pretty cool, and that's coming from a person who doesn't like chevron. They will take some time though. They would look so good at music festivals (while protecting your feet from getting stepped on!) 
You'll need: 
1. Shoes and protecting things
2. Paint/fabric markers
3. Scissors
4. Cardstock paper/ cardboard
5. Patience and time
So here we go! 
1. Protect the rubber part and take out the shoelaces. 
2. Cut out a chevron pattern (like zigzag) on the paper
3. Line it up on your shoes to your desired length and start painting/coloring! 
4. Repeat until shoe is covered in chevron
5. DONE! 

3. Polka dots!
Not gonna lie, I'm a big sucker for polka dots, but the Kate Spade + Keds were a little pricey. So let's DIY them! You'll need:
1. Shoes and protective stuff
2. Paint of your choice 
3. Pencils with erasers
4. Mod Podge

Okay let's get started!
1. Protect shoes, take out shoelaces, etc.
2. Pour out some paint.
3. Dip the eraser in the paint and then EVENLY press it on the shoes 
4. Repeat all over the shoes until you're happy! 
5. SUCCESS ball is life you're amazing

 4. Studs
For all you badasses out there, I got you guys.

You need:
1. Shoes, yadda yadda
2. Studs 
3. No protective stuff this time! 

So let's go!
1. Insert a stud in the desired place and then using your finger or butter knife, push the sides in (on the inside of the shoe) and repeat.
2. If you got the glue on kind, no worries! Just grab super glue or fabric glue and stick away! 

Okkkay those are just some ideas but have fun! Leave a picture! 
Basic white sneakers: http://m.target.com/p/womens-mossimo-supply-co-lunea-oxford/-/A-14271223#next-image
DIY Mod Podge (In case my instructions were fuzzy): http://m.wikihow.com/Make-Mod-Podge

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hi babes, I hope you're all excited that finals (or not, if you're on trimesters like moi) are OVER! I'm pretty sure happiness was actually radiating off of me today when school ended. Anyways, yesterday I got a pretty yellow package on my doorstep so let's haul it out! 

1. Flower Power studs ($4.80) 
Okay there's a reason why my blog is about "flower children", and it's not just because I'm a wannabe hipster. P.S. Sorry for naked nails, my bare nails haven't seen the sun for weeks. 

2. Fit and Flare dress ($12.80, black)  
so I actually lost weight this year and this dress makes me look actually pretty good which blew my mind. I recommend every girl has one (nice fitting dress) in their closet.

3. Everyday V neck Cardigan ($8.80, black) 
comfy cardigan lyfe

4. Everyday Skinny Jeans ($7.80)
I wore these today and they're like high-waisted, super comfy leggings. They honestly don't feel like jeans. 

5. Chilly Days Infinity Scarf ($7, navy) 
warm warm warm

6. Everyday Baseball Shirt ($6.80, black sleeves with white) 
I just needed a baseball shirt 
Also in case you wanted to know, I wear a size SMALL and I'm 26/27 in pants. I'm  5'7" in case you're wondering about my proportions. So yeah.
And someone super sweet (like cotton candy) brought me a goodie from Ulta as a gift. Gracias girl! 

It's a set of 6 mini Benefit lip glosses which smell like peach smoothies. The colors are A-Lister (peachy pink), Fauxmance (mauve, literally my favorite lip color besides red), Icebreaker (clear), Kiss You (dark lilac), Lollibop (bubblegum pink), and Poutrageous (coral). 

OOTD x 2

Hello my lovelies! So this week has been a mess, to put it nicely. Also good luck to all those who have midterms and finals next week, may the odds be ever in your favor *cue Hunger Games music* 
So I have, not 1, but 2 OOTD b/c I was too lazy to type OOTD twice. Here we go!

1st OOTD 
• teal high-low shirt from Urban Outfitters
• black jeans from Calvin Klein
• combat boots from G by Guess
• owl necklace from Forever 21

2nd OOTD
• coral dress from Pacsun
• black tank top from Forever 21
• coral scarf with umbrellas from Anthropologie 
• white cardigan from Ann Taylor 
• sheer black tights
• black belt from TJMaxx 
• (my overworn) Steve Madden oxfords

Also in case, you were wondering about weather here, it is currently about 20 degrees today which is probably highly unreasonable weather to wear a dress but YOLO (lamest YOLO moment ever might I add). Have a great day and stay warm! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hello my lovelies, happy December! Hopefully you all have great weather and a good holiday season! 

Today I wanted to talk about public education, mainly because I have direct contact with the system every day. The goal of public education is stated in its name: educate the public. If we, as students, are there to learn at school, nothing should trump that ability. However, at my school the dress code presides over everything. Today I wore leggings with a big sweater (not exactly fingertip length since my arms are a little long but it covered what needed to be covered) and a teacher came up to me BEFORE school started, a full 40 minutes before school began and told me off for my outfit. However it was my first time ever getting in "trouble" so nothing happened, but repeat offenders have to stay OUT OF CLASS so their parents can bring their children appropriate clothes. Honestly, that contradicts the whole goal of school in the first place for something totally picayune. I felt I was dressed appropriately and to even imagine sitting out of my (all AP) classes for something so plain out dumb enrages me. I understand that we shouldn't be dressed like sluts for school, but if students aren't dressed that way, they should be allowed to continue on. School was put in place to educate, not waste time staring at a wall waiting for your parents. I really don't appreciate the teacher calling me out, and none of my other actual teachers said anything today. I'm just disappointed that this is the priority of my school, instead of busting the hundreds of druggies or congratulating those who have done well in academics. 

What are your feelings on public education? Mine are clearly a little displeased. Have a great week! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

time to dress up! OOTD

Salutations audience! I felt like a fancy greeting was in order because I dressed up today and I thought I would share! (mainly because I've bummed it straight for about two weeks...) I actually had something to look nice for today so here's my outfit! 

1. blue and purple floral dress from a local boutique
2. plain black long sleeve shirt from Forever 21
3. gold and black belt from a romper I got from tjmaxx 
4. sheer black tights 
5. lace up booties from old navy (steal!) 
6. my own friendship bracelets and Alex and Ani Gemini bracelet
7. blue floral earrings (i think they're from Claire's, to be honest)

Also I have a mini haul! 
I got Sally Hansen Instadry Nail Polish in Wined Up and Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Soothing Sorbet. It's the perfect berry color for fall! 

Well I hope this is a good inspiration for dressing up in colder weather! Have a great day looking good, no matter what the weather is! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


hello my wallflowers, hope you're all well! also my prayers go out to those affected by Haiyan. The world will support you in this time of need.

so I just had a deep thought, probably because I'm supposed to be asleep and every worldly thought occurs then. Everyone starts as strangers- boy/girlfriends, friends, teachers, coworkers. We meet and then the relationship changes as time goes on. Teachers remain more stranger-ly than friends and friends more so than boy/girlfriends. It just struck me as odd as I was thinking about how I became friends with my current "group". We all bonded over something- food, waiting afterschool, clothes, classes. That just fascinates me. And over time, we accept each other's differences although if we didn't know each other, we wouldn't be pleased with the other person. This was mainly based off the Wongfu video "Strangers Again" which tells about a couple who falls apart. But it applies to everyone. Every cycle is different; strangers-friends, strangers-friends-strangers, strangers-friends-boy/girlfriends-strangers, the possibilities are infinite. But those that end with strangers are most devastating, for one has to expend time and heart to get to know another only for it to fall apart. 
Just some food for thought, bye! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OOTD: dresses in october

Hi peeps! What's cracking? Today I have another OOTD because I want to bring my summer things into fall too! So I have put together an outfit perfect for Midwest fall weather... 

1. The floral dress from TJMaxx that I wear way too much (but I'm shameless) 
2. Sheer black tights 
3. White cami
4. Blood orange v-neck by BDG (Urban outfitters, you da bomb) 
5. Cardigan by Forever 21 
6. My good old Madden Taxxi Oxfords

And here are pictures! Also the oxfords are pink but they seem to match the shirt in the pictures. Okay peace out Girl Scouts! 

OOTD: boho hipster-esque

Holla my flower children! Today I'm coming to you with another OOTD. Just because I can. 

1. LOVE ME shirt (I cut to make a tank)- Urban Outfitters 
2. TJMaxx Vest
3. Calvin Klein black jeans
4. G by Guess combat boots 

Okayyy enjoy! Have a fab week! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hello my pumpkins! Wow, that sounds weirder than I thought it would. Today we're going to DIY the Brandy Melville Moon Phase tank that is around $20.
SWERVE, who has $20 for a tank that could be made for under $8? 

You'll need:
1. Black t-shirt/tank
2. White acrylic paint
3. Metallic gray paint (optional)
4. Q-tips
5. Rubbing alcohol
6. Old magazines
7. Paintbrush, sponge
8. A cup of water
9. A piece of cardboard/thick paper

Okay here we go! 
This first step is only for those with a black T-SHIRT. Cut off the sleeves to make it a tank. Next you're going to find a cup or something with a 6 CM DIAMETER and trace it onto the cardboard. Then you're going to cut it out and that's our stencil for the moons. Then this is super important: PLACE THE OLD MAGAZINES INSIDE THE TANK. Now pour out some paint and make sure you have a picture of the shirt somewhere handy to refer to. Just eyeball it to the best of your ability, it doesn't have to look 100% professional. You can use the sponge to fill the moon in and the paintbrush to smooth out the edges (that's what I tried). The gray is for making the craters on the moons, but after a while I just gave up on that. Now if you made mistakes, don't worry, all is not lost. Grab some rubbing alcohol and Q-tips, pour, and dab/scrape until the paint comes off. I also read that the Clorox wipes will work in a pinch as well, but I didn't try that out.
The painting is the fun/super long part but afterwards, try it out (or have a dance party in it) and then iron it before you throw it in the wash. After that you're done! And you just saved yourself $12 too; enough to get a lot of Jamba Juice.
Okay, until next time! See you later! 

thoughts to myself: "arghhhh what have I gotten myself into? also now my leggings are covered in lint."

"ahhhhhh i messed up the third one so much, i don't know what to do now. okay, let's google how to remove acrylic paint." 

"i got paint everywhere on this. this looks so bad that i wouldn't even let my cat wear this. ah why did i decide i would blog this? now they're gonna laugh at me and my terrible painting skills."

"BAM, rubbing alcohol is my savior. time to have my dance party and post this! holllllllla."