Thursday, November 15, 2012

Problems with Couples....

Hey guys! So let's get right to it: couples in public places may be cute but usually they annoy the poop out of people around them.

My high school may be pretty bad, but I'm sure this problem applies to people all over the world.
So I'm happy for those people who seem to have found "the one" in high school and I know, I know, everyone has crazy amounts of hormones since we're all in that awkward phase of puberty. But seriously? There's no need to stop in the middle of the already crowded hallway to drink each other's spit while ruining people's appetites and making them late for class. We get it, you love each other. Great. Don't stand in front of my locker and be gross. You can do it in front of your locker, but not mine. It's great for those couples but urgh, you guys seriously annoy other people.
So I'm just saying, it's great for you but consideration for other people is nice. Thanks. Ciao!

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