Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let's Talk: Starbucks

Hi my sweet little Macchiatos! Okay so today I wanted to talk about something I know I am crazily addicted to, and I'm sure some of you out there are too. So let's talk!

What draws us to Starbucks? That green smiley siren (or mermaid, whatever.) is carried around daily by thousands of people. Actually the average for every store is a whopping 550 customers, leaving them with 4 MILLION frappes/mochas/espressos flying out of those blenders every day in just the U.S. alone. If you ask me, every one in the world could get Starbucks everyday, and then Starbucks could support the fiscal cliff issue by itself. But along with that venti plastic cup, a social status comes with the sentence "Oh, I had to get my Starbucks this morning." If you can afford a $5 cup of coffee everyday, cheers to you! Obviously most of us aren't rich enough to have coffee at $5 a pop every single day. In just one month, that's $150 out of your pocket and into Starbucks's. (P.S. In one year, $1800!) So if you have an extra 2 grand every year, treat yourself to some Starbucks everyday. You've deserved it.

But I wonder, even though it shows we have classy, expensive Starbucks and we have bragging rights about how yummy the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino is, don't we ever consciously think about how many calories that one super sugary, caffeine-filled cup has? Like every once in a while, I treat myself to a White Chocolate Mocha venti because I feel like I've earned it. That venti I'm chugging? 580 CALORIES! That should be the amount of calories in a meal and a snack. It would take six miles to burn all of that deliciousness off!

Despite the fattiness and the price, I still love Starbucks with all of my heart. Once you go green, you don't go back. Oh, I highly recommend the cake pops there, super delish! And late-night Starbucks runs in Chicago are seriously the most fun thing ever, and it would be ten times more cute as a date. Okay, I'm done daydreaming and now I'm signing off. Peace out my beauties!Oh yeah, the Starbucks iPhone app? PERFECTION. Free song every week! And no Starbucks blog post would be complete without Starbucks pictures...

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