Friday, November 30, 2012

Dubstep: We're wubbing it out today!

Hey hey! So I wub dubstep (haha, okay bad dubstep pun), and today I'm going to dub it out with my favorites. So first of all let me say that I'm more of an electro-dubstep person instead of hard core, constant drops. And for all you dubstep haters, well you stink. Okay, plugged in my earbuds and I'm ready to start.

1. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites-Skrillex
Words don't describe how often I listen to this song, and I'm pretty sure I've listened to it so much that the replay button on my iPhone is broken. It's lovely.

2. Promises- Nero
This is like a fusion of dubstep and awesome singing, with a voice like Lana Del Ray. It sounds like heaven, perfect combo of dubstep and singing about promises.

3. Centipede- Knife Party
I just got into Knife Party this summer and this song's repetitive but it's so catchy, kinda like Call Me Maybe but so much better. But you all know the type of songs I'm talking about.

4. Days to Come- Fiora
The cover for Seven Lions was just so cool, and she sounds like Ellie Goulding and Florence together. And the song is amazing!

5. Halcyon- Ellie Goulding
This album is the bomb dot com! I know, I know, she's not dubstep but she's in like her own unique category compared to today's cliche, pop-flirty cheerleader singers so I felt she deserved mention.

Okay anyway that's basically all I've been listening to lately, so yay now you all know! Gotta run, a piano competition calls me to go to sleep relatively early! Adios and have a good day! (: stay wonderful!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Black Friday Buzz

Alrighty... Gobble gobble! Happy Thanksgiving y'all. I had to prepare you for the cringing of my dumb sound effects. So Turkey Day was fun, it was full of me following my irritated parents around while they cooked and getting yelled at for messing stuff up; Black Friday made up for it though!
Yeah so I'm not sure if the Midwest just has nothing better to look forward to but people kill, trample, and shank other people right after they've given thanks like five hours ago. Like out here, you go hard or you go home; people have gotten in fistfights over a skirt today and lines were out of the stores! So as you can tell by te first-hand deets I have, I went today! I just picked up a few things, and you know what I realized? Bath and body works HAS NO SALE going on today. Maybe it's the lovely aroma wafting out but everyone's in there and there's no thirty percent off or anything! But yeah either way I got enticed into their "sale."
So hauling it out:

1. Winter Cranberry Hand Sanitizer ($1.50)
I only get the small version because I don't really use hand sanitizer frequently, I just wash my hands. But this smells lovely, like tart cranberries but sweeter.

2. Scentaportable Sledding Panda ($4.50)
This is so cute! It's a panda with a nice red scarf on a sled and I just couldn't help myself to getting one. It'll be nice for my locker at school.

3. Fresh Linen Refill Pack things ($3.00)
Okay, how overpriced are these? They're basically those air wick refill things but flattened. Ugh I hate being cheated out of these things! But anyway, this is the only smell I found to be not too strong for my liking so I got it for my panda.

4.American Eagle Striped Sweater ($29.97?)
Yay for sweater weather!

Okay well I'm pretty sleepy, so I'm going to go snooze now. I'm thankful for ally views and all of you! Thanks a bunch! Ciao, nighty night!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Problems with Couples....

Hey guys! So let's get right to it: couples in public places may be cute but usually they annoy the poop out of people around them.

My high school may be pretty bad, but I'm sure this problem applies to people all over the world.
So I'm happy for those people who seem to have found "the one" in high school and I know, I know, everyone has crazy amounts of hormones since we're all in that awkward phase of puberty. But seriously? There's no need to stop in the middle of the already crowded hallway to drink each other's spit while ruining people's appetites and making them late for class. We get it, you love each other. Great. Don't stand in front of my locker and be gross. You can do it in front of your locker, but not mine. It's great for those couples but urgh, you guys seriously annoy other people.
So I'm just saying, it's great for you but consideration for other people is nice. Thanks. Ciao!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hell is about to break loose...

Hola my lovelies! Now before you think I'm all dark and Satanic, I'm just talking about the dreaded FINALS WEEK. Oh and ironically enough, I'm reading Dante's Inferno right now. Haha, punny.

This week is single-handedly more stressful than planning a wedding as a bridezilla. For this week, students pull their hair out, chug energy drinks, and stuff their brains to the point of implosion. A slight exaggeration, but indeed it is the truth especially for us honors kids. See, the thing is that I have a silly goal of attending Dartmouth, and although it most likely won't be achieved I like to pretend it will and study my brains out.

So now I will proceed to go study, and I hope all of you are having a better week than me, and that you have a wonderful joyful week instead. Peace out & rock on!