Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Stereotype Friends/Clique

So everyone's got their little circle of friends, and each friend falls under a category, good or bad, and I thought I would talk about my friends today.

1. The girl who eats like a man/fattie and stays skinny. I would say this girl would be me, and I'm not like naturally skinny, I used to be pretty chubby,but I work at getting toned and in shape through soccer which lets me eat as much as I want, whenever I want. Love to my soccer girls/guys. Once a soccer player, always a soccer player.

2. The friend who can turn everything dirty. So I have this friend and I've known her since second grade and she's so funny, and just unique. I know, I know, unique is so overused, but it describes her to a tee. Let's call her K shall we? So she has this knack of making everything perverted and to a whole other level, and it's so hilarious. She's great and I love her to death. She can crack the best "That's what she said" jokes, and shoot back a comeback in five seconds. And they're good too.

3. The friend that got away. So in middle school, there was a group and we were inseparable. Movie? We're all there. Mall? Group hangout. We crammed into a photobooth once, and it was crazy. There was this girl, H, and she and I were really close during the first part of freshman year, but then we started to drift apart. I found some things like soccer and studying to be more important, while she was a bit boy crazy, drifting from one to another. Later on, she tried a few things that I would never try. I don't know, I just have so little in common with her, all that's left are these memories. We always say we'll hang out soon, but both of us know it won't happen unless it's a group obligation.

4. The friend that's closer than a sibling. I've only known J for four years, but it feels like I've known her for ages. She knows all of my secrets and thoughts and I know hers. We have plans to get married at the Plaza hotel, to two hot roommates we meet in college. We share so many goo times and one look can tell the other exactly what's happening. She's been there through my tears, laughs, and in between. I love her to Pluto and back.

5. The drama starter. We used to be so close! But after time, she'd churn out rumors and do things on purpose to make someone mad, or ruin their day. I remember she was going out with one of my close guy friends, and he bought me something dumb like cheez-its one day and she started yelling at me in the hallway, saying that I better stay away from him. She's constantly mad at someone, and there's always some conflict. I'm just glad we don't talk as often now.

6. The super athlete. I love this kid, he's pretty attractive, plays basketball and works out like a bunch, in wind ensemble with me, and is in all the same classes. But anyway, he trains super hard for basketball because he's like really tall and wants to be the best.

That's all I can think of now, but I have lots of friends and I love you all. Smooches to all of you! <3

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