Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Latest Addiction: Popilates!

So Pilates is a pretty well-known workout guideline that a lot of people use all over the world, but I get bored by it pretty easily.

I found this Youtuber who does POPILATES. She does fun videos to hot songs right now and workouts to go along with them. One of her most famous is the "Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge" and it's a serious workout for your legs! I've tried a few today, I'll give you a rundown.

PSY GANGHAM STYLE: Cardio- this one is a keeper! It's serious cardio, you'll be sweating and working to keep up with her. I love this song too, even though I understand no Korean at all.

CALL ME MAYBE: Mighty Squat Challenge- Man, my thighs were burning after one minute. This is so nice for us thunder thigh-y soccer players.

ABS ALL NIGHT: Abs- You'll have those rocking abs after this. You will feel the burn.

So those are the three I tried today and I think this will be a really fun short workout everyday. Tell me what you all think! I am in no way sponsored by her. Her channel is blogilates.

With you, I'll always share. You can stand under my UMBRELLA-ELLA-ELLA-ELLA. Oldies are cool.

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