Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 3!

Hey ladies/men, I don't judge, it's time for round 3!

1. Bad refs. Get off my field, just go. They miss every foul even when the crowd is yelling "FOUL", and suddenly every handball, pull, and shove by the other team is not seen. Oh! And one ref in particular smells so indescribably bad. It's like an animal died in the shirt and he never washes it.

2. Drinking the night before a game.
Okay, seriously? I don't care if you like to party or whatever, but don't whine to everyone about how you're hungover. This girl on our team was so hungover, she almost told our coach.

3. "Good game" at the end. Really? You all freaking sucked.

4. TURF. Playing on turf when it's hot is like being stuck to melting cheese. Not to mention, turf gets everywhere. You pour it out of your cleats and socks, you spit it out, you pull it out of your shirt. I have a serious hatred for turf.

5. Cleats that just fall apart. The other day, mine just fell apart and they're about a year old. I had to duct tape them together with trainer's tape.

So that's all I can think of for now, I'm pretty bummed that the season's over, but indoor's starting soon! Yay!

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