Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY & OOTD Skull Cutout Shirt

Hollla my motherskullers! That's probably offensive in some strange way so sorry in advance, no offense intended. So I wanted to start a DIY series of cutout shirts and this is my first. A lot of people have seen this but hey, you guys really liked the scarf and the galaxy vans so whatever!

A shirt you don't mind cutting up
A fabric marker/chalk

So I found this white shirt in my closet and it's really big and I can tell it's definitely not mine... Suspicious. So I freehanded the skull and I did in blue marker which was dumb on my part. A good tip? Use a dark shirt! Unless you can draw perfectly. I get frustrated and draw over my lines, making them worse so you guys might see some blue. But first draw, then cut! Now this seems so easy, but watch where you're cutting because it can be tricky, especially if you're cutting it really close. And once you're done cutting? Bam, finished shirt! I would wear this with a bandeau, strapless bra, cami. Whatever you like.

Okay so I actually wore this as an outfit today and let's see it. I wore a black cami under the shirt and I rolled up the sleeves. It was also half tucked in, and this black scarf finished it off. I wore my Levi's today. They're dark wash. And I had my watch and these gold cone/stud earrings in. Oh and I have Sally Hansen Quick Dry nail polish on in Blue By!

Okay so quick and to the point right? I hope you guys do this and succeed! Bye, muah! XOXO

Friday, February 22, 2013

Closet Essential: HIGH-LOW

Hi my wonderfuls, sorry I've been AWOL the past few days, finals week is killing me! But we did get the day off today so I just might be the happiest physics student ever, now having an additional weekend to study. Perks of Midwest weather! Okay so one of my personal favorite trends is high-low, especially in skirts and dresses. I don't mind it in tops; in fact I have a high-low sweater but I prefer it in bottoms. It looks flowy and accentuates your legs, making them look longer and leaner like those Victoria's Secret models. Okay so let's get started!

1. Forever 21 High-low Chiffon Skirt ($14.50)
Okay so chiffon is one of my favorite fabrics (Does that sound weird? Oh well...) but it's breezy and it reminds me of summer instantly, no matter what. This skirt would be a great way to welcome in the warm weather and show off those legs girl! Oh and it's in mint, a must-have pastel for spring. Two trends in one, you go get them! P.S. Forever 21, I love you.

2. Forever 21 Pointed Collar Chiffon Shirt ($22.80)
So I know, one of Forever's more pricey shirts. But the chiffon, and the color clash between coral and hot pink, and the buttons! Ah, it is simply too lovely and I would gladly pay a little more just for this beauty. I need it! Oh and this model apparently has a 22.5 waist and a 32D bust. How is that even possible?

3. Warehouse Stud Collar Mesh High-low Hem Dress ( originally $93.25, marked down to $50.02!)
Um first check out the price reduction! Do you see that? Half off! And second, check it out! Studded Peter Pan collar and versatile!  


Okay so that's my take on high-low, sorry I've been gone! And I'll see you next time, hopefully with a DIY post! Muah, XOXO!

Monday, February 18, 2013

What's in my Bag?

Hi my smartie-tarties, how are you? I'm not at school today thanks to our great presidents. So today I wanted to talk about what's in my bag because people like to know this sort of thing to see new products and stuff like that. So I usually carry my crossbody, it's a Nine West one and a gift from one of my friends.

It looks like this, and it's got adjustable straps and it's super great and surprisingly big. So I'll tell you what's in it right now. So in the front pocket, I have a compact mirror, a tube of Baby Lips in Twinkle, a Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake (pretty pop of pink!), and some cough drops. I usually throw my Q-tips case in here in case I want to touch up or something like that. And also the Twinkle was limited edition with Coral Crush so you might not be able to find them now but I'm not sure.

Okay so now onto what's in the big pocket: my Steve Madden wallet/phone holder (mine is neon orange, not pink but I was too lazy to walk upstairs and get it), a pen and pencil, gum, and sunglasses (except right now I don't have any, still missing my beautiful Maddens.) And usually I'll stuff some more things into it, like food or something when I'm running late. And hopefully soon I'll add keys to my list of things in my bag, yikes!

Okay that's all for now, bye my beautifuls! Muah, XOXO
P.S. Look at what I'm pretty sure I'm about to indulge in. Neons baby! And I don't even care if it's a guy shirt, whatever.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Closet Essentials: Scarves

Hi my beauts, long time no see! Hope you've all checked out the chick flick list which basically describes my post-Valentine's Day weekend. So I wanted to talk about a closet essential that I love, love, love! Scarves can add a touch to a plain outfit and take it to a whole other direction. I usually wear them with a classic shirt with a top knot or beachy, wavy hair and black/normal jeans with flats or Vans. Toss on a loose hoodie or oversized cardigan and out the door I go! So let's talk about some scarves.

1. Lilly Pulitzer- Murfee Scarf ($118)

This brand is known for its iconic resort designs with the beachy scents and these scarves are no exceptions. They have silk and cashmere with fringe at the end, and with bright pops of color they'll be sure to turn any outfit from blah into bam! (In a good way of course!) This really is an investment but you'll definitely get your money's worth out of it. If you want a cheaper alternative but still with the Pulitzer touch, the Murfette scarf is a good alternative for only $78.

2. Nike U.S. Soccer USA Scarf ($29.99 at
Nike U.S. Soccer USA Scarf - Click to enlarge
This one's for all my soccer ladies out there, you know who you are. It doesn't always require floral or girly patterns to have style. USA soccer for life!

3. ASOS Oversized Swan Print Scarf ($28.06)
Image 1 of ASOS Oversized Swan Print Scarf

I love scarves with animals, especially the scarves that are big and drapey like this one. It's simply gorgeous and I will probably get this soon, just saying.

4. ASOS Metallic Skull Print Scarf ($21.05)
Image 1 of ASOS Metallic Skull Print Scarf

So the skull trend is pretty hot lately and if you're not full-blown into it, this is a good way to start wading into  it.

Some ways to wear scarves in the summer!

And you guys can check out my DIY Quote scarf too if you want another option.
Alrighty I hope this is nice, and you guys like it! I'm craving a smoothie right now and I think I'm gonna go out and grab one. Bye lovelies, muah XOXO

Valentine's Day Date Outfit Ideas!

Hi my sweet cherubs! So Valentine's Day is one short week away and I know some of you ladies might not have an outfit yet, so here are my suggestions with every date "category", and I hope you all have a great Valentine's day. If you don't have a Valentine, you've always got me! I gotchu. Alright, let's get rolling!

1. Relaxed and Romantic
This one is for like grabbing a movie (Rom-com anyone?), a nice dinner, or something along those lines (I'm still waiting for my late-night Starbucks run!). You want to be cute but not over-dressed so let's talk!

Okay, so this top is from Love Culture and it has crochet flowers and stripes, and it would look so good with a black pencil skirt and if you want a cover-up because of weather, a navy or black fitted blazer (Nice quality, not cottony ones.) or maybe that Valentine will be a man and hand his over. Awwwww.

Okay so this is a risqué, lacy glam dress and it's really flirty and perfect for a date. It will be so cute with basically anything, and I would most likely wear this, you know, if I had a Valentine but psh. Grab some heels and watch those heads turn!

2. Active and Practical
So if your date is like mini golf or something that requires a lot of walking/moving, heels probably aren't a good choice. Here are my thoughts!

So this is a cute peplum, slimming stripes and it comes in a bunch of colors from... Guess where? URBAN OUTFITTERS!i would throw together slim-fitting black skinnies with some cute short heels maybe, or some flats/boots (Troopas huh?) and accessorize with appropriate jewelry, probably geometric things to match the shape of the peplum and the stripes.

So this skirt is super adorable, and I think it would be perfect with a shirt with the bows in the back like Macbarbie07 DIYed on YouTube. Cute and functional, goal accomplished.

3. Cozy and Comfy
Hey if you don't have a Valentine, but you have Netflix and food, I got you covered too.

Owl sweater, say what? No explanation needed!
And the Pacsun one with the bear was just cute. Aw.

Okay so I hope this maybe kinda sorta helped, and I hope everyone's dates goes well. Muah XOXO!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Top 50: Chick Flicks

Hi my valentines! So the great romance-y, mushy gushy day is almost over but before it escapes, I have some of my favorite rom-coms and others to share, all my opinion. Cheers! (:

1. Pretty Woman
2. She's the Man
3. Breakfast at Tiffany's
4. Mean Girls
5. Dirty Dancing
6. The Devil Wears Prada
7. Sweet Home Alabama
8. 27 Dresses
9. Bride Wars
10. Clueless
11. Definitely Maybe
12. The Proposal
13. Miss Congeniality
14. Legally Blonde
15. You've Got Mail
16. Love Actually
17. 50 First Dates
18. 500 Days of Summer
19. Juno
20. Drop Dead Gorgeous
21. Beauty and the Briefcase
22. Material Girls
23. Titanic
24. When Harry Met Sally
25. Bend It Like Beckham
26. Confessions of a Shopholic
27. Cherry Falls
28. Valentine's Day
29. Sex and the City
30. The Notebook
31. Sleepless in Seattle
32. The Blind Side
33. The Ugly Truth
34. Dear John
35. Water for Elephants
36. She's All That
37. The Wedding Planner
38. The Princess Diaries
39. John Tucker Must Die
40. Sabrina
41. Pitch Perfect
42. The Great Gatsby
43. A Walk to Remember
44. Crazy Stupid Love
45. Easy A
46. Mamma Mia!
47. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
48. Bad Teacher
49. Horrible Bosses
50. The 5 Year Engagement

Love you all, muah! XOXOXO, extra since I love you extra bunches today.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quickie Post: New Holy Grail Mascara

Hi my chicas, happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Snake, dun dun dun! Okay anyway, I just wanted to quickly post about a new mascara (DRUGSTORE TOO!) and it is grrrreat. Just like Tony the Tiger. But it's the Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara and it works wonders on my eyelashes which is awesome because I virtually have NO eyelashes. Not even joking. But I have some pictures of my eyelashes and then the mascara. It's a fat brush like the Covergirl Lashblast which I religiously used one summer, until I had to scrub it off my eyelashes. I heard the Lashblast 24 hour is even worse, in which case I would have no eyelashes afterwards. But anyway, it's pretty great. You'll get killa lashes that could knock down skyscrapers with one blink (not really, but you know).
P.S. I just got more Stridex face pads which make me happy so picture! It treats acne really well, especially if you're running short on time. Wipe and go!
Okay that was my quick post. Bye my lovelies, muah XOXO

OOTD: Rainy Day Brunch

Hi my goodie gumdrops! So today will be another outfit of the day and I went to brunch and then a study date with my friend. So let's see!
I wore a blue romper from Forever 21 that I love! It was warmer today but still rainy, so I paired it with some sheer black tights under. I tucked the tights into my DIY Galaxy Vans which I will link, and tossed on a gray cardigan because it was a little cold. So now to my accessories: I wore these pearl earrings (yes, they're real, in case you're wondering.) and a long owl necklace from Forever 21 from my friend Sarah (Love you bish.) and a rose gold watch. It's not Michael Kors (still saving up!) but my mother gave it to me so it's nice. I also painted my nails for Valentine's Day, the pink is Sally's Love Rocks and the champagne is Essie's Buy Me a Cameo. I also wore my orange Nine West crossbody just to add some color. Okie so that's my ootd and I hope you all have a great day! Bye, muah XOXO

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Closet Essentials: The Oxfords

Hi my wonderful Valentines! Yes, it's true, you guys are my valentines because I LOVE YOU. So chin up, you always have someone who loves you. Okay anyways, today I wanted to talk about another closet essential. I know, it's been a while right? So oxfords are my go-to shoes usually, rep that menswear as womenswear trend. They're classy, without being super formal and show off your style too. They go well with most outfits, from button-downs to a shirt tucked into jeans. So let's see some oxfords that me gusta, and I hope you gusta as well (in case you couldn't tell, I don't take Spanish. Frenchie fo life. Yeah, okay no more wannabe gangster talk).

1. Steven by Steve Madden Caril Cap-Toe Oxfords ($130.00)
Okay so I know, these are a little expensive, but I love all things Madden and especially these oxfords. They even have cutouts and the toe color block thing that I love so much. And there are so many different colors as well so they'll suit a lot of people. I have a feeling the girly, love everything glittery girls would love the glittery ones. They'll match with everything girly and it'll be crazy.
Product Image         Product Image

2. Jeffery Campbell "William" Oxford ($120.00)
Don't worry my wonderfuls, I do have some less pricey oxfords up next. But I love Jeffery Campbell everything, and seriously? Just look at these babies. They have heels and all.
Product Image
3. MIA Studded Oxford Flats ($39.50 at Pacsun)
In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm really into the oxfords being the big "statement" part of an outfit that really pulls the whole ensemble together so cut-outs, funky colors, and studs are all a plus in my closet. It can instantly change the outfit from fancy to punk rocker-ish, especially with these beauts while keeping it all pulled together and tidy. P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only one who stands at Pacsun and stares at the wall of shoes for ages. It's just so enticing, must curb self!
Studded Oxford Flats

4. Blowfish Neat Black Crochet Oxfords ($49 at
Ah, I love all things crochet: big slouchy sweaters, TOMS, and these oxfords of course. I really need a pair like this, why no money in my pocket? But these are la-la-lovely and always has the greatest stuff.
blowfish neat black crochet oxfords\
5. Steve Madden Oxfords ($89)
And you guys know that I love my neon pops of color, and these Maddens (LOVE) fit that taste so nicely. So nicely. Especially since it's that neon Tiffany blue shade.

Okay so those were my thoughts on oxfords, and I'm slightly raring to buy more shoes. Oh yeah, I'm really close to caving on that American Apparel crewneck, I can feel it taunting me every time I go to the website. And I'm really glad that a lot of you liked my OOTD, I'll post some more in that case. And I will probably start a series for prom, for all you lovely prom-goers out there. I'm still too much of an underclassman to go, but maybe an upperclassman will ask.... Someday. Oh yes, I just reignited my love for Dogeared jewelry, and now want to buy everything! I'll probably do a post on it soon. Alright, I have to go now, stay happy and gorgeous. Bye, muah! XOXO

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OOTD: Casual and Breezy

Hi my bellas! So this is my ootd for a casual day, and I thought I would share.
So first, I French-braided my hair last night and shook it out this morning to get effortless waves with a little help from surf paste.
So onto my outfit, I wore a flowy black sheer sleeveless top, and it has ruffles and buttons and all that good stuff. I got it a little big so I could tuck it into my jeans (I know, lame...) It's from Asos, which you all know I love. And for my jeans, I'm wearing my Lucky Brand Zoe skinnies that are my favorite, hands-down. Oh yeah, I wore this with some flats but I forgot to get a picture. Oops. I paired it all with a necklace that I got from a friend, and it's blue and cream with sparkly links connecting each part. It's really heavy, but really pretty. I also brought my umbrella because I love cheetah and looking cute in the rain too. Oh and my earrings are purposely mismatched ones from a set from Forever 21 from my friend in Michigan (Thanks Sarah, love you!)
So that's my outfit of the day for today, tell me what you guys thought. Hope you're having a great week! Muah XOXO!
P.S. I forgot! My school has a dress code, so I threw this gray boyfriend cardigan over it all.