Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pin Curls & Being Dumped by a Hundred People

So first off, I know I know, I'm an awful blogger because I've been putting this off, but I'm back! And really sad too.
First: the pin curls. I saw some video on pin curling your hair overnight, and waking up to glam hair. So I've decided to try this out tonight and see what results have come out of this. I will report back tomorrow hopefully!
And moving on to other longer topic, camp was super fun; Geometry was not. But anyway, meeting lots of people is always the best part of the experience, at least for me. I miss you guys all so much! Leaving my friends is like stabbing my heart with a stiletto, or shattering it into a million pieces. And of course there are some that I'll miss more than others, but that's human nature. You all better come to Brown next summer. Or at least the people I liked. Which is about everyone. But at camp the experience is unforgettable. You meet people of the same caliber, the same intelligence. It's like we've been cut from the same cloth with our own specialities meshed in and we're all meeting for three weeks. It's a great way to learn about other towns and people, and everything. All in all, before I go cry about leaving again(.....), love you all and I will update! Promise!

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