Monday, May 27, 2013


Hi my little jet setters! So I know a lot of you might be frequent fliers as well and one thing I've learned that flying in uncomfortable clothes will be the most awful flight of your life. I have some travel outfits along with some hair and other tips to make your flights the best, not the worst, trip.

So my outfits for flights are all layers, since it's ridiculously cold on most planes. I usually wear leggings since they're comfy and look better than just sweats (even though I love my sweatpants!) You can find a good pair of leggings anywhere, like Forever 21 or Pacsun. Pacsun has some really cute patterned ones to dress up a plain outfit. Now onto the tops! So I really like tank tops with a cardigan with a nice layered scarf on top. I'll tell you what my ensemble will probably be for my upcoming flight.

1. Brandy Melville Sadie Moon Tank ($17-25)
This would go underneath everything and it's really comfy and relaxed as well as functional and cute. Brandy Melville is a tad overpriced but it is so worth it!
2. BDG Classic Cardigan ($29)
This is literally the ideal cardigan and it's soft and soft again. Wearing this over the tank top will prevent you from being super cold and you'll look cute.
3. Charlotte Russe Eyelash Fringe Infinity Scarf ($10.99)
So we just got a Charlotte Russe in town and it's seriously the greatest thing ever. It'll keep you warm on the plane and if it gets too warm, you can take it off. It adds a little pop of neon in the outfit.

And for shoes, anything will go. I wouldn't really recommend strappy sandals, more like Vans or oxfords or something.

And for hair, I suggest a simple French braid so when you get off the plane, you'll have effortless beach waves. Either that or a messy updo or bun, it doesn't really need to be fancy. And makeup, if you really insist, go cream not powder. Powder will become cakey and icky. But skin care is very important since it's all recycled air on the airplane. Lotion and moisturizer is essential for plane skin.
One last tip would be taking hand sanitizer and Airborne with you to stay healthy. No one wants to go on vacation sick.

Safe travels, see you next time!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Aloha my summer beauties! So it's almost summer and I know graduation is right around the bend for some of you! I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS! May you move on to greater things! Now as you might have read, this is my summer bucket list. I just started doing this last summer and I got quite a few things done last summer. It's really fun, and it's meant to be crazy and carefree. So let's do it!

1. Meet someone incredible 
2. Visit Boston (This is just a personal one) 
3. Get tan
4. Go to the beach
5. Go on a Ferris wheel
6. Go to Lollapalooza
7. Take lots of pictures
8. Visit a different state
9. Summer fling 
10. Get fro-yo!
11. Buy those heart-shaped sunglasses
12. Visit Newport 
13. Hail a cab, all official-like
14. Go shopping!
15. Have a bonfire
16. Pool party
17. Go running
18. Soccer on the beach
19. Try something new
20. Catch fireflies
21. The Color Run
22. Paint fight!
23. Throw glitter
24. Go to the zoo
25. Get a necklace from Dogeared
26. Make new friends
27. Build a sandcastle
28. Pull an all-nighter
29. Lay out and watch the stars
30. Fly alone 
31. Go tubing
32. Tie dye something
33. Water balloon fight!
34. Go on adventures
35. Summer reading
36. See a lighthouse
37. Watch fireworks
38. Ride a carousel
39. Visit a different city
40. HAVE FUN! 

So that's my list, tell me what yours is! Thanks for reading. Make summer 2013 the greatest one yet! Catch ya later! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

OOTD: Spring Flirt

Hi my flowers! Long time no see! So today I've got a ootd for you guys and this is one of my favorite spring ensembles! So let's get started.

So what I wore:
A floral sundress from TJMaxx underneath everything.
A sheer blouse with black lining, also TJMaxx.
A woven skinny brown belt from Forever 21.
Steve Madden Taxxi oxfords.
Gold Stud earrings by Capelli.
Betsey Johnson panda necklace.
BCBG Sweetheart bracelet and my own watch.

I got a lot of compliments on this today! It's super cute and there's so many variations to go with this. Oh, I also just curled my hair and then sprayed the NYM beach babe through it. Okay, so now you can all see the pictures and my narcissistic selfies. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot but shout out to all my Wanelo and twitter followers that read my blog. Kisses and hugs to you all for being so great and supportive. For the future, you can probably expect a raving rant about The Great Gatsby. I love love love Leonardo DiCaprio and already the trailers and the soundtrack is fantastic, hands-down. I'm really excited to see how it'll go, and I hope it meets my expectations! Alrighty it's bed time for me! XOXO have a wonderful week beautifuls! DFTBA.