Wednesday, February 5, 2014


welcome to the wonderful bliss known as the snow day. Well at least it was for me at least since snow storm 2014 pt. 2 hit everywhere. Hopefully you're all safe and warm! And on a serious note, drive safely because the roads are BAD at least in Indiana.
So fancy OOTD:
• blouse- "borrowed" from my madre's closet. it's got a cute collar and it's nice and flowy 

• jeans- Calvin Klein black straight leg. now finding these are too big for me but I've only had them for like four months... don't think I've lost that much weight but okay 

• booties- H&M Divided line eeeeek I got these 30% off and they're soooo cute but the pants look bad tucked into the boots so I cuffed them

really wishing I had those cute lacy socks from TOPSHOP that everyone and their mother has right now 

accessories- I'll probably go with the Alex and Ani Gemini bracelet, my red charm necklace, and either some pearls or the big flower earrings. 

wisdom teeth hurt like a word that describes a female dog. One of mine is also growing in at an angle like actually 45 degrees towards my normal teeth. Cool. Well anyways, stay warm and rock on! if you have a snow day, I recommend an all-day SVU marathon (until I found out tomorrow hasn't been cancelled so frantically doing homework now)