Friday, June 29, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 2!

This is a continuation! See Part 1 somewhere on my blog.

So let's get into this!

1. When someone acts like they've never played before in a GAME. In a game, there's no joke pulling or something. Stop messing around and play! Go freaking hard or go home. We did not practice so much to see you fail out there. Chase the ball, kick, run, score. Not that complicated.

2. Food. Okay, generally all food floats for us soccer chickas. But really pizza before a game? *experience of a girl on my team; her defense? "It's a Subway pizza." You don't eat PIZZA before a game. Are you crazy? And it's not like she was the star or something, but I like a sub at some point. Ugh, so annoying!

3. Socks. And I love these things in the winter, but tuck them in? Roll them down? Leave them be? So many options! It's too irritating finding a way to be comfy and make them work.

4. Shorts. Girl, the dress code is finger tip length. Not just barely covering your butt. Don't roll them up, you do not look hot. Who are you trying to impress? The other girls? Invisible guys? Stop.

5. Breaking these babies in. Cleats are beautiful and glamourous and all that, but breaking them in is literal hell on my feet. It feels like childbirth on my feet, while I'm cramming them into too small flats with little flames burning the sides. Fun.

6. Screaming. Don't scream at me, just because I made one mistake. You're still playing too. Remember that one position? Oh maybe stopper? Shut up and stop elaborating. God. And you can never manage to be quiet during sprints, so we run like ten extra just for you.

So there's my soccer soap box for this time. You guys should follow me on twitter @antheaweng and @soccergrlprobs. And watch their YouTube video Sh*t Soccer Girls Say. Ciao bellas! And men in Italian! I'm so languagely challenged.

Summer Playlist!

So I don't really specify my songs according to season, but these are some pieces of ear candy I can't get out of my head.

1. One Thing & Stand Up- One Direction. Something about boy bands is so swoon-worthy, probably the fact that they go extinct for a while, and then I pounce on the first one I see. But these two songs follow me everywhere: putting on makeup, fixing my hair, cleaning, you get the point.

2. Everybody Talks- Neon Trees. This song immediately caught my attention, since I love Animal(I got for free on iTunes as one of those weekly freebies!) and not to mention the video is set in a DRIVE-IN THEATER. I don't know if anyone else likes them as much as I do, but I find them the perfect combination of romance and vintage antiqueness.

3. Titanium- David Guetta feat. Sia. Her voice is so pretty, and this song just feels so empowering and lovely. I wish I could sing like her.

4. Any Mika song (Lollipop, Blue Eyes, etc.) Why is this guy not number one yet? He's gorgeous, is fluent in French, rocks mint green jeans and suspenders, has a voice of gold, I could go on for ages. Listen to him once. You will forget Biebs completely.

5. The Fighter- Gym Class Heroes. The name is already inspirational and it's just catchy. I want people to say that about me.

6. Both of Us- TSwift and B.O.B. this song is so nice, and I generally don't gravitate to semi-rap songs, but I made an exception. And speaking of which, The Only Exception(Paramore)? Never gets old.

7. Payphone- Maroon 5. "I'm at a payphone, spent all of my change on you." it's just so relatable; I know I've felt this way before.

8. Beauty and a Beat- Biebs and Nicki; covered by Clinton Cave & Mitchel and friends. I love Australians in the first place and finding talented ones that are muy caliente never hurts (;

9. The Fear- Lily Allen. This song describes the typical A-list life to a tee, and I just love it. She's just all-around wonderful.

10. Moon River- covered by The Honey Trees. I've always loved this song, and I'm a sucker for Breakfast at Tiffany's. What's not to love? Audrey, that tint of robin's egg blue, this song. I could have melted away. And this girl, her voice is different, it's spectacular. She reminds me of these two on America's got Talent, Nick and Liv. But she's so wonderful.

Okay, so those are the songs, and currently my holy grail playlist. Oh! Anyone surprised about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Poor Suri. I'm sure they had their reasons, just like every Hollywood couple. I'm just so disappointed, I thought they would make it at least to ten years. And is anyone else pumped for Magic Mike? Even though I'm not 18, I will see it. Alex Pettyfer, Channing, Robert Downy Jr. Hotness overload. Night guys!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Soccer Girl Problems Part 1!

First off, this is not a copy of the twitter account @SoccerGrlProbs. They are lovely. This is just my view. Thanks everyone!

As much as I love my game, there's a few problems. But the thought of Beckham, Torres, or Ronaldo makes it all better.
First off, the infamous soccer tan line is probably the worst tan line of all sports. Dark knees, arms (got the farmer's tan going on), and faces. Need I say more about wearing short shorts or tank tops?

And I love the fact that my legs and abs are toned, but finding jeans that don't require a belt is impossible. The waist can fit me and a half, but everything else is fine. And it's wonderful not worrying about needing extra sport bras when I run, but sometimes I'm just frustrated with my flatness. Especially when my friends talk about the infamous Hooters test (what touches the wall first, your nose or chest?) or when I see a cute strapless dress. I'll be pulling it up all day.

Eating like a man is no problem in private, in the comfort of my own kitchen, but when I go to someone else's house, they sit in amazement. My best friend watched me devour two Subway subs once while she had her little six-inch sub. Six doesn't cut it for me. My mom was surprised to find our pantry deprived of all sugary, salty goodness after I had walked by. It's soccer season. What did you expect?

And the weekend games are my favorite. Just when I want to get a decent amount of sleep, I need to be on a bus at 7:30. In the morning. And no sleeping on the bus, we'll be slow when we play. Grrrrr.

Pre-wrap is also my best friend for everything: hair, injuries, blindfolds, decorating. When it's almost gone, I panic and send my mom to get three more extra rolls. And when it snaps on the field, I can't even describe my sadness when I see that once-together piece of red fabricy stuff. Not to mention, bangs flying in my already squinty, Asian eyes.

But it's all worth it for soccer. I love my game! Part 2 coming soon! Thanks for reading my rants. (;

Friday, June 1, 2012

Freshman Year

Everyone remembers being a freshman, or frosh as I like to call them. There still are Freshman Fridays or at my school, Freshman everyday, where upperclassmen would wait until the said frosh walked by and attacked them with pennies. Well luckily, mine flew by without getting barraged by spare change and I really am looking forward to sophomore year already. I wasn't too horribly harassed and I even know a lot of upperclassmen. So for all you little incoming frosh who are terrified out of your minds, avoid the hallway next to the pool (just kidding! but do your best to walk by them quickly...) and high school really isn't that bad.

High school is said to be the time of our lives, and I can believe that, it seems reasonable. Let's sum up this school year shall we? First off, cockroaches have a certain preference for my school which is extremely disgusting. They're everywhere. If only we could afford decent repellent.... But anyway, aside from the nasty pests, all is well. Locker size didn't change from middle school (Bummer! I need space- I'm a highschooler now!) and classes get extended (Seventy minutes of watching my health teacher ramble about his daughters....) Oh and swimming isn't fun. Except for those swimmers who seemingly have gills; magic gills that can allow them to be amazing and show everyone up. The chlorine smell doesn't vanish until a good week later, and your hair will be fried. Literally. Also the hallways are a lot like streets in China, people are all reckless drivers! And there will always be those couples who are all over each other. Yum. I want to make it to the end of this hallway without vomiting, thank you both very much.

But now for the good things (which far outweigh the bad)

First off, there are so many new people! Most of them are weird or ghetto or a combination of both, but there are some good people in the mix. Many old acquaintances became best friends this year, along with several new people. I met people in classes, clubs, soccer, and so much more! This whole paragraph is totally cliche but I love meeting people. I'm part of all sorts of "cliques" now; I'm in soccer, I know the majority of the swimmers, the cross-country guys are my bros (sorry for the colloquialism).
Classes may be longer, but there's only five, instead of eight! It's truely great. I can't express my love for less classes. And school events become much nicer, like sports events and dance competitions. High school is just a place of freedom and less rules, which is extremely nice. It's less of a popularity contest, and you get to see how people really change over the year. I have this girl who used to be one of my closest friends and she started to date this guy (who did some shady things...) and she's completely unstable now. She's condescending and petty, sorry to say. I really do miss her, but now I can't change things back, now can I? She took her own way, and I chose mine.

Okay so that's the end of my freshman year rant; it's officially summer 2012 baby! I went to my first party as a sophomore last night-Huzzah! Thank you everyone!