Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY & OOTD Skull Cutout Shirt

Hollla my motherskullers! That's probably offensive in some strange way so sorry in advance, no offense intended. So I wanted to start a DIY series of cutout shirts and this is my first. A lot of people have seen this but hey, you guys really liked the scarf and the galaxy vans so whatever!

A shirt you don't mind cutting up
A fabric marker/chalk

So I found this white shirt in my closet and it's really big and I can tell it's definitely not mine... Suspicious. So I freehanded the skull and I did in blue marker which was dumb on my part. A good tip? Use a dark shirt! Unless you can draw perfectly. I get frustrated and draw over my lines, making them worse so you guys might see some blue. But first draw, then cut! Now this seems so easy, but watch where you're cutting because it can be tricky, especially if you're cutting it really close. And once you're done cutting? Bam, finished shirt! I would wear this with a bandeau, strapless bra, cami. Whatever you like.

Okay so I actually wore this as an outfit today and let's see it. I wore a black cami under the shirt and I rolled up the sleeves. It was also half tucked in, and this black scarf finished it off. I wore my Levi's today. They're dark wash. And I had my watch and these gold cone/stud earrings in. Oh and I have Sally Hansen Quick Dry nail polish on in Blue By!

Okay so quick and to the point right? I hope you guys do this and succeed! Bye, muah! XOXO

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