Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Lovin' and Wanelo!

Hi my beautiful bright eyes! Okay so first things first, I get Kate Spade emails and from now on, I'll try to come up with creative color descriptions like "bazooka pink" or something. Anyway, so today I just wanted to talk about some summer objects that I've been eyeing recently and will probably get now so I can be prepared. Like a Girl Scout. Hahaha, sorry guys I'm jamming out to this playlist on songza (BETTER THAN PANDORA. WHAT.) that is seriously labeled "Pop Divas of the '00s" and it is the best for late night blogging.

So I got this app the other day, and items called Wanelo and it's basically like Pinterest but instead of repinning and liking, you can either save the object or buy it if you really like it. The things on there are so great and it's so crazy addictive. P.S. If you wanna follow, it's soccergirl1614. You know you want to, follow for a follow? Okay so that's Wanelo. Shout out to my first follower: veramb! Follow her!

Okay, so summer things I want badly, mostly all thanks to Wanelo.
1. Urban Outfitters Heart Aviators ($16.00)
So I had Maddens (The name's Madden. Steve Madden.) last summer and unfortunately they broke because they might have fallen off my face in the middle of a busy Chicago intersection. Oops. My mother wasn't too happy to hear that. But Urban has these really cute aviators, and I'll probably get these super soon.

2. Kearas Tribal Decal for Beats by Dre ($28.08)
Cute addition to the traditional Beats, adds some personal style and touch.

3. iPhone case by Spires ($35.00)
There are so many colors and designs! It reminds me of Gotye's music video for "Someone I used to know" which was one of my favorite songs this past summer.

4. Victoria's Secret PINK Water Bottle ($12.50)
Water is super important in the summer and it just gets cuter in this PINK water bottle. And when you're working out, you can think about your legs in yoga pants as motivation! You got this girl!

5. American Apparel Chicago Pullover ($42.00)
Okay so I love Chicago and this is a picture from some street, I can't really see the picture. The only thing that stops me about getting this is the price tag. A little steep for a pull over, but we'll see when I give in and get it.

6. American Eagle V-Neck ($15.95)
This was one of the white shirts I talked about in my closet essentials, and it's a guy shirt which makes me love it just that much more. It's breezy and nicely cut, I just love it.

7. No Sleeves Crop Top Starbucks Top ($23.00)
Now everyone can know my public obsession with Starbucks, huzzah! This would look so cute with a cuffed black blazer, with the pin stripe cuffs. Just my thinking.

8. Free People Globe Necklace ($58.00)
Free People is just one of those stores that pulls me in every time, and this necklace is no exception. I fall head-over-heels HARD for Free People accessories, like the flag scarf and now this necklace. Something about the worn-in, slightly vintage motif attracts me like a fat kid and candy.

9. Urban Outfitters Treasure Island Necklace ($30.00)
So this necklace is very Betsey-esque but yet has some distinct differences like the skulls (which have been seen on so many bracelets, but I can't force myself to fork out $10 for one.) It's really cute though especially with so much going on.

10. Red Anchor Messenger ($29.50)
I think this would be the perfect beach tote, pop in a towel, sunglasses, even a beach ball! And the anchors really give it that ocean-y, nautical feeling which I love. I have a scarf like it.

11. Kate Spade Sandals ($158.00 at Nordstrom)
So these are so cute and they come in a bunch of different styles which I really like, but the price is very dislikable which makes me sad. But if I had the money to, one day, spend $160 on sandals these are the ones that I would run to.

Okay so those are some things I plan to get before summer time, and I will have a swimsuit edition up soon after a few more posts. I might post a few OOTD blogs sometime so you guys can really see my style on me instead of reading about it all the time. Oh so I thought this would be fun, the GRAND TOTAL for the ten items(not counting those sandals...) is $290.03. Something tells me I might not be able to afford everything I want, but I'm sure I'll be caving in for the American Apparel Pullover super soon. I get paid next Monday anyway, so we'll see how thin the paycheck can spread. Bye my lovelies! XOXO

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