Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi my gorgeous goddesses, how have you been? I went on a mini spring drugstore haul of beauty things and other random goodies. Let's get started!
So first I got a nail polish and it's been so widely raved about especially by Macbarbie07, who I love! It's Essie Mint Candy Apple, which first off sounds sooo yummy. I would eat it if it was a treat. Anyway, it's this pretty pastel mint which is my biggest spring color. I like lavender too but it's only a specific shade. It's gorgeous and I can tell I'll use it very often.
BABYLIPS! So this is the most amazing line of chapsticks ever! They smell ah-mazing and the packaging is cute. I now have three and they are so worth the three bucks (Twinkle, Coral Crush and this one!). I just got Pink Punch which is a fun bright pink in the tube, but applies a sheer lighter pink. It smells like punch but not like nasty Koolaid fruit punch, but Jamba Juice heaven. I can picture myself sipping Jamba. Ahhhhhh.
Surf sprays are my best friend. I've tried out several of them and yet I keep coming back to Not Your Mother's Beach Babe. It smells so good and it's made mostly with sea salt and water which is good. Yeah today I was looking at the FX surf spray and it's made mainly of water and some magnesium thing. Probably not very good for your hair, just saying. But this spray gives you piecy, wavy hair and works in a pinch. I usually loosely curl my hair and spritz, scrunch and go. It looks sooo surfer girl, Cali chill.
So my RANDOMS! I got some Easter candy! Nom nom. I got Hershey's eggs: one bag in milk chocolate and one in cookies and cream. I ended up giving up the cookies and cream bag to my baby brother, but I'll keep the other and gain weight, whatever. And these sour head whatever things are sooo sour! Twig bitches can go somewhere else. Thick soccer thighs is where it's at! Hahaha just kidding I don't discriminate, and neither should you.
Have a good day beautifuls, muah XOXO oh and THE FRANCO BROTHERS <3

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