Monday, January 14, 2013

Closet Essentials: The White Tee

Hello my beautiful people! So I want to start talking about some key, basic pieces to almost every woman's closet and what my take on it is and some places to find that item and variations of it.
Today's feature: the white tee!
Okay this basically is the epitome of the saying "small, but mighty" because it is the absolute most wearable item. It can be dressed up or down, or even worn on a slouchy "bum" day. I actually am a freak and don't own just a plain white tee, and I didn't realize how weird that was until I went to camp one summer. My friend recommended an outfit with a white tee and I was sort of lost for words. So, now to save you all from possible embarrassment at camp, and look at a closet staple: let's go!
1. Gap Women's Pocket Tee ($20)
Okay so this is by far my favorite minimal style of the white tee shirt, with just a baggy pocket that just adds a touch of carefreeness and effortlessness to the whole outfit. You could tuck it in a skirt or into a favorite pair of jeans, depending on what you want.
2. American Eagle Men's Legend V Neck ($16, 2 for $12.50 each)
Okay so I kinda love guy shirts. They're baggy, but not large and American Eagle is so comfy and cozy. This shirt combines the best of both worlds! And the womens's shirt is more fitted, but it's also like $20 so it depends on what you're going for. For this, my ideal outfit would be this shirt with a fitted blazer, with the cuffs rolled up tucked in a pair of favorite jeans and black heels. It can be played many ways, it just depends on your style.
3. American Apparel Ladies Tee Shirt
So American Apparel is kind of well known for their heavenly soft shirts and I'm wearing one right now and so much love for American Apparel. These are really nice quality and so comfy and breathable.
4. Urban Outfitters BDG V Neck ($15-18)
So I love Urban with every fiber of my being, and I have two of these V necks, one in a burnt orange and the other in an ideal blue. They are so wonderful! And I only got them for $5 each during their annual sale. Makes me wonder why I didn't buy more.. Regrets in my life! But these are really lovely.

Okay so those are my thoughts on our FIRST essential closet item, the great white tee! Thanks for reading lovelies, see you later with round 2! (Hopefully!) Ciao bellas! xx

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