Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OOTD: Casual and Breezy

Hi my bellas! So this is my ootd for a casual day, and I thought I would share.
So first, I French-braided my hair last night and shook it out this morning to get effortless waves with a little help from surf paste.
So onto my outfit, I wore a flowy black sheer sleeveless top, and it has ruffles and buttons and all that good stuff. I got it a little big so I could tuck it into my jeans (I know, lame...) It's from Asos, which you all know I love. And for my jeans, I'm wearing my Lucky Brand Zoe skinnies that are my favorite, hands-down. Oh yeah, I wore this with some flats but I forgot to get a picture. Oops. I paired it all with a necklace that I got from a friend, and it's blue and cream with sparkly links connecting each part. It's really heavy, but really pretty. I also brought my umbrella because I love cheetah and looking cute in the rain too. Oh and my earrings are purposely mismatched ones from a set from Forever 21 from my friend in Michigan (Thanks Sarah, love you!)
So that's my outfit of the day for today, tell me what you guys thought. Hope you're having a great week! Muah XOXO!
P.S. I forgot! My school has a dress code, so I threw this gray boyfriend cardigan over it all.

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