Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Date Outfit Ideas!

Hi my sweet cherubs! So Valentine's Day is one short week away and I know some of you ladies might not have an outfit yet, so here are my suggestions with every date "category", and I hope you all have a great Valentine's day. If you don't have a Valentine, you've always got me! I gotchu. Alright, let's get rolling!

1. Relaxed and Romantic
This one is for like grabbing a movie (Rom-com anyone?), a nice dinner, or something along those lines (I'm still waiting for my late-night Starbucks run!). You want to be cute but not over-dressed so let's talk!

Okay, so this top is from Love Culture and it has crochet flowers and stripes, and it would look so good with a black pencil skirt and if you want a cover-up because of weather, a navy or black fitted blazer (Nice quality, not cottony ones.) or maybe that Valentine will be a man and hand his over. Awwwww.

Okay so this is a risqué, lacy glam dress and it's really flirty and perfect for a date. It will be so cute with basically anything, and I would most likely wear this, you know, if I had a Valentine but psh. Grab some heels and watch those heads turn!

2. Active and Practical
So if your date is like mini golf or something that requires a lot of walking/moving, heels probably aren't a good choice. Here are my thoughts!

So this is a cute peplum, slimming stripes and it comes in a bunch of colors from... Guess where? URBAN OUTFITTERS!i would throw together slim-fitting black skinnies with some cute short heels maybe, or some flats/boots (Troopas huh?) and accessorize with appropriate jewelry, probably geometric things to match the shape of the peplum and the stripes.

So this skirt is super adorable, and I think it would be perfect with a shirt with the bows in the back like Macbarbie07 DIYed on YouTube. Cute and functional, goal accomplished.

3. Cozy and Comfy
Hey if you don't have a Valentine, but you have Netflix and food, I got you covered too.

Owl sweater, say what? No explanation needed!
And the Pacsun one with the bear was just cute. Aw.

Okay so I hope this maybe kinda sorta helped, and I hope everyone's dates goes well. Muah XOXO!

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