Saturday, February 9, 2013

Closet Essentials: The Oxfords

Hi my wonderful Valentines! Yes, it's true, you guys are my valentines because I LOVE YOU. So chin up, you always have someone who loves you. Okay anyways, today I wanted to talk about another closet essential. I know, it's been a while right? So oxfords are my go-to shoes usually, rep that menswear as womenswear trend. They're classy, without being super formal and show off your style too. They go well with most outfits, from button-downs to a shirt tucked into jeans. So let's see some oxfords that me gusta, and I hope you gusta as well (in case you couldn't tell, I don't take Spanish. Frenchie fo life. Yeah, okay no more wannabe gangster talk).

1. Steven by Steve Madden Caril Cap-Toe Oxfords ($130.00)
Okay so I know, these are a little expensive, but I love all things Madden and especially these oxfords. They even have cutouts and the toe color block thing that I love so much. And there are so many different colors as well so they'll suit a lot of people. I have a feeling the girly, love everything glittery girls would love the glittery ones. They'll match with everything girly and it'll be crazy.
Product Image         Product Image

2. Jeffery Campbell "William" Oxford ($120.00)
Don't worry my wonderfuls, I do have some less pricey oxfords up next. But I love Jeffery Campbell everything, and seriously? Just look at these babies. They have heels and all.
Product Image
3. MIA Studded Oxford Flats ($39.50 at Pacsun)
In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm really into the oxfords being the big "statement" part of an outfit that really pulls the whole ensemble together so cut-outs, funky colors, and studs are all a plus in my closet. It can instantly change the outfit from fancy to punk rocker-ish, especially with these beauts while keeping it all pulled together and tidy. P.S. Please tell me I'm not the only one who stands at Pacsun and stares at the wall of shoes for ages. It's just so enticing, must curb self!
Studded Oxford Flats

4. Blowfish Neat Black Crochet Oxfords ($49 at
Ah, I love all things crochet: big slouchy sweaters, TOMS, and these oxfords of course. I really need a pair like this, why no money in my pocket? But these are la-la-lovely and always has the greatest stuff.
blowfish neat black crochet oxfords\
5. Steve Madden Oxfords ($89)
And you guys know that I love my neon pops of color, and these Maddens (LOVE) fit that taste so nicely. So nicely. Especially since it's that neon Tiffany blue shade.

Okay so those were my thoughts on oxfords, and I'm slightly raring to buy more shoes. Oh yeah, I'm really close to caving on that American Apparel crewneck, I can feel it taunting me every time I go to the website. And I'm really glad that a lot of you liked my OOTD, I'll post some more in that case. And I will probably start a series for prom, for all you lovely prom-goers out there. I'm still too much of an underclassman to go, but maybe an upperclassman will ask.... Someday. Oh yes, I just reignited my love for Dogeared jewelry, and now want to buy everything! I'll probably do a post on it soon. Alright, I have to go now, stay happy and gorgeous. Bye, muah! XOXO

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