Sunday, November 23, 2014


Hello! I know it's been a while, but alas the torturous finals week just passed. And yes, my school is on trimesters, not semesters, therefore explaining the strange date of finals week. Anyways, I thought I would share some every day hairstyles for lazy girls, but still want to look good. I typically spend about three minutes on my hair due to these hairstyles.

1. Messy Ponytail (~1 minute or less)

  • spray some sea salt spray (I use NYM Beach Babe Spray) into your hair and scrunch
  • optional: texturizing paste (FX paste works well) for additional texture
  • grab a ponytail holder and tie your hair into a loose ponytail
  • tighten the ponytail and then when I want my hair to look a little messier, I either have a bathroom dance party or jump up and down a few times to get that bedhead, natural look. 

2. Messy Bun (~2 minutes)
  • sea salt spray and texturizing paste again
  • gather all of your hair and twist it until it becomes a bun
  • bobby pin it and voila
3. Half Up, Half Down (~1 minute)
  • sea salt and paste once again
  • then scrunch extra 
  • roughly take one inch sections from each side 
  • pin them together in the back where they intersect 

4. Messy Pinned Back Updo (~3 minutes)
  • sea salt, paste, scrunch
  • pin random pieces of hair back roughly
  • add a nice statement pin or ribbon

This website ( has super cute barettes and hair clips and they're all for a really affordable price! I'm not sponsored to say this, I just found their website and it looks really nice. 

Well, that's all I've got! I usually repeat these hairstyles basically every day during school because I just don't apply heat to my hair ever. However, if you do use salt spray and paste very often, it will dry your hair out so I recommend a regular mask or leave-in conditioner like the Macadamia brand. It smells really good and it can be found at most salons and also at some TJMaxx stores. Good luck and see you next time! 

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