Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let's Talk: FRO-YO

Hellllo my yummies to another edition of Let's Talk! It's been a long time since the last one... Oops. So fro-yo is a very yummy treat that is enjoyed by all usually. It's short for frozen yogurt and is usually used instead of ice cream. It's healthier and there are enzymes and other good things in there! There are many chains of fro-yo like RED MANGO, pinkberry, yogurtland, forever yogurt, etc. So I sort of love Red Mango with a great burning passion and every time I go, I get the largest cup and fill it up full of stuff. Yeah it might cost $10 but it's a yummy cost. It's also less calories compared to other goodies. For a 323 gram cup (large) at Red Mango in Lemonade, it's 320 calories. What is that??? Seriously it is so unbelievably great.
So in 2012, there were 820 frozen yogurt shops all over the US and they collectively made $195 million. Geeez. It means, on average, each shop made $200 grand profit. Goodness! Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream and can be topped for a low-calorie treat that will delight all! I strongly suggest Red Mango and don't try the original there. It tastes weird. But anything else is good, especially the boba! Popping balls of fruity goodness!!! And their rewards system is great!! I can't even express my love for it properly.
The only problem might be that you spend all of your money but hey, whatever. And the self-serve places? Soooooo amazing.
Okay I have to go, so I'll see you all later pipsqueaks! XOXO have a good day!

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