Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hello everyone! So I am headed off for my first year of college in a month from now and as an avid clothes lover, I've been fretting about what clothes to bring in order to look stylish without overhauling my dorm room with clothes. So here are some tips and ideas of what I'm bringing this fall! (*note: my university is in Chicago so I planned a lot of outfits for the colder weather)


I will be the first to admit that I hoard clothes and it's honestly such a bad habit. I recently found this company called thredUP that you can send your old clothes to, and they'll process the clothes after a few weeks and send money to you if they accept any of it. However, I chose thredUP because the clothes they don't accept, they will actually send to charity, which is much better than having piles of unworn clothes in my closet. It sounds difficult to throw away clothes that you really liked, but after some time, it might be time to say goodbye.


After cleaning out my closet of my unworn clothes, I'm left with a pretty good chunk of clothes. However, I do want to buy a few new things for university, but first I've made a mental list of the clothes I do have. This way, I won't buy the same thing and I can also picture everything going together to create outfits in my head.


This is a LAZY GIRL GUIDE for a reason; I'm totally content with wearing tees and jeans (leggings) for the rest of my days, but you can't do that without stocking up on basics. I highly recommend Forever 21 and H&M for basics for cheap. Forever 21 has a crazy amount of different tees, camis, and long sleeve shirts and in different colors and styles so I would hit up a local Forever 21 for tees that are under $6.

Alrighty, so those are some of my tips for all of lazy but still stylish girls out here! Now I'll break it down: here's what is in my closet and what I plan on buying before the school year starts.

my closet:

  • nearly 100,000 t shirts from school, clubs, organizations
  • athletic shorts galore
  • large amount of sports bras
  • a few professional/dressy tops, along with dress pants and blazers
  • some casual button downs (think chambray type)
  • a lot of skater skirts/ striped clothes 
  • a lot of casual dresses (mostly fit and flare and A-line)
  • casual v necks and long sleeve shirts
  • sweaters for the cold, along with leggings and cardigans
  • jeans
  • scarves (so many scarves)
  • shoes: oxfords, sandals, two pairs of flats, Vans/Toms, running shoes, two pairs of mid-calf boots, ankle boots, high heel boots, strappy heels

okay, so that's basically everything in my closet and now I'll explain all of the things I plan on buying soon. 

what I plan on buying: 
  • a few more pairs of jeans (I'm just getting a few high-rise pairs because I only have mid and low rise)
  • some tank bodycon dresses (normally I'm not a fan of skin tight clothes, but I figure for dressy occasions, it's a good idea to have these on hold) 
  • some heathered crew tees (these are like $5.90 each and can be dressed up with a skirt or down with leggings) 
  • leggings (I wear three pairs when it's really cold outside so I highly believe in numerous pairs)
  • skater skirt (I'm going for classic colors like black, since I have already have skirts in various colors)
  • chunky cardigan (I can never pass up a good cardigan, especially as it starts to get cold. You can tell I'm obviously thinking about this winter)
  • flowy tank dress (I really like the teal color of this dress and I think it's very versatile. It can be worn by itself, or with a jacket and tights) 
  • another chambray 
  • button down (I shipped away the old one! but I feel like these are perfect for professional occasions) 
  • handbag (right now I have a clutch that can be turned into a crossbody, but I'm really digging bigger bags that can be used for everything like this one from Zara:
  • ankle boots/flats (I've found myself drawn to Chelsea boots and classic pointed ballet flats, which can be found on Asos:

All of the things I'm buying go well with the closet I already have and I think it will be easy to incorporate them into new outfits! Also, I plan on getting closet organizers, in order to fit everything and numerous storage trunks for under my bed; here's an idea of what I'm getting


Alright, I hope this helps all of the incoming college freshmen who like shopping and clothes, but also wearing super casual clothes 99% of the time. Thanks for reading and catch you next time, mostly college-related posts coming up.

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