Tuesday, December 23, 2014

LAZY GIRL GUIDE: DIY HOLIDAY GIFTS (statement necklaces)

Hello! So if you're lazy like me, you will also put off holiday shopping until the last possible moment and then kick yourself when you're in a crowded mall the Tuesday before Christmas Eve. So I've decided to do a special set of lazy girl guides, specific for the holiday season. Luckily, I've got a few tricks to help you avoid the crowd and still have a pretty awesome gift for whoever.

I really like statement necklaces because you can wear a basic sweater, but when you pair it with a statement necklace, you elevate your look by ten thousand and now you look like you tried, especially when you didn't. I've actually been low-key collecting DIY statement necklace blogs all year long (because I'm an Internet hoarder like that...) and here are a few that I've found that are seemingly foolproof and will just require some free time, creativity, and some patience. I actually plan on trying a few of these out for some friends and family, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

1. Colorful Beaded Necklace from makingitlovely.com


I think this necklace will be the quickest out of all of the links I'm going to talk about. This necklace can be used to colorblock a neon outfit or just jazz up a classic black ensemble. And of course, you can take your own spin on it and add different colors and lengths to yours. This necklace is simple, yet eye-catching and will definitely bring a smile to any statement necklace aficionado.


  • 3 strands of the same color bead, just different sizes. 
  • make sure each strand is subsequently longer than the last
  • attach together to a jump ring
  • add a chain with a lobster clasp and you're done
2. chain, bead, ribbon necklace from beadandcord.com 

This one is a good way to use leftover beads, ribbons, and chains just lying around. It seems fairly simple and creates a very fashionable necklace. I figure that I don't need to do a breakdown of the necklace since the picture is included. 


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