Sunday, January 20, 2013

Closet Essentials: BOYFRIEND JEANS

Hi my lovelies, I'm bacccck! Actually, I've never left... anyways, today is another edition of one of my favorites. BOYFRIEND JEANS. They're great, stylish, and the right amount of wear and tear. So let's talk about them!

Boyfriend jeans are great, and they're good with everything, casual days and nicer days as well. They're appropriately baggy and makes you look like you gotta a boo thang (; unless you actually have one which reminds me, Valentine's Day is coming. And you are all my valentines, because I love all of you unconditionally.

1. J Brand Aiden Boyfriend Jeans ($209.00)

These are the IDEAL boyfriend jeans. They're baggy, distressed, and when they're cuffed, they are PERFECTION. Well, my idea of perfection at least. They would look super cute on a casual day with a flowy shirt, like the ones from Pacsun or something like that.

2. American Eagle Boy Jean ($49.99)

Okay, so just to clarify, these jeans are NOT the boyfriend jeans from American Eagle. The boyfriend ones look a little strange to me, like they're baggy and flared and not very boyfriend-ish. So I looked at these jeans and don't be fooled by the name because they're seriously really cute. And American Eagle is one of those clothing stores that I will buy jeans at. Like Hollister is a little iffy for me, but that's just me. Anyways, these are the boy fit jeans at American Eagle, and they're slouchy and comfy and just great. And it's a little more reasonably priced than the J Brand ones (A LOT MORE REASONABLE).

3. ASOS Vintage Wash Slim Boyfriend Jeans ($61.57)
Okay, first of all, I love ASOS but why 57 cents? That has absolutely no logic to it. Just saying. Okay so ASOS is one of my favorite stores, and these jeans are really nice. ASOS has really well-made, nice quality things so I highly recommend ASOS to everyone. So these jeans are slim, in case you haven't noticed from the name of the pants; the slimness allows them to look a little more put together, but still effortlessly distressed and boyfriend-y. Oh, by the way, look at this girl's thigh gap. I know now, as a soccer player that a thigh gap is now impossible to reach so I just pout and wish I had picked tennis as a kid. But I would never give up soccer.


4. Levi's Boyfriend Jeans Tinted Sky (Sold at ASOS, $184.70)

Okay so I know, these are a little on the pricey side, but I just saw the wash of these jeans and I kinda fell in love and decided to post it. So here they are! And oh by the way, those boots! I'm melting from jealousy.

Image 1 of Levi's Boyfriend Jeans

Okay so those are my thoughts on my favorite clothing item ever, BOYFRIEND JEANS. And you know, I don't have a boyfriend because boys are icky, but I actually do have plans for Valentine's Day. I feel so special. Okay, anyway these are just options and opinions, but hey they're called boyfriend jeans for a reason, feel free to ask him. It only makes sense. Alrighty then, now I'm just rambling. Bye darlings! Stay beautiful! (:

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