Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Closet Essentials: The Favorite Pair of Jeans

Hi my lovelies! Okay so I am glad to say that when you now Google "DIY book quote scarf", my post is the number one hit. Thank you all so much for clicking! Yay! Okay so you guys know, I'm writing posts about some closet essentials, my opinions and some examples.

So let's talk jeans. I know, I know we would much rather wear sweats than jeans, but days when you really don't want to dress up or look like you just rolled out of bed, jeans are a go-to. You can go with the classic blue, but different colors can help your outfit pop! Black jeans look classy, while colored jeans are hot this season. However jeans are not one size fits all; it all depends on your curves, mostly your hips and thighs.Girl, embrace what you got, and flaunt it! So I'll tell you guys about how my legs are and these are the styles that I've found to elongate the look of my legs and still fit comfortably. Levi's also has their Curve ID quiz that I would recommend; I don't actually wear any of their Curve ID jeans but I do like the idea. Okay so obviously I'm a soccer player (from all those SGP posts! Holla to my soccer ladies!) and I have muscular legs, especially my thighs. There's no thigh gap happening here, no matter how hard I try. So I go for semi-skinny jeans and straight jeans usually. The super skinny jeans first of all make me feel like I'm dying and bring soooo much attention to my thighs which is not good. Semi-skinny jeans and straight jeans help not bring so much attention to my thunder thighs and make my legs look a little more vertical rather than horizontal. Also boyfriend jeans are a staple in my closet, and I'll probably make a post just about them later.

So let's get into some jeans ladies!
1. Lucky Brand Zoe Skinny/Straight Jeans ($70-90)
So I have a few pairs of these and they are like my HOLY GRAIL, hands down my favorite kind of jeans. I seriously love them so much. One thing though, they are a little bit bunched around my ankles, but I wear my jeans pretty low so that might just be me. But there are lots of shades of denim and they go well with everything! So that is the Zoe!
2. Miss Me ($90-120)
Okay, I'm not actually a big fan of Miss Mes actually. They're pretty overpriced in my opinion, and I don't like rhinestones on my butt. No. But they offer a large range of styles and they're pretty nice if you're into flashy jeans that cost a pretty penny. I actually have a pair but they're at the back of my closet, so all you haters out there thinking that "She wouldn't know, she doesn't have them." yes I do.
3. True Religion Stella Skinny ($150-200)
These cost a bit too, but I really like the style of these too. They're not extremely tight and balance out my legs a little, which hey is a plus for me. For all you skinny-minis out there, you might not care. These are jeans I would really invest in to last for a long time.

Okay so those are just some that I have opinions on, but typing all of my thoughts would be way too much effort. And I might just have a seventy-five bone test tomorrow that I haven't studied for yet... But anyway, those are some goodies, American Eagle, Pacsun, and Hollister all have pretty decent jeans too. I recommend going during the denim sale at Pacsun they have every so often. Bullhead jeans are approved by this soccer lady. Well, thank you so much my wonderful viewers, I really mean this. And have a good day, I love you all to the moon and back! Stay beautiful! (:

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