Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas

Hi my wonderfuls! Hope you're all having a great start to 2013! So this is THAT year, the year when we complain that we can't drive, we can't get jobs, we have no life, and we turn sixteen! So these are just some gift ideas for people I would get them. And sorry guys, I don't really shop for guys so this is girl gift guide, say for like a sister, girlfriend, friend, etc. And it doesn't have to necessarily even have to be her sweet sixteen, these would work for a normal teenage birthday.

1. Techie friends (electronics lovers!)
Okay so this first one is for all those techie girls out there, slightly obsessed with their phones, laptops, etc.

These are a few of Kate Spade's iPhones cases, they're super cute, really sturdy, and made to last. She also has iPad cases and laptop cases, you know the drill. And the design is definitely unique, and it would be easy to find one to match everyone's certain style and likes. There also are really cute ones with phrases and hashtags, and they are so adorable. Okay, now on to the other part of the gift; I would most likely get one of the phone cases along with these beauties. 
These are the Monster Beats by Lady GaGa in case you are unfamiliar with these, and these can be a bit pricey, but really worth it. So for the gift, I would throw together the phone case, the earphones, and a card and I'd be all set for the tech-loving friend. 

2. Fashionista 

This one can be tough especially if you don't know their sizes or style so I have a few options that don't require clothing (unless you really know they want something!). 

Lauren Conrad is so well-known for her put together style and how she can effortlessly pull off everything! She's kind of my biggest fashion idol. But her book Style is a really interesting fashion book; it's chock full of tips, styling guides for different tastes, and just outfit ideas along with some other things. It's perfect for that girl who adores fashion and is always looking for a little outfit inspiration. 

Jewelry helps enhance the outfit and you can do no wrong here. Anything is good here; I have a few pictures of Betsey items and a Tiffany necklace. Other ideas could be a Pandora bracelet or a Dogearred one; they're really unique and very pretty. One last idea for the jewelry tester could be a couple months' subscription to Jewelmint, which is an online service that sends you a piece of jewelry every month for a certain price and if you like it, you can keep or return it and not pay that month. It would be nice for them to see a few pieces and decide on what they like. For fashion, it doesn't have to necessarily be clothes, it can be books, jewelry, scarves, gift cards to stores they like, etc.

3. Comfy Lover

Comfort is my favorite thing on this planet and I just enjoy gifts like this.

So good ideas would be onesies (since everyone apparently loves them right now), soft blankets, movies to watch, candy, a mug with hot chocolate mix, anything the person generally likes can be changed into a gift.

Well these are just some ideas, I'll put up more at a later time! Tell me what you think about these ideas and I hope this helps you! You can find something for everyone, these are just some suggestions! Have a good day!

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